Superheroes Event: Event Dates

Hello fellow tappers,

Today I’m going to break down the various dates set for the event!

I’m going to analyze the Event Phase dates first, then I’ll cover the Limited Time Items available only at certain dates of the event.

Phase 1

February 18 4pm GMT-February 24 8am GMT

Phase 2

February 24 8am GMT-March 10 8am GMT

Phase 3

March 10 8am GMT-March 24 8am GMT

Phase 4

March 24 8am GMT-March 31 8am GMT

Tar Pits w/Petroleus Rex, Fruit-Bat-Signal

February 18 4pm GMT-March 24 8am GMT


March 3 8am GMT-March 31 8am GMT


March 10 8am GMT-March 31 8am GMT

Superior Squad Membership

February 18 4pm GMT-March 18 8am GMT

Other items or dates may be added later in the event.

This is all for now, join us later for the Phase 1 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough, Happy Hero-Tapping!


8 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Event Dates

  1. TheRealTiminator 02/19/2015 — 21:40

    Thanks for the heads up LPN, it’s always useful to know the timetable for planning a strategy.

    It’s weird & a bit harsh that stage 1 is only live for less than a week, especially as I missed the update before putting everyone on 12hr missions last night so effectively lost a day by the time I’d completed the PieMan missions today so that now I only have 5 days to hit 15,000 odd carbon rods.
    If my maths serves me right that’s: 15 rods/criminal so I need 1,000 criminals over 5 days = 200 criminals/day. I don’t know what the drop rate for them is but with a maximum capacity of 30 that means at least 7 visits to my town per day.
    I know there is also some currency to be earned from visiting friends but that is capped at 570/day if you have 100 friends, plus whatever you can earn from them visiting you.
    Hopefully whatever is to be earned from completing story line quests & upgrading the Superheroes Tower is enough to make up the shortfall.

    Enough with the idle musings, let’s get tapping……


  2. Great site thanks for all info just wondering how we get more arbutarium thanks


    1. Catching criminals and you’ll be able to buy more for donuts, maybe during the weekends like the elixir, but I would advice against paying donuts for it.


      1. Thank you


  3. Awesome event!!! Do you guys know how much are bartman and fruit-bat-man going to cost?


    1. Bartman: 60 donuts (march 3)
      F-B-M: 90 donuts (march 10)
      (unless Ea changes the prices before release)


      1. Does Bartman come with Bartman Cave too, all for only 60 donuts? That sounds too cheap to be true. It would be a surprise if that’s the final price on the item.


        1. There isn’t anything in the files yet to suggest that the Cave comes with the skin. I have looked in every available file and so far it only says that the skin itself is 60 donuts. But there is a lot more to come, a lot not yet in the files since the event is broken into parts and so on. Hopefully when Issue 2 starts in a few hours we’ll know more.


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