Nuke your town Glitch: disappearing Christmas items

Hello fellow tappers,
There are reports of a problem with the nuke town option in the game.

Currently there seems to be a glitch where nuking your town seems to remove from your game the Toy Workshop and/or the Elf Cannon.

We advise you to not use this function at the current moment.
If by chance you already did and lost items, please contact EA directly at and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

Waiting for any update for Valentine’s Day, happy tapping everyone and see you next time.


9 thoughts on “Nuke your town Glitch: disappearing Christmas items

  1. I nuked my town not that long ago and my elf cannon and toy shop were missing for awhile. They finally appeared, though. I am currently missing the Three Eyed Sushi stand that I had before the nuke, though.


    1. please Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game. they should be able to add the item back


  2. Guys, I’ll never stop repeating this: DON’T USE THE SUBCATEGORIES. A lot of items aren’t flagged right, so if you browse the building cathegory, you may not find some buildings, such as the toy workshop. I know that the general inventory is a pain to scroll, but before contacting EA check in there first.


  3. I can’t imagine I’d ever want to nuke my town. It would probably take days for me to put everything back. I’m pretty happy with the basic layout of my town anyway; I do move things around once in a while, but I keep the grid the same and I really don’t mind being stuck with it. There are a few things I’d like to change, but not enough to be worth the trouble of nuking.


  4. I nuked my town a day after the most recent update, and i didn’t lose any christmas items. this must be a problem that only affects some players and not others.


    1. It is rare but not unknown that limited time items disapper or get stuck in inventory when you nuke the town. It’s been known from the start of the nukebutton that limited items are at risk but no general fix is on its way.


  5. I have had this problem before, lost three limited items that I brought.
    Episode tie in items, took a little while to resolve. But ea were good

    Since then I’ve always been worried about nuking the town just in case anything else goes missing


    1. generalfantastic 02/05/2015 — 16:46

      do you remember what items you lost?


      1. Richard Everson 02/05/2015 — 23:02

        Krustys house
        Matt groening


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