Superhero Event 2015 Preparation

Hello Tappers!

We will soon be saying goodbye to the mini Valentines event however as one event goes another must arrive. And in this case it is the possible Superhero event 2015! This week we could see the possible arrival of the rumoured Superhero event that has been hinted by tapped out during the Valentines event and I’m back with another preparation post to help you prepare for another event! Just before the Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Clash of Clones event I did a post about preparing for the events and it turned out to be a big success. I’m back with the post but this time helping you prepare for The Superhero Event 2015!

For every player that might not have reached the top-level, you will need to prepare for this possible upcoming event. An event is always big and you most likely will need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and of course Donuts! So here is a guide to help you to prepare for the upcoming Superhero event of 2015.


Since this is a possible new event there isn’t really much to go on. However events have always followed the same procedure and it may not be that hard to expect what is coming in terms of how to win prizes, event currency, ect. It has not been confirmed that there is going to be a Superhero event however we was teased with the character of Fallout Boy and the fact he is coming to Springfield soon!

Now, Here is the preparation guide for the possible Superhero Event 2015!:


We will start off by talking about friends and for every event you will need friends. If your friends list is empty then I suggest you add some to prepare for the upcoming event. Previous events have proven to require friends to gain more from the event. However with the Clash of Clones event we saw players being transported into a random towns and EA could carry this theme for players who don’t have many friends for the Superhero event.  Note: Please use the Add Friends page here to ask for other tappers to be your friends.


Now if you have reached the limit of 100 friends I would recommend going through your list with a close eye on who is and who isn’t an active player. Remove any that seem as if they haven’t played since the Christmas event of December or that HAVE passed level 20 or so and have no sign that they have opened the Squidport. Or which ever other criteria you deem appropriate.


We got a small strip of land during Level 49 however I have seem to have used it all up with the amount of content we have got from previous updates. This is a big issue for some players at the moment as we need more land and I thought one strip was not enough as they keep increasing the amount of content to the game. However with every event make sure you have land! For those who have not bought land yet then I would suggest you buy some extra land as an event usually takes up at least four land expansions, This may be difficult if you are short of money. But what is the point in saving up money for buildings when you have no land?


If you all ready have used up all your land then I would suggest moving some things around and try to make the best of the space you have left. When I started I had one mini forest and since then I have had two new and bigger forests so I decided to get rid of that forest and place some buildings in the space. I have fit five buildings in that small spot and in my opinion it still looks great! Remember sometimes small is good and you don’t have to use all your land at once! Another way to get land is by putting in storage some buildings or decorations that you don’t really have use for, Eg. Gulp ‘N’ Blow, Gilded Truffle, Lard Lad Donuts, Pimento Grove, El Chemistri, Zestys, All Night Gym, etc. Or maybe try to get rid of unwanted decorations, e.g. Chop down your forest. All I’m saying is make sure you have some land as this could require a lot of land if EA don’t provide us with some new land.


Now this is a tricky one as we don’t know If we will be using much money this event due to previous events being event themed currency. This could be the same case for the upcoming Superhero event. However since this is a new event we don’t know what to expect so my suggestion is that you save up some money for the event as you never know what may be coming and what might cost money. If you aren’t currently at the top-level, I would suggest keeping the main story quests progressing. As you add buildings when they become available it will bring more characters, and more characters will help earn more of whatever currency is needed for the event. There is also a chance we could get some new limited time non-premium decorations and buildings along with some more land if we are lucky.



If you have reached level 49 and have not maxed out your XP bar ready for level 50!, I would suggest start getting more XP as we may experience a new level with inside the event like we experienced with previous events. If you are way behind on XP and won’t max out in time don’t worry as you will have plenty of time as they usually leave a gap of two weeks for a level update after the event lands. However if there is a chance we could get a new level and you want to get XP fast I would suggest buying Weather stations, volleyball courts, ect.


Do you have all your characters ready? I would suggest if you are trying to get more cash then keep doing your regular technique to get cash and then maybe tomorrow if the event doesn’t arrive today I would suggest to make sure that all your characters are free as you never know who will start the update. If you have sent Apu on his seven-day task I would try to rush him up with donuts or store his building. Please don’t worry about some characters being on more than 24 hour tasks as I think it is more likely that Homer or Lisa will start off the event.


Now this part is most likely very important and that is do you have enough donuts? Previous events we have seen some very pricey premium items and this event I expect the same and maybe even bigger due to being a new event. So do you have enough donuts? Well I would suggest that you would stock up on donuts and only spend them on the limited time premium items that you want as they might not be back again next year.


When looking at the premium items from last years event I would say keep at least 200 – 300 donuts safe for the update if you can. Maybe more if we get a level update with or within the event.


Quests are forever, events are not. It’s best to look ahead and make sure putting certain characters on a certain task isn’t going to affect the limited time quest line. Whether it’s a level, Squidport or Krustyland quest line that you are currently doing, its best to put it off until you have at least got what you wanted or otherwise wait until the event is over. This is because the event is for a limited time only whereas, level, Squidport and Krustyland quests will still be there waiting to be cleaned up and resumed after the event is over and done with.


Squidport and Krustyland: 

Finally we come to the last stop to prepare for the possible Superhero event 2015! Why Squidport and Krustyland? Well that is because the two expansions might be updated for the Superhero Event.So I would make sure that you are up to date with both and have a little bit of space just in case. Don’t worry If you have not finished them both, the event will be mostly in your regular Springfield if it’s an event. However they still could update Krustyland so I would concentrate on getting Krustyland more sorted out than Squidport if anything. But anything is possible with EA!


There we have it! The preparation guide for the possible Superhero event of 2015! I really hope this event is true and not just some small update. TopiX will be waiting for the arrival of this update to his Springfield so keep checking the site over the next couple of days for more information on this possible event. Until then. Happy Tapping, Nathan.


17 thoughts on “Superhero Event 2015 Preparation

  1. Myrna slavin 05/24/2015 — 15:44

    I have no more land, have moved things around, what is the point anymore, everything going to storage


  2. Madasshooper 02/19/2015 — 17:17

    I am level 49, just updated yesterday. I had around $250,000 before doing my friends, and after I noticed I only had $45,000. Is this part of the new thief theme or a glitch?! Please give me some input. Add me as friend I still haven’t maxed out. Madasshooper


    1. if you’re sure you didn’t buy anything other then the starting items for the event, please Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  3. The Iced Rooster 02/17/2015 — 22:21

    Nathan? You’re back again 🙂


    1. Life has to come first and when Nathan and the others can find the time we’re happy to have them back, even if it’s just for a little while 🙂


  4. Actually, upon reading in other places I saw rumors of not a single level but 3…. I’m reAlly hoping for this. I’ve been playing since a couple of months after the game was first released and have definitely watched things become stale of late. Also hoping that the lack of a Valentine’s event was a preparation of sorts for a much bigger event to follow… eg. the “Superhero event” we’re all speculating about. Either way I can’t wait to see what’s next. Despite the habitual fussing people do about EVERY single holiday event or update, which I also think might have effected the loss of Valentine’s event, i love this game and enjoy all the things EA does for the players.


  5. Doesn’t look like it will be today?


  6. richard casey 02/17/2015 — 18:05

    Been stuck with the spinning donut/bart screen for nearly an hour. Hoping this means something


  7. It would be neat to have such an event, but who knows what will happen? It would be cool to see the return of Fruit Bat Man! I started playing right before that tie-in came up but only got the signal, not the costume.


  8. I am eagerly awaiting a good event, got my characters on task so everyone will be ready first thing in the morning before an update, be nice if it was tomorrow as we have been iced in for two days guess I didn’t move far enough south lol


    1. matthewwar729 02/18/2015 — 04:07

      In the same boat here… two days and more to come… hope a new update comes and the vodka holds out


  9. richard casey 02/17/2015 — 16:55

    As much as i hope it’s true; there seems to be no proof other than speculation based on that one vague teaser.


  10. 1 more thing: if you have small town, build a lot of brown houses, so your visitors have some place to tap. People dont like visiting towns where they cant do any interactions and can even remove you from friend list becouse of that.


  11. Conor heffernan 02/17/2015 — 15:29

    How do we know a superhero event is coming. Sure we got the teaser of fallout boy but we might just get him in a lv 5o


    1. I’d say it is more likely that it will be for a event as we have never got a teaser for a level update but we have got teasers for events eg. Halloween. The Valentines event was also cut short this year, which suggests something bigger is on the way due to the teaser. There is no certainty that it will be an event same with there being no certainty that it will be level 50. We’ll just have to wait and see.


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