What changed with Level 49 update and in the Conform-O-Meter?

Hello fellow tappers,

Today EA released Level 49 and with this update some things changed, as always.

This post includes the few changes, the new Rating levels and how the new items affect the Conform-O-Meter.

  • Ghost Ship audio was added back.
  • A new strip of land was added.

They actually added a strip of land before the last one, moving the cost of the 14th to the newly released 15th strip, lowering the price of the 14th.

  • Michael D’Amico was added to the list of kids able to use the Moonjump.
  • Base level multipliers have changed as usual, as well as prices for the buildings
41 x1.3 x1
42 x1.3 x1.3
43 x1.4 x1.3
44 x1.6 x1.4
45 x2.0 x1.6
46 x3.0 x2.0
47 x4.0 x3.0
48 x4.0 x4.0
49 x4.0 x4.0
building new price multiplier base price
Vulgary Jewelry Store Cash200,000 x1 Cash200,000
Itchy & Scratchy Studios Cash260,000 x1.3 Cash200,000
Honest John’s Computers Cash370,300 x1.4 Cash264,500
Bloaters at the Squidport Cash227,500 x1.4 Cash162,500
Indoor Tennis Courts Cash206,400 x1.6 Cash129,000
ZiffCorp Office Building Cash406,400 x1.6 Cash254,000
Classy Girls Strip Club Cash600,000 x2 Cash300,000
Quimby Compound Cash750,000 x3 Cash250,000
D’Amico Summer Home Cash1,098,000 x4 Cash273,000
Old Abandoned Warehouse Cash708,000 x4 Cash177,000
  • Rating levels changed
Indolence 550 550 +0
Obedience 330 330 +0
Consumerism 348 348 +0
Gluttony 381 381 +0
Tree-hugging 35275 36965 +1690
Vanity 52370 54670 +2300
Righteousness 271 282 +11
Socialism 2766 2898 +132

This is how the new items affect the Conform-O-Meter:

D’Amico Summer Home Indolence 10
Rancho Relaxo NONE NONE
Old Abandoned Warehouse NONE NONE

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments down below. Happy tapping everyone!


18 thoughts on “What changed with Level 49 update and in the Conform-O-Meter?

  1. I desperately need more land, I don’t have anywhere to put the new buildings. Need land!!


  2. I can’t place my old abandoned warehouse . I’m up to part six of the quest. It comes up as a recommended item, is orange in the menu but it won’t turn green when I place it in a wide open space.


    1. That’s because it’s a building for squidport 😉


      1. Doh!



  3. The summer home still didn’t put me over the top on indolence. sigh I’ll never have a five-star town. 😦


  4. Any Conform-o-Meter info on the new decorations? Chalk Outlines and Dirt Pile? Thank you!


    1. I would have added them there they only give money and xp bonus


  5. i noticed that Miss Springfield’s 24 hour task to ‘Work It!’ has had the exclamation mark removed.


    1. it wasn’t this update though cause the only MS things are the 2 lines of dialogue in this update


  6. I can’t start the level 47 quest. What’s happened? All of my characters were free, but the quest was not popping up.


    1. did you finish level 46? it happens when you level up too fast due to events and you’re on levels ahead of your actual quest


      1. No, that must be why. Do you know when I can start it? Like, when I’ve completed the hole of the level 46, or just after the building’s done?


        1. you probably need to finish the questline


          1. No worries, I completed the classy girls strip club and mayor Quimby had the quest :). Thanks


  7. My mutant bunny does not multiple anymore he still gets in his cocoon but no bunnies run around town


  8. When I tap the Moonbounce, Willy no longer appears there. He was never a permanent option for it, you could only send him there the one time on his quest; however, he continued to appear on the list, as one of those grayed-out silhouettes with “Requires: Quest” next to him.


    1. that was fixed in a previous update, can’t remember which


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