Superheroes Event: The Crafting Guide (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!!)

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze a returning aspect of this event: crafting!
Update: There is a store update, bringing it up to version 4.13.2, with no change ingame. Apparently just bug fixing in the app itself.

After starting the questline The Collector Pt. 3, you can now start crafting items for Zenith City.

In The Collector Pt. 3 you’ll need to craft the Botanical Garden.

In Zenith City Times you’ll need to craft the Zenith City Times, while in Zenith City you’ll need to craft 1 of each other Zenith Buildings.

Only the Botanical Garden and Zenith City Times can be crafted once, due to them being unique. All the other items can be crafted more then once.

To craft them you’ll need Crafting Materials.

Botanical Garden sidebar_lockpick.rgb5 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png10
Zenith City Times indicator_super15_cape.rgb30indicator_super15_handcuffs.rgb15sidebar_lockpick.rgb100 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png395
Zenith City Apartments indicator_super15_cape.rgb15indicator_super15_phone.rgb15 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png105
Zenith City Lofts indicator_super15_handcuffs.rgb10sidebar_lockpick.rgb65 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png180
Zenith City Store Front indicator_super15_handcuffs.rgb10indicator_super15_phone.rgb20 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png110
Zenith City Phone Booth sidebar_lockpick.rgb10indicator_super15_phone.rgb5 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png35

To obtain the Crafting Materials you’ll need to do specific operations, collecting 1 item each time they drop:

indicator_super15_handcuffs.rgb Handcuff Defeat Felons
(felon heartfelon heartfelon heart)
100% 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png5
indicator_super15_phone.rgb Phone Report Crimes in
friend’s towns
20% 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png3
indicator_super15_cape.rgb Cape Collect Superior Squad
HQ Reward
Every 4 hours 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png4
sidebar_lockpick.rgb Lockpick Capture Criminals 10% 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png2

You’re able to craft items till March 24 at 8am GMT, when Issue 4 starts.

This is all for now, enjoy crafting your own personal Zenith City, and happy hero-tapping!


63 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: The Crafting Guide (WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS!!)

  1. I am earning capes, handcuffs etc but I don´t have any friends and earning phones is keeping me back, Anyone want to befriend me? thanks in advance!


  2. Any idea if not having The Collector’s task of crafting the lofts, apartments, and store front will impact moving forward in issue #3? I built The Times building first, and probably eon’t have all three items crafted till a few days into issue #3.


  3. Do any of the non unique crafted buildings pay out event currency or any payout at all? Just wondering if it’s better to craft them when ready or keep collecting for the City Times?


  4. I’ve visited my friend’s towns and captured their criminals but I haven’t gotten any telephones yet to craft the buildings!!:(


  5. Am I missing something? I don’t have an option to craft the store front or phone booth. Does this unlock with something else?


  6. The 100% Handcuffs for defeating felons you only get, when you complete defeat the felon right?
    Because a few minutes ago, 3 felons were “ready” and lost a heart (only 1 died) and I only got 1 handcuff not 3.
    From the list above I thought I get a handcuff every time a felon loses a heart.


  7. Can I collect lock picks from capturing criminals in my friends town also? Or is it just in my town?


  8. Love the crafting aspect – although it’s going to be a long slow haul getting enough items. Phones are frequent in friends towns but others are harder to come by.


    • I’m not getting any phones!? I visit friends towns and click on all the criminals in my town. What am I doing wrong 😶😱😨😰😰 any help much appreciated. I read the top but all I get when i visit friends towns are piebombs….


  9. My burglars weren’t giving me any crafting stuff. I lost patience and bought everything with donuts. Now that the deed is done I kinda wish I hadn’t been so impulsive. Next I’ll be complaining that I unlocked most of the content too early.


  10. I have to say that it is pretty cool that they made the collector have stuff to give as well.

    Still wondering what the tier 4 prizes are.

    Pretty sure Hartman is one of em.

    Maybe radioactive mans statue or tombstone will be one also.

    Something weird like that. Or a hero or villian in carbinIte. We’ll see won’t we.


  11. It’s hard to obtain everything unlocked; more with go in and go outs from hospital and days without Internet, I really enjoy this event but it’s a bummer not be able to do everything 😦


  12. Would someone mind making up a calendar of how many of which items you need by what dates to finish on time? Boy that sounds awkward, but I’m not sure how to fix it lol, but anyway, the calendars for the past events were very helpful, I’d love to see one for this! 🙂


  13. Will they drop ties and crafting materials or just one of them?
    And do you know if the new buildings are going to generate something related with the event or simply cash?


  14. Ummmmmmmmmmmmm………..WOW……………thanks for this amazing information and a preview of what’s to come.


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