Should I Buy… The Crap Silo and Plopper the Pig? Premium Guide

What a better way to begin a post other than with a clip of one of the most popular and recognizable scenes ever in the history of The Simpsons. Finally after dozens of updates, events and episode tie-ins, as well as hundreds upon thousands of player requests, the infamous pet pig of Homer Simpson has made its way into our virtual worlds. Plopper the pig has arrived as a premium offering with the epic Superheroes Event of 2015 and not only has he arrived, he’s a SUPERHERO!

Silo Episode ImageAlthough, for me, buying Plopper was an absolute no-brainer, I’d have probably paid anything for him, however, any premium purchase is a tough call for many of you. That’s where we come in, to give you as much info and history on each premium offering as possible to help you answer the question, “Should I Buy….The Crap Silo with Plopper Pig?” Hopefully by the end of this article you will have gained at least some extra insight into this package that you may not have had before.

Let’s take a look into Plopper’s history first, right through here!


We have had our fair share of one-hit wonders as far as update items and their episode appearance history, some of them left us scratching our heads as far as why that particular item and why. Surprisingly, Plopper is actually a show veteran and has well-earned his right in the game. Plopper has either appeared in or has been referenced in over 17 episodes, including Treehouse of Horrors XVIII, 2 video games dedicated to The Simpsons, 4 issues of the hugely popular comic book series published by Bongo Comics and most notably, the one and only movie from the series, The Simpsons Movie.

It was in the movie where we saw him the most and where we learned more about this character than in any other appearance. Here’s an illustrated breakdown of what transpired in The Simpsons Movie regarding Plopper:

Note: All images property of Fox/Gracie Films and all related entities courtesy of The Simpsons Movie

Homer and Bart were eating at a local Krusty Burger when Homer noticed a commercial being filmed live to promote Krusty’s new pork sandwich, The Clogger. The star of the commercial was a pig with a chef’s hat.

Plopper 2

Plopper 3

Once the director got the shot he needed Krusty order him to “cut, print, kill the pig!” This horrified both the pig and Homer who exclaims, “What?! You can’t kill him if he’s wearing people clothes!” The pig hears Homer’s plea and runs to him.

Plopper 5 Plopper 6

It was then that Homer took a liking to the pig and vowed to the pig that he would come home with Homer. Meanwhile, stemming from a psychotic episode that Grampa Simpson had at the beginning of the movie, Marge was helping to decode a dire warning that he shouted out during a church service.To help reveal what this warning meant they used refrigerator magnet letters.

Plopper 7 As soon as Homer introduces Plopper to the family Marge instantly knows what the “twisted tail” part of the warning meant, a pig’s tail. 

Plopper 8

Heeding this clue, Marge warns Homer to get rid of Plopper which he, of course, ignores. Instead, Homer bonds with Plopper as if he were his own son, watching TV with him, playing with him and giving us the infamous scene at the beginning of this article.

Plopper 10

Soon, Marge questions what Homer is doing with Plopper’s “leavings” and Homer reveals his “ingenious” method for storing the pig poop.

Plopper 11

The silo soon becomes full and in need of dumping when Marge instructs Homer to dispose of the waste “properly.” However, while trying to get into the waste disposal plant Homer gets a call from Lenny saying the Health Department has shut down Lard Lad and now they are giving away free donuts.

Plopper 23

Not wanting to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance for free donuts Homer, rather than dispose of the silo properly, he races to Lake Springfield with Plopper and dumps the crap-filled bin right in the lake.

Plopper 12 Plopper 13 Plopper 14

The waste soon contaminates the lake mutating wildlife and then being brought to the attention of the EPA and Russ Cargill, the head of the department.

Plopper 16 Plopper 17 Plopper 18

Once the EPA concludes that Lake Springfield is a serious health hazard and threat to all humanity they move to completely encase Springfield with a huge clear dome.

Plopper 19 Plopper 20

While the movie continues on for some time, that is basically all of the presence of Plopper minus a few smaller scenes involving him. There are many more appearances of Plopper throughout the show, the comic book series, video games, etc. However, none of them pertain to Plopper as being an actual superhero. I believe the entire idea of Plopper’s introduction to Tapped Out as being as superhero named Spider-Pig has been completely created exclusively for the game and the current event. There are no actual occurrences of Plopper being Spider-Pig in any form of media other than the one scene of The Simpsons Movie where Homer has Plopper walk on the ceiling while singing a parody of the theme song of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Game Info

Plopper Menu

Crap Silo

Cost: 100 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png


  • Combo is *Limited Time* with the event. Available until March 31, 2015.


  • Reach Level 5


  • Crap Silo rewards 10 points towards Indolence


  • Cash150 / 13 XP
  • Every 8 hours

Income Action Message:

  • “Producing Methane”


  • 4 X 4 squares


  • Grass/Pavement. Cannot be placed on beach or boardwalk

Can be stored: Yes

Can be sold: No

Tapping Sound Clip:

Character(s) Unlocked:

  • Plopper

Plopper Pig

Unlock Message:

Plopper Unlock

“Can he swing from a web? No he can’t, he’s a pig.”

Character Set:

  • Superheroes

Plopper Character Set

Earns Premium Rate: Yes

Full Quest: Yes

  • Does Whatever a Spider-Pig Can Pts. 1-5

# of Permanent Tasks: 5

  1. Pig Out – 1 hour – Simpson Home
  2. Roll Around in Muck – 4 hours – Crap Silo – VISIBLE
  3. Enjoy a Tummy Rub – 12 hours – Simpson Home – Requires Homer
  4. Make a Deposit – 24 hours – Crap Silo
  5. Do Whatever a Spider Can -8 hours – Crap Silo – VISIBLE

# of Temporary Jobs: 2

  1. Catch a Radioactive Spider – 8 hours – Crap Silo
  2. Break Laws to Interrupt Crime – 8 hours – Brown House

Voiced/Audible Character: Yes

  1. Pig Grunt Tap – 
  2. Pig Grunt Tap 2 – 
  3. Pig Grunt Tap 3 – 
  4. Pig Job Complete – 


This Premium Guide may be a bit long, however, I feel Plopper deserves every word dedicated to him. Although he is “just a pig” he is one of the most recognizable characters in the history of The Simpsons and should be treated as such. While ALL of the Superhero Event characters are terrific and all are more than deserving of being included in Tapped Out, Plopper is probably the BEST addition, in my opinion. He’s had 10 times the appearances and references than almost any other character outside of the main “hub” group.

I’ve already given my stance on purchasing Plopper and his Silo but, as usual, the choice is yours. Aside from my personal feelings towards Plopper here are a few pro’s and con’s strictly based on game info:


  • Plopper is among the available superheroes that can battle felons. This is probably the major pro for this character.
  • Plopper earns a premium rate which is beneficial for those trying to gain cash.
  • Comes with a decent quest line. While premium quests are never long, this quest is unique in that it gives us an entirely new story about Plopper that has never been done anywhere else.
  • The Silo itself earns $450 /39 XP in the course of one day.
  • Plopper completes the Superheroes character set. Don’t know about you but having 2 out of 3 characters of a full set would just bug me to no end. Seeing that grayed out character would definitely aggravate me.
  • 100 donuts really isn’t an exorbitant amount for a building/character package. We’ve seen premium packages cost significantly more for less-known characters.
  • Coming in at 4 X 4 squares, the Silo is easily placed and still highly visible, even with the lack of land many players face daily.
  • During the event, he’s one of the character that can fight the Felons spawned by the Burns State Prison, and his job lasts only 3 hours instead of 4!


  • Out of 5 permanent tasks only 2 are visible. Unfortunately the developers of this game have never taken full advantage of the visible task. This con is typical more often than not and it is a big downside to shelling out any amount of donuts. I want to SEE my purchase rather than send them to the lame Brown House over and over.
  • On the flip side, 100 donuts is, well 100 donuts. Without a stable income or more importantly, without having extra cash on hand often it’s not easy gaining and keeping donuts and there are literally hundreds of uses for them in the game. Do you really have or want to shell out 100 for this package? Something to consider is all.
  • For the hardcore fans of the Simpsons, the fact that Plopper never truly has been a superhero may be enough to pass on. Trust me, we’ve encountered a lot of die-hard fans and they take this stuff seriously.Just a point. He’s probably more suited for the Pets and Animals set.
  • I’m really digging here and cannot think of any more cons because this is a great addition to the game so I’m going to fill this last line so that the cons look full : )

That’s it for me, I’m spent. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this guide and have found enlightenment some way, somehow. Hope those of you on the fence about buying Plopper have been inspired either way from this. Thanks for reading.

Mike S.



18 thoughts on “Should I Buy… The Crap Silo and Plopper the Pig? Premium Guide

  1. I am definitly going go buy it. Too me its a must have!


  2. NOVA_POLARI 02/24/2015 — 22:55

    Is there going to be any more premiums in this event? I have 197 doughnuts I am looking to spend but so far the premiums in this event are not worth it. I am hoping for some awesome stuff in phase 4 but if there is nothing I will probably save for level 50 or the April event.


    1. bartman 60 d., Fruit-Bat-Man (returning) 90 d.
      no idea for the unreleased items yet. they’re not yet coded


  3. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. When will Mr Burns Fruit Batman skin be available again? Thanks.


  4. Graywolf1410 02/24/2015 — 16:55

    Bought immediately. I’m a freemium player and have been saving donuts for something special for a long time. Would’ve spent 200 donuts if they asked.


  5. I really want him. When the event started I had only 42 donuts, but now, after few days, I have 64, so with a bit of luck I’ll get him at the end of the event 🙂


    1. be sure to get it he’s the best, also if you’re just short try getting a Gold Stratch-R 😉


  6. I got him, I cannot resist and the 100 donuts were free for many many jobs and no wasted until now! Happy decision!


  7. Main PRO: It’s Spider-Pig!


  8. had 64 donuts, bought 3 scratchies, bingo i have Plopper. I’m almost certain Bartman will be premium, and he’s the next big expenditure for me (if he’s around 100 donuts). You are right, sometimes you gotta say “I must have that digital sprite!”


    1. The Bartman skin is listed in the files for 60 donuts. Plus and plus!!


  9. blackhawk3205 02/24/2015 — 02:05

    One pro missed is that he can fight felons during the superheros event. One of the reasons I bought him.


    1. Correct, can’t believe I missed that. Thanks, will add it to the top of the list.


        1. But you have listed it before, right? Last point at pros?


          1. I added it once someone mentioned it in the comments 😉


  10. Great article! I absolutely love him ,put the silo in the Simpson’s yard, I send him on the eight hour task when he gets to the top he passes a little green puff of gas hilarious


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