Stonecutters Black Market Sale: Final 24 hours – All Items Are in the Shop!

Hello fellow tappers,

The Stonecutters Black Market Sale is going to end TOMORROW at 8am GMT!

For 24 hours, all of the Stonecutters content will be offered again.

For info on the 1st wave of items click HERE.

For info on the 2nd wave of items click HERE.

For info on the 3rd wave of items click HERE.

Stonecutter LodgeDaycare CenterAbandoned StoreTube Slide
Ark of the Covenant
AllSeeingEyeTableHieroglyph WallStone of Triumph

Number 36Number 600 Number 85' Number 29 Number 21 Number 50 Number 111 Number 22 Number 59Number 51
Number 12 Number 14 Number 5 Number 67Number 1
Number 79Number 314 Number 2 Number 66Number 908

Please remember that in order to successfully complete the re-released Stonecutters quest lines you must have started them by March 12 @ 8 am GMT. If you do not begin or have completed these quests by that time they will no longer be activated for you to complete. You will not lose any of the items, however, you will not receive any prompts to start, continue or finish their quest lines depending on your specific situation.

This is all for now.  We’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully with something new.

Happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “Stonecutters Black Market Sale: Final 24 hours – All Items Are in the Shop!

  1. Will there be a v day event?


    1. Ask EA. Topix have no knowledge nor influence on what is to come. Your guess is as good as ours.
      Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  2. where did that Black Market building you have in the graphic at the top come from? It looks like a TSTO building, but i don’t remember it.


    1. it’s a custom picture made by spAnser


  3. Good riddance to it. Of course this most likely means no V Day event as it’s probably too late to start one now. 😦

    And the thing is, I don’t even like V Day. But when you’re expecting something new and you get this pathetic rerun instead, anything ends up looking better than nothing.


  4. It seems like letsplaynintendoIta is the only writer lately. Whats up with that? Dont get me wrong i love this site and visit more than once a day. Great site great information. Keep up the great work!


    1. I dont usually write but I am here every day, moderating 🙂


  5. Damn, I thought the event ended today. Presumably this means we have zero chance of a Valentines event until tomorrow (Thursday) at the earliest??


      1. Will this misery ever end! lol


        1. Me too got up this morning thinking finally a chance for something anything new saw the 18 hour timer on the fences was like dang it all, this stonecutter remake has really been a bummer ,the amount of donuts to get all the skins is ridiculous and it seems kinda soon to rehash it I guess the upside is all the premium tasks I get for free, now almost every character has a skin or building to earn premium


  6. I just wanted to say that although I was disappointed with EA on this sale, your posts have been superb. (As always!) Thanks to all of you for your hard work and for being awesome! 😀


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