Superheroes Event: Issue 1 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze the Prize questlines for Issue 1 of the event: Arbitrarium and Superior Squad HQ levels, Burns State Prison and Clownface!



Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 1

After collecting Arbitrarium:

Fallout Boy IconAlmighty Ore! That’s Arbitrarium.
Frink IconGloyven-moyven! Did you say Arbitrarium?! That’s the rarest element known to nerd or man!
Fallout Boy IconRare elements always produce crazy reactions! Let’s use it to upgrade our HQ and “thwack” crime even more!

Task: Upgrade Your Superior Squad HQ
The quest “Unlock Burns State Prison” – which is to “Unlock Burns State Prison” appears in the taskbook.
Superior Squad HQ Level Menu
After “Upgrading” the Superior Squad HQ to Level 1:

Fallout Boy IconThe Sky Finger needs a superhero name and I think I’ve got just the ticket!
Fallout Boy IconFlaming Finger! Oops, no flame. Digit of Death! That’s sorta grim. Wait, I’ve got it… The Hand of Justice!
System Message: Congratulations! You can now earn Arbitrarium by capturing criminals!

Superior-ior Squad HQ Pt. 2

Task: Upgrade Your Superior Squad HQ to Level 5

Burns State Prison Price

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 1

Auto triggers

72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconMayor Quimby, I understand you’re suffering a crime wave. Perhaps I could offer up a new incarcer-arium…
sidebar_quimbyBut we already have a prison in Springfield.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconNot an architectural wonder like the Frank Gehry Springfield Music Center!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconAll I did was remove orchestra seating to make it the most wretched hellhole on Earth!
sidebar_quimbyOut with the old prison, in with the new!

Task: Place Burns State Prison

The quest “Unlock Clownface”, which is to “Unlock Clownface” appears in the taskbook.
After building, it spawns a Felon and:

sidebar_quimbyBurns, your prison released a dangerous felon back onto the streets of our fair city!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconHe served two hours for three stabbings. That’s 40 minutes per plunge. I can’t ask more of a man.
sidebar_quimbyHe was given a life sentence!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconThe deal was that I only incarcerate felons, not namby-pamby them for life!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconAnd when this brute is captured again, I look forward to collecting yet another incarceration fee!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconI adore the revolving door prison system!
sidebar_quimbyBurns, I hate that you came up with this idea and I didn’t!

Please note there’s an exploit during this quest. Check here to read about it!

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 2

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconHoly Hangman’s noose! Someone needs to stop those felons!
homer_piemanThere are too many targets for one hurling Pie Man to hit!
Fallout Boy IconWe’re going to need every superhero, sub-superhero, slight and insignificant hero to help save Springfield!
homer_piemanSince Santa’s Little Helper is sleeping on my couch, I’ll help.
Message: You can now send characters to help wipe out crime and earn bonus rewards!
Send a Super Hero to Attack a Felon (4h)

Fallout Boy IconFelons are tougher than I thought. Radioactive Man always made it look so easy.
System Message: Keep giving felons the “what-for.” New Felons are released every day so make sure to keep fighting!
Keep felons

Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 3

Auto triggers

Task: Defeat Felons (x3)

Clownface Price

Origin Story Pt. 1

After tapping

Tapped_Out_Krusty_IconHey-hey, kids! Who’s up for a naughty “Knock-Knock?!”
Tapped_Out_Krusty_IconI’ll do both parts ’cause last time the audience was cryin’ so much they couldn’t respond…
Tapped_Out_Krusty_IconWho’s there?…

Task: Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Task: Make Krusty Wear the Clownface Outfit

sidebar_krusty_clownfaceHuh? Whah? Who am I?!… besides another version of a terrible clown?
Bart ImageYou’re not Krusty the Clown!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceYou’re right. I’m different. Like I’ve been seltzered in the face with a Mind Control Ray. Hoy-hoy, kids! I’m Clownface the Clown!

Origin Story Pt. 2

Krusty Starts

sidebar_krusty_clownfaceAs Krusty I steal the show with my yucks!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceAs Clownface, forget stealing the show with yucks! I’m out to steal bucks!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceI’m less about show business and more about snow business!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceBy snow I mean ice. And by ice I mean diamonds. And by diamonds I mean… well, I mean diamonds!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceBy using fake TV show diamonds…
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceI can dupe the world of its real gems!

Task: Make Clownface Swap Real Diamond With a Fake
Time: 6s
Location: Vulgari Jewelry Store or Krusty Burger

sidebar_krusty_clownfaceKids, don’t try this at home! Why?
sidebar_krusty_clownface‘Cause it’s my deal! That’s why!
Clownface’s quest continues on February 24.

Super Bonus

After collecting all prizes:

Task: Collect Carbon Rods [x3000]

Tapped Out Super Bonus Carbon RodsTapped Out Super Bonus Carbon Rods 2Tapped_Out_Super_Bonus_Carbon_Rods_3

This is all for now, Happy Hero-Tapping everyone!


22 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Issue 1 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

  1. Have you seen anything that would make the Pie Bomb count not provide the rewards when the count is reached? I have13446 pie bombs, but the Bank of Springfield did not unlock at 12000. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game with no luck. Any suggestions?


    1. someone just posted the same thing on ea forum today: here. please Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  2. Maxi 10^6 (nerdjokeheehee) 02/21/2015 — 23:19

    Which characters have carbon rod earning tasks? So far I only have homers 8hr task and fallout boys 4hr task
    At this rate I wont be able the get clownface before the first phase ends, even with the criminal tapping and the friend helping and the hoyven moyven lol


    1. SpiderPig (premium) and you get rods for clearing Felons. Most rods will come from tapping criminals in your town and your neighbourhood and respond to the alarms in your town called on by your neighbours


  3. My task to defeat 3 felons won’t complete. I send heroes to fight and still shows 0/3.


    1. you need to defeat 3 of them, so you’ve to do the task 9 times total


  4. I unlocked Burns prison but when I went to place it it’s not in my inventory. Now the task has moved onto unlock clown face but I have no prison – so no felons. Help!?


    1. try force closing and reinstalling that should help.
      search all sections of the inventory also.
      if all else fails, Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  5. Panickstations 02/21/2015 — 08:22

    Level 49 player… I play 8 times a day every day.. I’ll leave you loads of green rods.. Add me on


  6. What is supposed to happen after upgrading HQ?


    1. Youre suppose to get more rods for tapping criminals.


      1. Oh…I’m at level 7 and the number of rods hasn’t increased. mmmmm.


      2. Are you sure? Do you not just get more rods every 4 hours (ish) for the building, with each upgrade?


        1. Im not sure. You may very well be right. It said you’d earn more rods with the upgrade but it didnt specify How/From what those rods would come, I think, Im not always that attentive.


  7. So is phase one going to close up when phase two opens?


      1. Because theres nothing that says it does but yet when phase two opens there a new event currency


        1. that’s the thing in past events we would always switch currency


  8. Do you know if there is a build time for the burns prison?


      1. Cool thanks ,I hate finally getting the prize then have to wait 12/24 hours .this has been the best update


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