Superheroes Event: Burns State Prison Felon Exploit

Hello fellow tappers,

A new exploit has been found by users and reported on wikisimpsons.
This marvelous exploit lets you get up to 6 Felons from the Burns State Prison at the beginning of that quest!

This only works if you have just been awarded the Prison.

This is done during the end dialogue of Montgomery Burns State Prison Pt. 1 quest.

If you exit the game during the dialogue that appears after the first Felon spawns, when you re-log a second will have spawned.

Please also remember to force close the game before opening it again to ensure this works.

You can get more by letting the dialogue advance one more and exit the game and re-log.

It can be done up to 6 felons.

This is a neat little trick to help you reach the goals in the event.

Thanks for the folks at the EA forum for the help on the matter and Phinbart from Wikisimpsons for reporting it.

Hope you enjoy this little trick, and happy hero-tapping!


21 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Burns State Prison Felon Exploit

  1. Thanks for the information, I got 6 felons 😄
    I seem to only be able to fight 4 at a time, am I missing something/someone?


    1. You mean you can fight only with 4 heroes?


  2. I got 6 felons.
    Thanks for the tip.


  3. Wish I’d known this sooner as I missed out on my main town for this secret bonus but did manage it on my second town.


  4. TappingAwayy 02/22/2015 — 19:07

    I got 6 felons yasss 😀
    Oh and btw what does “extra hand of justice power mean”, that’s what it says on the tower when I upgrade it, I thought it meant more carbon rods for tapping criminals but apparently that’s not the case


    1. Its more carbon rods spawned every 4h by the hq and more radius by tapping criminals


  5. salsipuedespn 02/22/2015 — 11:04

    I cannot sign in it keep sending to the beggining of the game. And it tells me that I have no connection to google.


    1. try a reinstallation or continue the tutorial till you can go to the friend screen and login from there


  6. Anyone else has this bug, when tapping on felon icon in the top right, sometimes it doesnt end the task but actually resets its timer back to 4hrs? Had it twice now.


    1. maybe that’s because it switches to another felon? check which felon it selects because there’re more then one


      1. Thanks for reply. I send Homer to attack Felon, after 4 hours i tap the Felon icon and Homer has 4 hours task again. It doesnt complete the task, it renews the timer. Of course Felon doesnt lose heart during that, nor i receive any rods, So yeah, its not another Felon.


        1. Dont sound good.
          Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


    2. ootnaboot944 02/23/2015 — 14:57

      I’ve had it once, where it crashed my game repeatedly and then restarted the timer on the felon. It even completed the 3 felon task and then uncompleted it (at least that didn’t reset and I just needed the 4 more hours to finish the 3rd felon).


  7. salsipuedespn 02/22/2015 — 03:32

    I cannot sign in it keep sending to the beggining of the game. And it tells me that I have no connection to google.


  8. Am I supposed to get carbon rods for tapping criminals in others towns, because I’m not right now and I feel like i was getting them at first


    1. there’s a limit on how many you can get every 24h


      1. Ohh ok thanks


  9. Rockstar Vienna 02/21/2015 — 20:02

    Damn, i didn’t play TO for a few days and missed the release of the superheroes event. No burns state prison for me. I have to go through the Valentines day task first. What a bummer!


  10. Well that’s not fair
    I work my butt off and lose out:(
    Not impressed one bit!!!
    That should be corrected so we all have a chance
    This is one Post I wish I missed reading.


  11. Didn’t work 😦


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