The Stonecutters are back: Stonecutters Black Market Sale!

Hello fellow tappers,

the Stone Cutters Sale is out. Check out your Springfields in case you missed out on the opportunity to get them!
This is just the first wave of items!

Screenshot_2015-02-05-20-34-33Screenshot_2015-02-05-20-34-01 Screenshot_2015-02-05-20-34-09 Screenshot_2015-02-05-20-34-16
Number 12 and 14 costs 50 donuts, Number 67 costs 40 donuts.

More skins will come on Saturday and Monday.

More info are coming soon with the quest and infos.

Happy tapping!

Thanks to spAnser for the Black Market custom image that you can see in the splash screen image on top of all posts!


16 thoughts on “The Stonecutters are back: Stonecutters Black Market Sale!

  1. I’m on level 49 – have all of the ‘new/old’ stonecutter items, but, the update isn’t here. I’ve gone to the app store thinking it was a download, keeps bringing me back to the screen that came up after the Christmas Update. I got the very first Homer 980 quest, then nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


    1. try reinstallation it usually works. It’s not a store update, just an ingame update


  2. Ι’ve been absent for somne time, but now I remember why I
    used to lovе this web site. Thanks, I will try
    and check back more freԛսently. How frequenrly youu updatе
    youhr site?


    1. Every time there’s an update and more


  3. EldarOfSuburbia 02/05/2015 — 21:20

    Also, does this mean Number One will now get the premium rate for his tasks, and the Lodge pay out at a premium rate? Hope so 😀


    1. i’m going to cover the changes in that stuff later. still analysing the stuff here :p


  4. EldarOfSuburbia 02/05/2015 — 21:19

    Time to stock up on fences! And maybe get me one of those All-Seeing Eyes, since it’s the only thing I’m missing….


  5. I really hope this was just a last minute stop-gap as the Valentines event has to be delayed for some reason. If not, ugh, this is some awful game management.

    Still, if this mean Number 1, Lenny and Call get free upgrades to premium, I won’t complain too much…


    1. You can say that again. And the game was just starting to get interesting again after a pretty good Level 49. I had high hopes for a fun new event as a follow-up (and unlike Halloween and Christmas, V Day had nowhere to go but up after last year’s). Instead they just recycle stuff we already have, once again wanting huge quantities of donuts for stuff they once gave us for free.


  6. magilla_84131 02/05/2015 — 20:40

    I hope this isn’t what they are doing instead of a valentine’s day update this year. I already have everything from the stone cutter’s event. So, this would be pointless.


    1. My thoughts exactly. I hate when they just repackage old stuff we already have and call it an event.


  7. Bought like 200 stonecutters fences. Will do the same tomorrow until the promotion will be removed.
    I love those fences.


  8. Things is Stupid. Where is the Valentines Update???????


    1. TopiX is not EA. We have no association with EA nor do we have any knowledge about what EA is planning/chooses to release until it is out.
      Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. I’m sorry !,, I was so hoping that the update was the V-day update.


        1. Agreed, they always wait so long for the Valentine’s update, I think it would have been perfect for the event to have started on Jan 29 and run through to like Feb 18. Then a 2 week level 49 update followed by a St Patrick’s day event starting first week of March 😦 I’m sure they will squeeze something good in. I just like the events and the unique prizes to earn in each 🙂 Waits patiently


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