What Changed With the Superheroes Update?

Hello fellow tappers,

The Superhero Event is still fresh and new in our hands, gleaming in our faces as we’re aiding our favorite Simpson superheroes and discovering new additions to the game all over the board. But what about the rest of the game, the “non-super” content that makes up our worlds? What else changed with this “super” update? That’s what we’re here for, and exactly what we hope to answer for all of you. As always, with this article we hope to answer the question, “What Changed with the Superheroes 2015 Event Update? Let’s find out right after the jump.
What Changed

Let me forewarn you now, there are a ton of changes to the game, probably more than any update or event in recent history. This is a long one so please read carefully and enjoy. Let’s get started:

  • Freddy Quimby and Fruit-Bat-Man both received new task animations.
  • All tree-hugging decorations have been rendered to appear as actual drawings in a comic book almost as if EA brought in an actual Penciller to do the rendering. These items now have very distinct, dark shadowing and very bright, shiny areas for where light hits them. A few examples of new rendering with their original image:

Comic Tree / Normal Tree

Comic Tree 1 Tree

Comic Cherry Tree / Normal Cherry Tree

Comic Cherry Tree Cherry Tree

Comic Cozy Hammock / Normal Cozy Hammock

Comic Cozy Hammock  Tapped_Out_Cozy_Hammock

As you can see while the new rendering are not drastically different, it’s just enough of a change to make the game definitely feel more comic like.

And we continue with more changes:

  • All references to Santa’s tasks from the Christmas event have been removed.
  • The option to exchange KrustyLand tickets for money has been halted in some towns. This is a strange change and we’re looking into this..
  • In Edit mode, after storing a decoration, the game autoselects the next decoration of the same type next to it.

  • The event brings with it two new themed background sound clips to accompanying the overall hero vs villain theme.The two sounds are “main music” and “friend music”, as the sounds heard while visiting friends has also been changed. Check them both out right here:

1. Main – 

2. Visiting Friends – 

The font or lettering of the entire game has been replaced as well with a comic book typeface called Comic Crazy Revised and Comic Crazy Revised Bold. An example below:


  • Some System Messages now appear on the top left in a Narrator Panel area:

Narrator Box

  • A White border was added around the screen while reading quest texts and the text boxes for the event quests are now comic book-like:

New Comic Panel Dialog Area

Dialog Box Normal

Cloud Panel Dialog Area

Cloud Box

Burst Dialog Area

Burst Box

  • The icon to access the friend’s town screen changed and now shows Sidekick Milhouse and Bartman:

Super Friends Button

  • The Task book has been changed to a Comic Book theme and has two images, one for an open task book and one for a closed task book:

Task Book Open

Comic-Task Book Open

Task Book Closed

Comic-Task Book Closed

  •  Fruit-Bat-Man is moved to join Pie Man, Sidekick Milhouse and Bartman to comprise the Vigilantes Character Collection.
  • Selma and Skinner’s joint task to Dine at the Revolving Restaurant” is now in the correct order of each character’s tasks by length of time rather than always at the top of their tasks list.
  • The glitch where the “Walk Mr. Teeny” task for Krusty appears “Locked” in the Task List is fixed.
  • In the  Town Census, when tapping a character assigned to a visual job next to a building or decoration, it’ll now open the character’s task window instead of the item’s task window.
  • Ned’s and Duffman’s Good Job and Bad Job sound bites have been reversed for some time now. They have now been corrected.
  • Those of you who hated Arnie Pye for his annoying “Do A Sky Harness Interview” because he got in the way will now hate him MORE. The coding has been changed now so that if you tap Arnie in the air by mistake from anywhere in your town the screen automatically redirects to Channel 6 and reveals his “In Task” time/rush meter. Ugh!


  • The Friend Points prize issue that many players faced where the prizes won were sometimes not awarded at all or wrongly awarded has been rectified.


There have been a number of changes to the Fruit-Bat-Signal. For newer players or those interested in a little content history, this is the second time the signal has been offered for sale, the first offer was back in March 15, 2013 along with the Fruit-Bat costume for Mr. Burns. They came as the main content offerings with the Dark Knight Court episode promotion. Here are the changes made to the signal:

  • Although originally released as a single unique item, this is now available as non-unique, meaning there is no limit to purchase quantity.
  • Placing the Fruit-Bat-Signal now yields 500 XP instead of 0 XP.
  • This item also now yields 10 Vanity points instead of 100.
  • Chain placement for the Fruit-Bat-Signal has been added to its coding allowing more than one of these bought at one time to be automatically placed next to the previous one in a line in any direction.

  •  Crazy Cat Lady has been edited from the Regular Characters and Regular Female groups to the Premium Characters and Premium Female groups. Character groups are file classifications for each character that apply for payouts after multiple character tasks and tasks that take place in specific locations.
  • Mindy and Homer’s joint task to “Eat At Madame Chao’s” now yields a premium payout.
  • Homer’s “Book a Reservation” task now yields a premium payout.
  • Giuseppe has been moved from the Regular Characters group to the Premium Characters group.
  • Giuseppe and George Washington now both earn a  premium rate.
  • A known bug where Princess Penelope couldn’t visit Krustyland has been fixed.
  • The cost of Krustyland debris has been removed. (Was 0 Krustyland tickets).
  • A strip of land that has never been unlocked or “activated” has been removed. Almost seems as if the developers considered releasing more land for this event and then decided not to.
  • Since Fruit-Bat-Man is the only superhero to have already been released, the dialog of his existing questline was edited to appear in comic format.
  •  The Other Frink that appears in the game’s tutorial has been edited to use scripted movement.
  • Strongman Homer’s “idle” animation was corrected..
  • Free Hugs Pt. 3 is no longer a quest requirement for the Make-a-Thing Workshop even though this is from a past event.
  • Mr. Costington and The Yes Guy have been changed from the Regular Characters and Regular Male groups to Premium Characters and Premium Male groups.
  • A possible glitch in Ebenezer Burns’ “Money Fight” task has been fixed.

  • Fat Tony, Louie and Legs just gained a new 16h job: Run Smuggling Operation at Burns State Prison.

Phew, that was A LOT of changes. If you noticed anything else please let us know in the comments down below.

Hope you’re enjoying being a superhero for at least the next month.

Happy Hero-Tapping!

Fallout Boy


38 thoughts on “What Changed With the Superheroes Update?

  1. Is anyone able to earn donuts by doing friend actions with this update? You used to be able to but I haven’t gotten any in a really long time.


  2. It’s too bad they didn’t add in Sidekick Milhouse into this event now costing donuts, and adding the ability to chase Felons. Given he was just available for the event the week before tho his availablity now is almost a non-issue, it would just be nice to have his character chase bad guys… He could stop every so often to puff his inhaler or something 😉 Plus then his tasks would have a premium payout 🙂


  3. I had two q’s , first was about krusty land tickets to cash not working but see thats been mentioned , other is wont let me build old abandoned warehouse ! Is this for duration of latest update do you know, or is there more evil at work here ?


  4. So i worked my butt off to earn clownface on Sat night. Now I have to wait till Tuesday. What a crock! There is no incentive to continue until then. Random donuts are no substitute. Disappointed.


  5. Did stone cutters tasks earn premium before? They and a few otjer costumes are paying out more. Did I muss something?


  6. Does anyone have problems with Homer disappearing while fighting his felon? He doesn’t disappear when you first put him to task but rather if I log out and come back, I use the Town hall locator and that felon is running around by himself. I still have gotten credit for the felon to lose a heart after each four hour round but it’s kind of weird. Fallout boy stays with his felon.


  7. Hi there just wondering if you guy’s would have the prices/currency for all the upcoming costume’s and characters? Example radioactive man?


  8. Does anyone else have a huge issue with the external sounds? while my game is off, and even though i have push notifications turned off, every single time somebody visits my town, i get a notification about it with such a loud siren noise that woke me up 3 times last night. now i know i should just put my phone on vibrate or something like that, but is anyone else experiencing this and how can i stop it?


    • Turn off notifications in the device setting too. Android: General setting, programs, tsto uncheck notifications. iOS: general settings, notifications.
      Or just mute your device.


    • Put your phone on airplane mode when you sleep. You will still be able to use the alarm clock on your phone but wont get woken up by notifications, wheter they come from the game, a text message, an email or whatever else that needs internet 😉 #Protip


    • My husband and I are both having this same problem. Push notifications are off, sound effects are off, media volume is off, and we still get the siren notification. Muting the notification volume is not a helpful option because we play on our phones and need to hear new texts and other things we’ve actually opted to receive. This is a glitch we really need to get fixed.


  9. Will Fruit Bat Man be available at some point during the event? That tie-in took place right before I started playing.


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