Something SUPER This Way Comes!!! Pre-Superheroes Event Info from TSTO News

Just as many, including myself, the Super-duper Superheroes Event is confirmed as fact and is on its way to our hand held Metropolises!!! I am just sharing information first published on TSTO News who, as akways, gets the pre-leaunch scoop for updates and events. Many thanks to spAnser and his incredible talent of obtaining this info before it is released and for sharing it with all of us.  Just click the link for event spoiler info and images.


Gonna be a “super” busy day (too soon? :)) Stay tuned for much, MUCH more friends. The update should be hitting within the next few hours across all platforms.

Mike S.


22 thoughts on “Something SUPER This Way Comes!!! Pre-Superheroes Event Info from TSTO News

  1. THANK YOU, EA, for not starting the update with a 24-hour task!

    Nothing worse than a fun-looking event where you get to stare at a new splash screen for 24-48 hours waiting for the fun to start.

    Looks great so far 🙂

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  2. Woohoo! It’s arrived. Just got the update in the App Store and they’ve gone all comicbooky, or should that be graphic novelly? Anyhoo – just kicked off the first task with Homer – thank goodness all my characters had just finished. Let’s see if it was worth the wait! 🙂 Super excited with all the hype, speculation and expectation.


  3. Whoop super excited even though as a kindle player I will be the last to get it ha ha the price for a platform I can see on 🙂


  4. Guys. I hav a problem. Lisa has gone AWOL since the Barechested Willy task. I missed out on Valentines Day quests as it needed Lisa. I hav tried every thing. Clicked all buildings logged out & in again. Checked Inventory. Tried to chat but it woodnt work. Sent an e- mail. As yet nothin resolved. This may not be the place to post this but I really need help especially with this new quest starting. Pls help if u can. Ty


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