Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

Howdy Super Tappers! Nathan Here.

Radioactive Man

The Superhero Event has arrived! Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, No it’s The Superhero Event of 2015! Valentine’s was cut short this year and no more love roses, or love fences or love wheels (Hallelujah!) Instead we have been granted with ACTION! DANGER! and a SUPER-EVENT!

Superhero Event Splash Screen

Springfield has been given the ultimate makeover! The music playing in the background, the sort of music a ‘HERO’ listens to! The font has also been changed and is given a comic book type font, Comic Book Guy will be proud! And the Splash-screen! The splash-screen alone is just is many ways the most coolest and best we have ever had for tapped out! You can tell this is going to be an amazing event!

Like every tapped out event, here at TopiX we give you the basic rundown of the event. So we put all the basic information into one BIG post called an overview post, or as I have called it the ‘Super-Overview’ for the theme of the event, I know, BAD JOKE ALERT!  In this post I will be looking at the basics of the update of what’s new, what’s changed along with all the boring stuff in between. Hoping to answer your questions about this update. So fly with me, bring your capes and tapping fingers along as we look at the update in my Super-Overview!:

Basics / Release Info

Update: The Superhero Event 2015

Release Date: February 18, 2015

Projected End Date: March 31, 2015

Type of Update: App Store update

App Image:


Version: 4.13.0

App Store Description:

When a hero falls, heroes rise! Tap for the truth, justice and pies! Heroes and Villains are flooding Springfield and the fate of the town is in your hands! You’ve built you town – now it’s time to save it! Join iconic Simpsons characters as their alter-egos struggle against the forces of evil. With new characters, buildings, decorations and more, will you be the hero that Springfield needs!?


Superhero Event Splash Screen

Event Menu:


Up and Atom!: Click here, to find the first quest basics to unlock the main event. Homer kicks off the start-up quests and it should take you around 9 hours to complete the start-up quests until you can unlock the main event! Click above as Mike explains it in more detail in his announcement post and how to get things started.

What Changed?:

There was a couple of changes to the game after the Superhero Update, this does not include the new music or font, ect. The changes below are things that were already in the game and have been altered in the recent update.

  • Selma and Skinner’s Dine at the Revolving Restaurant is in order, instead of at the top of their task list.
  • Deleted any reference to Santa’s tasks.
  • In Edit mode, after storing a decoration, the game autoselects the next decoration of the same type next to it.
  • Fruit-Bat-Man is moved to the Vigilantes Character Collection.
  • Freddy Quimby and Fruit-Bat-Man got renewed animations.
  • The glitch where the “Walk Mr. Teeny” task gets stuck in the Task List is fixed.
  • Can’t exchange KrustyLand Tickets for Money anymore in some towns.

A more indepth post with all changes will be posted tomorrow February 20th at 8am GMT.

What’s New?:

There are a couple of new things to the game after the Superhero Update, some are just for the theme of the event however there was a new system in the game as in the Edit Mode after storing a decoration, the game auto-selects the next decoration of the same type next to it, same when you are selling the item. Below are things that are new to the game after the Superhero Update:

  • All tree-hugging decorations got resigned with better graphics and shadows, It looks like a comic book themed design,
  • A new background music is implemented.
  • A new font for the game is implemented, similar to Comic Sans.
  • The icon to access the friend’s town screen changed and now shows Sidekick Milhouse and Bartman.
  • A White border was added around the screen while reading quest texts and the text boxes for the event quests are now comic book-like.
  • The Task book has been changed to a Comic Book theme.

Comic-Task Book ClosedComic-Task Book Open

The Event!

Superheroes Event Start

Above is the Superheroes help guide that gives you the basics of what you have to do during the Event. The main objective of the event is to tap the Criminals that roam your Springfield to bring justice to your town and also event currency to earn the prizes. The other objective is to visit friends and report crimes to earn more currency.

There will be three prizes track in this event just like the Halloween event 2014. The event is split up into four parts with three Personal Prizes for each part. The first part of the prizes is unlocked as soon as you complete start-up quests. Part Two will begin on February 24 at 8am, Part Three on March 10 at 8am and Part Four on March 24 at 8am. (GMT). The Personal Prizes can be seen below.


As with any event, the normal cash currency takes a backseat to a temporary special currency which is required to win prizes, unlock quests, etc. There are a number of main currencies with this event, 3 to be exact.  Each one will be the main collected currency with corresponding prizes for a set amount of time and then the next currency as well as a new set of prizes will activate, but you can still collect the previous currency to get all prizes due to the questline needing the last prize to continue. The 3 currencies are:

  1. Carbon Rods – February 18, 2015
  2. Pie Bombs – February 24, 2015
  3. Freeze Rays – March 10, 2015

Carbon Rods


Carbon Rods are the first main currency of the event they are what you collect when you capture criminals as the roam your Springfield. Collecting Carbon rods will help you unlock the first three Personal Prizes of the event.:

Prize 1: Arbitrarium – Arbitrarium is the first prize you will unlock after collecting 400 Carbon Rods. Once unlocked you can earn more by tapping Criminals.  Arbitrarium will help you upgrade the HQ.  Each upgrade does various things, like gives you more currency etc.


Prize 2: Mr. Burns State Prison – Burns State Prison is the second prize you will unlock in the first part after collecting 7,000 Carbon Rods.


Once unlocked you can place and build the Burns State Prison, the Prison will release a Felon in your town which you’ll have to send Heroes to attack the Felon. It takes three Heroes to defeat the Felon and once defeated you’ll earn bonus currency. For each Felon you defeat you’ll earn currency (See image below). If you send a Premium Hero to attack the Felon then the time in less than it would for a non-premium Hero. (Premium Hero Eg. Spider-Pig, Fruit Bat-Man)

Felons Screen

Prize 3: Clownface – Clownface is the third and final Personal Prize of the first part. Clownface is a costume for Krusty and is unlocked after collecting 18,500 Carbon Rods.


Clownface comes with his own two-part quest line titled ‘Origin Story’. Clownface gets more quest lines including ‘Clownface Rises’ when you log-in on February 24, ‘National Bank Of Springfield’ once you unlock the Bank in the second part of Personal Prizes and ‘The Collector’, Clownface has his own quest with the Collector once he is unlocked.

Pie Bombs


Pie Bombs are the second event currency of the Superhero Event and were released on February 24, 2015. Collecting Pie Bombs will help you unlock the next part of Personal Prizes which can be seen below:

Prize 1: National Bank of Springfield The National Bank of Springfield is the first Prize you unlock in the second part of the event. You unlock the National Bank of Springfield after collecting 12,000 Pie Bombs. You then unlock a quest for Clownface to rob the bank!


Prize 2: The Collector – The Collector is the second Personal Prize you unlock in the second part of the event after collecting 29,000 Pie Bombs. The Collector is a costume for Comic Book Guy and will have a quest line once unlocked.

The Collector

Prize 3: Dr. Colossus – Dr. Colossus is the third and final Personal Prize in the second part of the event after collecting 55,000 Pie Bombs. Dr. Colossus comes with his own quest line titled ‘Dr. Colossus Returns!’. Dr. Colossus has more quests in the third part of the event after you unlock Death Mountain and The Collider.

Dr Colossus

Freeze Rays


Freeze Rays are the third event currency of the Superhero Event and were released on March 10, 2015. Collecting Freeze Rays will help you unlock the next part of Personal Prizes which can be seen below:

Prize 1: Super Jeb – Super Jeb is the first Personal Prize for the third part of the event and is a decoration for your town. It is unlocked after collecting 14,000 Freeze Rays.


Prize 2: Death Mountain – Death Mountain is the second Personal Prize for the third part of the event and is unlocked after collecting 37,000 Freeze Rays. The prize unlocks a quest line for Dr. Colossus and Hank Scorpio (If you have him).


Prize 3: The Collider – The Collider is the third and final Personal Prize for the third and final part of the event and is unlocked after collecting 61,500 Freeze Rays. The Collider comes with a quest line which involves previously unlocked character ‘Dr. Colossus’.

The Collider

Radioactive Girders


Radioactive Girders are the fourth and final event currency of the Superhero Event and were released on March 24, 2015. Their icon is actually invisible in the prize tracker but the quantity is shown. Collecting Girders by attacking the Radioactive Man Statue with the Heroes will help you unlock the next and final part of Personal Prizes which can be seen below:


Prize 1: Rad Mobile – Rad Mobile is the first Personal Prize for the fourth part of the event and is unlocked after collecting 2 Radioactive Girders.

Kane Manor

Prize 2: Kane Manor – Kane Manor is the second Personal Prize for the fourth part of the event and is unlocked after collecting 3 Radioactive Girders.


Prize 3: Radioactive Man – Radioactive Man is the final Prize of the event and is unlocked after collecting 5 Radioactive Girders.


Super Friends Button

Once you have finished the start-up quests, and tapped your first 20 criminals, the Superhero Event officially starts and you’ll unlock the ability to go to friends towns and arrest/report criminals to earn more event currency.

Arresting Criminals!: Once you enter a friends town, their town will probably be covered in Criminals as well. You can tap up to 3 Criminals in their town and for each Criminal you arrest you get a total of three Carbon Rods (Event currency will change, see above).Friend Phone

Report!: I jumped out of my skin when I heard that someone had reported my town as a loud siren came from my phone. You can report your friends by tapping on the red phones that hover over their buildings. You can do this up to 3 times and will earn 1 Carbon Rod for each building you tap.

Prize Award base Image

Of course if you can report your friends town, they can report your town! If a friend has reported your building you’ll see Radioactive Man’s Glowing Signal hovering over the building, once you tap the building you’ll earn 4 Carbon Rods. So keeping visiting your friends each day to earn more currency for the event and they’ll visit you in return.

Membership Card: If you purchase a Membership Card for 90 donuts then you’ll earn double the currency for capturing Criminals in your friends town.

Superior Squad Member

HQ Upgrades 


Once you have unlocked the Arbitrarium prize, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade your Superior Squad HQ. You upgrade your Superior Squad HQ for more power and currency in the event. You can find Arbitarium when tapping Criminals in your town. (See Below)


Criminals are the main objective for our tapping fingers in this event, as we tap the Criminals to earn event currency. So far there is only one type of Criminal in the event and they look like this:

Criminal BurglarCriminal ColossusCriminal Clown

Tapping on these Criminals will get you the Event Currency and you sometimes get Arbitrarium to upgrade you HQ. The spawn rate on the Criminals is at least one Criminal every five minutes and you can have a max of 30 Criminals in your town.

The first criminal above spawned in Issue 1, the second in Issue 2 and the last one in Issue 3. In Issue 4 all 3 types appeared but only spawned when the quest to tap them appeared.

Daily Bonus Combo


The Daily Bonus Combo is just your average daily rewards when logging into the game. Instead you’ll be earning event currency daily.


These bonus will change as the event currency will change on the dates above.


In Issue 4 the Combo returned to normal due to the different way to collect the currency.


This update brought a bunch of content! We have new characters, new buildings and a lot of new costumes as you transform your characters into the Heroes of Springfield! All the content released in this update is of course Superhero themed. Below I have listed all the new content of the update, these will consist of Personal Prizes, Premium Items and yet to be released items. More information on the items will be in posts like ‘TopiX History Files’, ‘Premium Guides’, ect. This is just an overview of the new SUPER-Content:


Fallout Boy = Fallout Boy is unlocked with the Superior Squad HQ.

Fallout Boy

Plopper Pig

Plopper = 100 Donuts – Unlocks with Crap Silo

The Collider = Personal Prize (See Above)

The Collider

Dr Colossus

Dr. Colossus = Personal Prize (See Above)

Petroleus Rex = 175 Donuts – Available till March 24th – Unlocks with Tar Pits.
Petroleus Rex

Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man = Personal Prize (See Above)


Clownface = Personal Prize (See Above)

Clown Face

The Collector

The Collector = Personal Prize (See Above)

Pie Man = FREE!

Pie Man

Bartman = 60 Donuts – Available from March 3rd to March 31st.



Fruit-Bat-Man = 90 Donuts – Available from March 10th till March 31st.

Sidekick Milhouse = 35 Donuts – Available from March 29th to April 7th.



Superior Squad HQ = $500 – Unlocks Fallout Boy – Size 5×6 – Earns Event currency and 1 Cape, every 4h.

Superior Squad HQ Menu


Montgomery Burns State Prison = Personal Prize (See Above) – Unlocks Felons – Size 11×11 – Earns 1 Felon, every 8h

National Bank of Springfield = Personal Prize (See Above) – Size 9×9 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

National Bank of Springfield


Death Mountain = Personal Prize (See Above) – Size 12×12 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Zenith City Times = 15 Handcuffs, 100 Lockpicks, 30 Capes (The Collector’s Crafting) – Size 6×4 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Zenith City Times

Zenith City Storefront

Zenith City Store Front = 20 Phones, 10 Handcuffs (The Collector’s Crafting) – Size 7×5 – Earns $75 and 7XP, every 3h

Zenith City Lofts = 65 Lockpicks, 10 Handcuffs (The Collector’s Crafting) – Size 7×5 – Earns $75 and 7XP, every 3h

Zenith City Lofts

Zenith City Apartments

Zenith City Apartments = 15 Phones, 15 Capes (The Collector’s Crafting) – Size 6×8 – Earns $75 and 7XP, every 3h

Crap Silo = 100 Donuts – Unlocks Plopper – Size 4×4 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Crap Silo


Tar Pits = 175 Donuts – Unlocks Petroleus Rex – Size 11×9 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Botanical Garden = 5 Lockpicks (The Collector’s Crafting) – Size 10×10 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Botanical Gardens

Kane Manor

Kane Manor = Personal Prize. (See Above) – Size 9×9 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h

Radstation Air Fortress = 225 Donuts – Size 4×4 – Earns $220 and 22XP, every 8 hours – Available from February 26th to March 3rd and from March 29th to April 7th.

Air Fortress

Bartman Cave
Bartman Cave = 55 Donuts – Size 6×8 – Earns $55 and  5XP, every 1 hour – Available from March 5th to March 10th and from March 29th to April 7th.

Beach House = 125 Donuts – Size 13×10 – Earns $300 and 30XP, every 12h – Available from March 29th to April 7th.

Beach House

Construction Site

Radioactive Man Statue = 1000$ – Size: 10×10 – Earns $150 and 13XP, every 8h


Zenith City Phone Booth = Unlocks with The Collector’s crafting – Size 2×2

Superhero Phone Booth


Super Jeb = Personal Prize (See Above) – Size 2×2

Fruit-Bat-Signal = $5,000 – Size 2×2 – Available till March 24th.


Destoyed Brown House

Wrecked Brown House = $50,000 – Size 7×5

Rad Mobile = Personal Prize. (See Above) – Size 6×3



Check out our Superhero Event Page for every post that will be posted over the next couple of weeks.

There we have it! The complete overview for the Superhero Event 2015. That took a total of almost 4 hours! But was worth it! I hope this guide helps you on the Superhero Event and if you need any help or have any questions comment in our comment section below. Also comment on our new theme, do you like it? We want to know! Enjoy this Super-Event. Super Tapping, Nathan!



64 thoughts on “Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

  1. Shaunoleary 03/18/2015 — 06:28

    How do you get telephones to craft zenith city storefront,is it from tapping criminals,or from your neighbours towns ,haven’t had any phones for days but plenty off lock picks and capes .


    1. Callin in crimes at your neighbours, tapping their buildings. With only a 20% droprate those are rare.


  2. I’ve had the same issue with comic book man… I unlocked the costume and sent him on a task… Now for some reason his costume has disappeared and I cannot get him to continue the story line… I’ve checked the inventory ..tried putting him and androids dungeon back in it too… But can’t get it back so looks like I’m gonna miss out on the crafting stuff… Gutted! Was really enjoying this updat…


    1. try a reinstallation if it doesnt work Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. Ok thanks for the advice… Fingers crossed I have some joy!


    2. Colin James 03/10/2015 — 08:03

      The ea guys sorted it for me James C give them a go you will have to get past the numpty ones to get to he proper guys it took about 24 hours and I got comic book guys costume back.


  3. What are the build times on the Zenith City buildings?


      1. Thanks! 🙂 debating just going ahead and building with donuts, I have plenty and the cost to build is dropping steadily lol 🙂 not sure if I have the patience to keep waiting!


  4. Colin James 03/04/2015 — 15:39

    I got to the level of pies to get the collector and done the first couple of quests then he disappeared from my inventory and he hasn’t come back so I don’t get to craft the extra items anyone know how I rectify this?


    1. Its a costume for comicbook guy. It should be in his wardrobe (tap cbg top right “+” in his task menu to see his outfits) slide to the one you want.
      Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


      1. Colin James 03/04/2015 — 17:09

        I know where it should be its not there it was if you actually read what I posted you would have know this.. I done the first couple of quests with him and it vanished from his menu and the comic book store bits aren’t there either so I can’t collect the bits for the botanical garden or anything else.


        1. Sorry, when ppl says items are missing they usually mean from the menu in the inventory or the store – they dont even consider the characters task menues. Have you contacted EA about this?
          Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


          1. Colin James 03/04/2015 — 22:23

            Just been talking to a guy from ea what a joke and a complete waste of time seems I won’t be able to progress as my collector costume vanished around 4/5 days ago and the guy who clearly bearly spoke English basically said they don’t have tools to deal with tapped out lol..


            1. Not cool. Try the email option, not always available and it takes more time but is usually better.
              They should have the tools to fix it or bump you up to a specialist who can access your account. Stand your ground. Good luck.


  5. Thank you for for the detailed write up! This is the first time I see the potential prizes and items from issue 4!


  6. I am hoping that by tapping criminals in friends’ town, I am not reducing the criminals for my friends to tap?


  7. BE CAREFUL: When you’ve got the final prize in Issue 1 (and all the following Issues), you get the opportunity for donuts every 3000 items. If you’re close and tapping friends villages – check back regularly to receive the donut 1-3 selection, otherwise, if you go over the 3000 limit, you lose anything extra collected until you have the bonus donuts. They don’t carry over to the next 3000 (Just ‘lost’ nearly 250 rods towards my next bonus.)

    Hope that makes sense – don’t if it’s a glitch or the same on all devices.


    1. It has been that for all events yes


  8. Thanks for all the time you put into this update!


  9. Thank you Nathan, brilliant guide. You did an awesome job there! 😃😃👍👍


  10. The game is down, anybody else has this problem? very frustrating!


  11. I am so enjoying this update.


  12. schattenRaub 02/20/2015 — 01:00

    How can we get 18500 rods in such a short time??
    I only have around 2500 rods at the moment, visited all my neighbors. I think its not possible without donuts? :/


    1. I play freemium and have already received Burns’ Prison. Visiting neighbors is important, but so is reciprocation. Make sure to tap the criminals in your SF as well. You’ll be on target in no time. 🙂


    2. I’m over 9000 already – just in the couple of days we’ve had so far. You get more for Super HQ as it upgrades. Shouldn’t need to spend donuts to get all the rods if you can tap regularly, visit all your friends, tap all the criminals and keep characters on prize collecting tasks. Unless of course the server goes down for prolonged periods. That can impact getting the prizes in time.


  13. Graywolf1410 02/20/2015 — 00:29

    Does anyone besides fallout boy have tasks that earn event currency? There are usually a few but I don’t see any.


    1. can’t check at the moment but the new characters/skins should


    2. Homer has one task that earns event currency.


      1. Only if he’s im his Piemancostume, 8h and once you get the Burns prison you’ll have another rodgiving task for Pieman and Falloutboy


  14. Is it me….. Or is this the most confusing update yet!? I don’t have time to gather the free items or capture criminals. This a huge disappointment. I’ll find a better game.


    1. Same as whackingday, halloween, easter etc. You need to put in hours and effort to earn the stuff for free or pay donuts…


  15. Over at tstoaddicts they said the prizes are here to stay until the end of the event.
    You have to finish the prize track in order to go to the next one

    Should make sense as clownface is needed for issue 2


    1. I was wondering if that would happen. Seem like a very long time to earn the 18,500 for the end of issue 1 and it does have the countdown clock at 31 days for that issue. Also, the first prize earned in issue 2 does say that we must unlock more prizes to get it, which would be Clownface. It says that unlocks on the 24th and not 22nd though.


  16. Hm… I think there is some bug with Kwik-E-Mark. When my friends tap it I only see handshake (no Radioactive Man signal) and I don’t get carbon rods.


    1. if the person hasn’t reached the point where he can “spy” on your buildings he can only do normal taps


      1. But this friend tap two other buldings and there was Radioactive Man signal. Only over Kwik-e-Markt was handshake.


        1. Ok, it’s not a bug. I just read on EA forum that graffiti will change into Radioactive Man symbol and that explain everything.


  17. Brian Q. Lehmann 02/19/2015 — 21:20

    Great summary! Regarding criminal spawn rate, I’m also seeing about 12 per hour. A limit of 30 would mean having to log in every 2.5 hours to tap all of them. I’m not complaining – just trying to figure out how often I should log in. Have you verified whether or not there’s a “bank” of criminals once you hit the limit of 30?


    1. Seems like it was more than 30 when I logged in this morning. Didn’t keep count or anything but earned about 1,000 rods between criminals, jobs, friends, and HQ. Can’t see making an additional 600 with just jobs, friends, and the 65 I was earning from HQ.


    2. TheRealTiminator 02/22/2015 — 17:40

      There’s definitely a bank of another 30 criminals. I made a point of counting them as I cleared them this morning & I tapped 62 in total, which would be 30 in the town, 30 in the bank & 2 that spawned in the 10 minutes it took me to find them all.
      I’m finding that 4 hourly visits seems to be the way to go, as that way you can keep the criminals below max & keep battling those felons without let up. Also the Prison spawns felons & the HQ pays rods every 8 hrs.


  18. Do you stop collecting carbon rods after tapping a certain number of criminals from your friends’ town? I am not even half way through my friends list and my game has stop collecting them from criminals, but I still can collect from houses.


    1. Yes, tapping criminals in your neighbourhood has a limit when it comes to rods. You still get rods for every phone you tap thogh.


      1. Unlike previous events it looks as though this isn’t limited to a certain number of taps that runs out before you’ve visited all your friends, at least not for the phones – thanks EA.

        Great guide – thanks TSTO.


        1. It does have a limit for tapping criminals in your neighbourhood that will give you rods but reporting crimes does not have a limit, youll get a rod for every call wheather it is in SF or KL


  19. Another glitch found with this update: Akira’s 12 hour bonsai tasks are now apparently removed, which means you can no longer produce bonsai trees with him at this point. =(


    1. I’ve had Akira making bonzai’s the whole event so far?? I do know if you try and tap on him before the money has disappeared off the screen from his previous task, it doesn’t show it. If you wait for all the money to disappear, the task should be there to plant, prune and re-pot. 🙂


  20. TheRealTiminator 02/19/2015 — 21:04

    Big Thanks to you, Nathan for compiling such a complete & exhaustive (& I’m sure for you exhausting) post.

    I just spent the last hour visiting all my friends & thought it worth pointing out that there appears to be a cap on the number of criminals that you can arrest in friends towns & get paid for. I visited all 100 of my friends & received 1 carbon rod for each crime reported in every town, but round about H in my friends list I was no longer getting 3 carbon rods per criminal arrested. This would probably be in line with the magic number 30 friends that has been used as a cap for previous events.
    I did carry on arresting criminals in all my friends towns anyway in the hope of scoring some arbitrarium, but to no avail as I think this is only dropped by criminals in your own town. I also wasn’t sure if catching criminals in friends’ towns benefitted my friends in the same way that reporting crimes does but I can’t see how.
    If anybody can confirm these last 2 questions I would be grateful, and thank you once again for your time & effort.


    1. From what I understand, tapping criminals are the normal daily actions (pays $ xp and FPs) and only a certain amount of rods can be gotten a day from these. Not sure how it effects the neighbour.
      Calling in crimes seems to be the extra actions for this event and it pays only rods, even in KL where no criminal roams, and has no limitation but you do not get any cash or xp from it.


      1. TheRealTiminator 02/19/2015 — 21:51

        Thanks Em.

        I knew I could count on you to have all the answers to my queries. I’m at full FP & don’t need cash or XP so i’ll speed up the process by just tapping the phones once I’ve hit the limit of criminals.
        Gonna have to hustle for stage 1 though, only 6 days & the other 3 stages get 2 weeks each, no fair!


        1. I average two donuts a day from tapping those that reward no carbon rods.


    2. And you can get donuts for tapping criminals in yours friend town.


  21. Does anyone else find it odd that the second prize (the Burns State Prison) releases Felons that require 3 Heroes to defeat. But a freemium player will only have 2 Heroes at this stage. Until Clownface is reached. So, does that mean Felons can only be defeated by Premium players for most of the first “issue?”


    1. That is strange. I havent gotten the Burnsprison yet but this will be annoying


      1. I just got the prison you can only use one superhero at a time on it so thinking you have to attack it 3 different times and having a premium only shortens the time each attack hope that made some kind of sense


    2. Plopper ..Pie Man.. Fall Out Ball &.Fruit Bat Man can all smash felons 😉


      1. Oops Fall Out Boy! 😆


  22. Someone stole my burrito™ 02/19/2015 — 20:47

    This is so helpful! Thank you Nathan.
    It will be interesting to see what will be donuts or freemeum. Can’t wait.




  24. Best update ever 🙂


  25. Amazing fun reading that Nathan. Thanks very much. Such a thorough and detailed post. Think I’ll need to rob a bank to afford donuts required to buy what I want here, …which is kinda everything! 😰


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