Superheroes Event: Main Questline Walkthrough

Hello fellow tappers,

Now that the event started and everyone is enjoying it we’ll start analyzing the questlines!

We’ll start now with the main Questline!

The Death of a Hero Pt. 1

Auto Starts

System Message: Somewhere in Springfield, a new evil rises!
Homer HeadMmm… Pie.
Marge HeadHomie, come back to bed. You’re sweets-walking again.
Homer HeadMmm… must fling pie!
Marge HeadHomer! Where are you going?
Homer Head… PIE!!

Task: Make Homer Fling Pies Indoors
Time: 30m
Location: Simpson Home

Marge HeadKids, have you seen your father? He was acting funny in bed last night. And it wasn’t Jimmy Fallon funny.
Marge HeadI just hope he passes out somewhere safe.
Pieman Unlock

The Death of a Hero Pt. 2

Auto Starts

System Message: Meanwhile. On the other side of town…
65px-Tapped_Out_Carl_IconLenny, look! It’s our fruit-filled friend, Pie Man!
68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconI know it ain’t pie, but could you autograph my sandwich, Pie Man?
68px-Tapped_Out_Lenny_IconArghh!! You pie’d my eye! Why Pie Man? Why?

Task: Make Pie Man Fling Indiscriminate Pies at Springfielders
Time: 4h

System Message: All across Springfield…
Tapped_Out_Hans_Moleman_IconInstead of my morning muffin, my wakeup call was a pie in the puss.
Tapped_Out_Rev._Lovejoy_IconSomeone hob-cobblered our house of worship! What Pontius Pie-lat dares wash their hands of this?
sidebar_apuThe greatest insult of all – my own putrid pies thrown back at me!

The Death of a Hero Pt. 3

Lisa Starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconDad, I mean… um, Dad-man, I mean… Pie-Dad, I mean…
Bart ImageCould we stop pretending the passed-out guy smeared with pie filling and “Homer” in Magic Marker on his underwear isn’t Dad?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI don’t get it. Pie Man is supposed to be putting a crimp in this city’s bad crust.
System Message: What turned the right-minded Pie Man into a wrong-doing super-dud?
System Message: Looks like it’s up to Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy to take a slice out of Pie Man’s crimes

Task: Build the Superior Squad HQ
Time: 4h

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconWhat?! How can comic book characters be in Springfield?
Tapped_Out_Abraham_Lincoln_IconYou’re splitting rails about outside characters, now?
Space_Mutant_IconWe’ve infected your Earth since it was formed *mumble-mumble* years ago!
Frink IconAt this juncture the rules of Springfield and science have been broken. You need to just deal *ahem* with it.
Fallout Boy

The Death of a Hero Pt. 4

Fallout Boy Starts

Fallout Boy IconHeapin’ high blood pressure! That forty-eight waist-product is acting strange, Radioactive Man.
Radioactive Man IconYou’re right. It’s obvious he’s under the influence of some kind of mind-control ray!
Radioactive Man IconWe need to locate the source and destroy it!
Radioactive Man IconUp and atom, Fallout Boy!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconBoy, I’m about to “fall out” of this story. What’s going on?
Bart ImageThe beauty of comic books is that you don’t waste time explaining. That makes the confusing ending more satisfying!

Task: Make Fallout Boy Destroy the Mind Control Ray
Task: Make Sure NOTHING Bad Happens! (Fallout Boy)
Time: 6s
Location: Brown House

Fallout Boy IconI’ll use my Fallout Boy powers to push the button on this Mind Control Ray.
Radioactive Man IconWait, Fallout Boy! NO!!

Fallout Boy IconRadioactive Man is dead and it’s all because of my dumb button-thumping finger.
Homer HeadHuh?… Whah?… A pie in my hand?! All in all, not the worst way to wake up from a black out.
Fallout Boy Icon… and to add insult to terminal injury we didn’t even cure this poor man of his pie obsession.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconUmm… no… he’s back to normal… *nervous laugh*
System Message: …and to think you thought this was a casual game!Quest failed

A New Hero Rises Pt. 1

Fallout Boy Starts

Fallout Boy IconWhat does a sidekick do when the hero he kicked sides for is dead?
sidebar_criminalburglarRadioactive Man is dead?! Criminals, crooks, and punks of all sizes the town is ours for the taking!
Helen Lovejoy HeadWon’t someone please think of the children?!
Bart ImageUmm, Fallout Boy? I think that’s your cue to be all heroic and stuff.
Fallout Boy IconBut I can’t. Behind this mask is just a scared 32 year-old boy.
System Message: Crime is running rampant! With Radioactive Man dead and Fallout Boy turned yellow, who will save Springfield?!
System Message: This looks like a job for… um… um…
Bart ImageHow bout The Sky Finger, lame-wad?
Homer HeadThe Sky Finger! Of course! The nose-picking pointer of hope and justice!

Task: Tap on Criminals to Arrest Them (x20)
TSTO Superheroes Help panel
The event’s features unlock. The quest “Unlock Arbitrarium”, which is to “Unlock Arbitrarium” appears.

After tapping on 20 Criminals:

Fallout Boy IconLook! In the sky! It’s the Dynamic Digit of good deeds!
sidebar_criminalburglarThe boss ain’t going to like this. He needs those carbon rods for his master plan!


A New Hero Rises Pt. 2

Fallout Boy Starts

Fallout Boy IconSky Finger! Let me fight crime alongside you. Let me be a middle finger next to your index!
Fallout Boy IconI pledge to you my loyalty, as I once did Radioactive Man.
Fallout Boy IconThere have been reports of crime sprees, larks, larfs, high and low jinks in neighboring towns. We need to act… NOW!
System Message: Foil evildoers in friend’s towns by capturing criminals and reporting crimes.
Tapped Out Friends Town Foil Evildoers

Task: Arrest Criminals in a Friend’s Town (x3)
Task: Report Crimes in a Friend’s Town (x3)

System Message: Remember to keep checking back to see if friends have reported crimes. The faster you spring into action the bigger the rewards!
Tapped Out Reported Crimes

A New Hero Rises Pt. 3

Fallout Boy Starts

Fallout Boy IconA good sidekick can become a great sidekick with an arsenal of snappy catchphrases.
Fallout Boy IconBy combining witty wordplay with my agile athleticism I’ll be in tip-top fighting form alongside Sky Finger!
System Message: Elsewhere..
DrCrab IconHmm. It seems my little “accident” has one more survivor than I’d anticipated.
DrCrab IconNo matter. This half-pint hiccup won’t interrupt my evil.

Task: Make Fallout Boy Devise New Exclamations
Time: 8h
Location: Superior Squad HQ
Task: Make Fallout Boy Practice His Moves
Time: 4h
Location: Superior Squad HQ

This is all for now, join us next time for the Prizes Questlines! Happy Hero-Tapping!


21 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Main Questline Walkthrough

  1. Add me nicol2310


  2. Any guesses on Bartman?


    1. Probably in phase 3-4 and will most likely cost donuts


      1. he’ll be in phase 2, starting march 3rd, 60 donuts 😉


        1. Ok thanks a lot ill be saving up my donuts


          1. I got batman and his cave the quality of advice here is great keep up the good work. Wonder who will be in the last Phase?


            1. If you check our overview post you may find out. But warning. Its spoiler


  3. Great Help Guys. I check in at least once a day to make sure I’m up to date and the info here is like gold! Keep up the great work! SpiderPig! Haw-haw!!!


  4. Is this where the main quest ends until the next phase/issue begins or is there more to the walkthrough that you will post later? Not trying to rush you, just curious.


    1. It doesnt seem to be more for the time being. We will post if something comes up.


      1. Thank you for responding. I just realized we have to wait to uunlock the rest of the prizes for this phase for the quest to continue.


  5. daffystardust 02/19/2015 — 14:54

    Radioactive Man was blown up right next to my “DIE” billboard! Kind of a tip-off, eh?


    1. Love to see a pic of it, if you have it. You can upload it to our Flickrpool


  6. Hi LPNintendo, any ideas what phase 4 could be?
    It’s a shame that Radioactive man isn’t in it!


    1. we’ve no idea yet. Its a almost-complete mistery to us. But judging by what is still to come we still have many hidden surprises


      1. Thanks very much, absolute champ you are! Any guesses on Bartman?


  7. 67VanessaVW 02/19/2015 — 08:10

    I’m not much for commentary, ordinarily. Had been reading a different blog for some time but found myself irritated by reading info on that which I had already experienced in playing the game myself. Pointless. I found TopiX a few weeks ago, and don’t even know where to begin in thanking y’all. You are the first and most accurate in all posts. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you all.


  8. Why is my event not starting????!! I have Homer available and everyone else but still no update 😦


    1. did you update through the store?


  9. goaliegrrl31 02/19/2015 — 01:12

    SUPER information!!! Thank you!!!


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