Superheroes Event: Issue 2 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze the Prize questlines for Issue 2 of the event: National Bank of Springfield, The Collector and Dr. Colossus!

Important Note: If you haven’t collected all Issue 1 prizes, you can still collect Carbon Rods to reach the final prize, Clownface. Once you complete his questline, Origin Story, Clownface Rises quest unlocks. Once completed you can start Issue 2 properly. It’s no longer possible to collect Carbon Rods if you collected Clownface to recieve the Super Bonus.

Clownface Rises

When the player logs in on February 24:

System Message: Deep within Clownface’s Trailer of Doom…
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceThe life of crime is a cinch.
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceBut if I’m going to make a big score, I’m going to need some firepower…
sidebar_krusty_clownface…or some crappy Krusty merchandise that I can weaponize!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceMaybe I’ll find something in all this junk…

Task: Make Clownface Check Krusty-Brand Merchandize
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger

sidebar_krusty_clownfaceNo need to weaponize this stuff. This Krusty Krap is already dangerously explosive!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceTime for Clownface to make a special appearance at the National Bank of Springfield! No autographs!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceHere you go, hench-clowns! Explosive Pie Bombs – because every clown-based villain needs novelty weapons!
Homer HeadWait… what? Did you say this pie was explosive?!



National Bank of Springfield

Krusty Starts

55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_IconOh boy, Gil’s first day on the job as a bank security guard.
55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_IconI got a uniform, and a gun, and no bullets and everything.
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceHoy-Hoy! This is a bank robbery!
55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_IconHey, you’re that clown from TV! Are you shooting your show right now?!
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceUhh … sure. That’s it. It’s a sketch called “Laughing All The Way To The Bank.”
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceAnd you got the part of the guard who opens the vault and helps carry out cash and gems to the getaway car.
55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_IconAw geez, this is great! Gil’s big break!

Task: Place National Bank of Springfield
Task: Make Clownface Rob the Bank
Time: 24h
Location: National Bank Of Springfield

55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_Icon…That scene was dynamite, but I wonder where all the cameras were?
55px-Tapped_Out_Gil_IconI also wonder when that clown car is coming back with all the cash and gems?


The Collector Pt. 1

Auto Starts

ComicBookGuy HeadI seem to have been zapped with a Mind Control Ray, warping me back to Season 11’s — The Collector!
ComicBookGuy HeadThey’ll need a stronger mind-meld to overcome the fact that The Collector was encased in Lucite and died at the end of that episode.
ComicBookGuy HeadWorst.
ComicBookGuy HeadUpdate.
ComicBookGuy HeadEver.

Task: Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon
Task: Make Comic Book Guy Wear The Collector Outfit
TC unlock

sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorI could fight off this Mind Control Ray but that would mean actual effort. So instead … I give you The Collector!

The Collector Pt. 2

Comic Book Guy Starts

sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorSo what pray tell is the purpose of my character’s reboot?
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceYou’re tagging along with me on my crime wave.
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorThe Collector collects for no one other than my dear, sweet Kumiko!
sidebar_kumikoThe Collector is no fool. I threatened to swap his Super Squishee for a healthy alternative.
sidebar_krusty_clownfaceAnd they call me the villain.

Task: Make Clownface Steal The Collector’s Collection
Time: 6s
Location: Android’s Dungeon

The Collector Pt. 3

Krusty Starts

sidebar_krusty_clownfaceSteal for me or kiss your own collection good-bye, Collector!
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorMy Boba Fett Belt Buckle?! My Silver Surfer Fanny Pack?! My Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver?! All gone! You monster!
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorI swear by The Collector’s crop-top T-shirt, I will return these items to their Mylar repositories!
sidebar_kumikoDoes this mean you won’t be back for dinner?
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorMiss dinner?! Never!I shall return pre-bibbed with fork and knife in hand, my sweet!

System Message: You can now help The Collector reclaim his belongings and exchange them for prizes!


Task: Capture Criminals to Find Lockpicks
Task: Exchange Lockpicks for the Botanical Garden


sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorPrecious memorabilia. How I’ve longed to run my stubby fingers over you!
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorA mere Mind Control Ray pales in comparison to my love of my keepsakes.
sidebar_comicbookguy_thecollectorPlease, I implore you to keep looking for more. I’ll reward you handsomely if you do!

System Message: Keep performing heroic deeds and finding more items on behalf of the Collector. New Prizes now available!


Zenith City


Task: Craft Zenith City Apartments
Task: Craft Zenith City Lofts
Task: Craft Zenith City Store Front

Zenith City Times

Task: Craft Zenith City Times


Dr. Colossus Returns!

drc unlock

Auto Starts

sidebar_drcolossusIt is I – Dr. Hector Von Colossus – the greatest evil genius of all time!
Fallout Boy Icon*gasp* Of course! Dr. Colossus must be behind Radioactive Man’s death!
sidebar_drcolossusThe Mind Control Ray I purchased online worked better than I’d dreamed. And it came with free shipping!
sidebar_drcolossusI suppose we should now call him Radio-Inactive Man? HA HA HA HA!

Task: Make Dr. Colossus Laugh Maniacally
Time: 4h

sidebar_drcolossusWith Radioactive Man out of the way, I have big plans for Springfield. Some might even call them…
sidebar_drcolossusCOLOSSAL … MUA HA HA HA!
System Message: What foul felony does Dr. Colossus have up his sleeve? Roll up your sleeves to find out on March 10th!
Dr. Colossus’ quest continues on March 10.

Super Bonus

After collecting all prizes:

Task: Collect Pie-Bombs [x4000]

Tapped Out Super Bonus Carbon Rods 2Tapped_Out_Super_Bonus_Carbon_Rods_3

This is all for now, happy Hero-Tapping everyone!


36 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Issue 2 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

  1. All my stuff from this update just dissapeart, what i need to do now. Please help me!!!


    1. Disappeared how? Gone from store? Vanished? Gone from inventory?
      Contact EA support and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  2. TheRealTiminator 02/26/2015 — 21:36

    Is it just me or has the game stopped paying out occasional donuts for friend actions once you are at the maximum friendship level?

    I haven’t received a single donut in the last 3 days despite having 100 friends in my list, & when I get down to W in my friends list I get a message entitled Social Butterfly saying: “You’ve earned the maximum FP for today, but you can keep visiting friends for money and XP. Come back tomorrow to collect more FP!”

    It appears as if the game thinks it is paying me FP even though I’ve had Stewart the Duck wandering around for weeks/months now, so because of that it won’t give me any random donuts.

    Can anyone confirm if they are getting the same issue or if you are still getting the donuts then I know it’s a glitch in my game only & I can take it up with an advisor at EA.

    Thanks for reading & for any info anyone can give me.


    1. TheRealTiminator 02/26/2015 — 23:04

      I just came up with a theory that maybe it’s connected to the crafting items, as catching criminals in friends’ towns will release lockpicks (once the Collector has been unlocked) on a 10% drop rate. So maybe it’s not possible to have a different item i.e donuts released from the same action at a different drop rate, I believe at1%.

      Does that sound plausible to anyone who knows anything about the mechanics of the game?????


      1. no. the donut drop % has not changed


        1. But I haven’t been gifted any donut in weeks despite visiting my neighbors everyday.
          Once I was able to get a donut each day. Good times!


      2. I can confirm that despite the event for superheroes being on, you can still get doughnuts from doing friends tasks. I just got my very first doughnut from a friends task by clicking on a criminal. I am level 36, so it was a shock to see my first one so late even though from level 5 I have been doing all of my 100 friends every day. Good to know they still happen though.


    2. Hi, I’ve been getting the social butterfly message as well, around “W” too. I too noticed i hadn’t been getting donuts for a while, but today I got 2 from my 100 friends. Guess perhaps they have reduced the number of free donuts?


      1. TheRealTiminator 02/27/2015 — 13:18

        Thanks for replying SaudiG, I guess I’ll keep trying for a couple more days, but usually I got at least 1 donut per day, sometimes as many as 4 from one run through my friends list. So to go 3 days with nothing is unprecedented.
        Oh well, keep hoping……………


        1. What are you guys doing that you are getting free donuts? I’ve been playing this game nonstop since I first found it just before Halloween and I’ve never gotten any free donuts from any action except leveling up or occasionally from cleaning up debris! I’ve NEVER gotten any donuts from a friend’s town whatsoever. What’s the secret? Thanks for any help.


          1. you need to be max FP level to get donuts from friends’ towns


  3. There’s so little thought put into the design in this game. The bank would make a nice corner element of an L-shaped block of commercial buildings, but it doesn’t align properly with anything else.

    D’oh 😥


    1. you may check this and this topics at the EA forum in hope of finding some help in design with the bank 😉


  4. Is Sideshow Milhouse going to get involved at some point? Because a week into this otherwise exciting event, his continued lack of a role is disappointing. He can’t fight felons, he doesn’t have a job that earns event currency, and I’m frankly starting to wonder what the point of him is.


      1. So there really is no reason for him, is there? How disappointing. Kinda makes the V Day mini event even more irrelevant in retrospect.


  5. TappingAwayy 02/24/2015 — 23:50

    Lol this is gonna be hardd for me, 6 hours of school and like 6 hours of sleep, that only leaves 12vhours a day for tapping


  6. Every charecter/building/items inc new 2nd wave .. Loyalsplash99 few places left 😎👍


  7. Just did the maths, and you have to collect 4,000 pie bombs every day to get all of the prizes 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  8. FallenHawkx 02/24/2015 — 18:57

    Add me
    Name: FallenHawkx


  9. harbin195624 02/24/2015 — 17:37

    Have just checked my playstore for updating my apps pressed automatic update before noticing update for tsto has anybody else seen the update notification


    1. there’s no update after the one to introduce the event


      1. harbin195624 02/24/2015 — 19:46

        I also thought that was strange Then there must be an issue with my Google playstore account notification s the version stated is 4.13.2 and was automatically updated before I noticed it fortunately I have not done the same on my galaxy note . Will have to unintelligible on nexus and play only on my Sammy just in case it screws my game


        1. uh ok no there’s an update. i just got it. no changes


          1. harbin195624 02/24/2015 — 20:32

            Thanx thought I was seeing things


  10. TheRealTiminator 02/24/2015 — 13:51

    Any indication as to whether the craft items (lockpicks, capes, handcuffs & phones) will still be available in stage 3 & 4?
    It’ll be tough to collect them all in only the 2nd half of stage 2 otherwise.

    Also thought it worth mentioning that criminals in your own town now pay out 18 pies instead of only 15 carbon rods but those in friends’ towns still pay 3 pies each.


    1. only in stage 2 & 3.
      yes they do. i updated the overview page.
      if you get the Superior Squad Membership you get 6 instead of 3


  11. Man this event is way more dense than I thought ! (Is that the right word, dense? Anyway…) So much to do! Criminals, felons, friends towns, upgrade HQ, now with the Collector prizes, I will be “super” obsessed for the next couple of weeks! Seems like we have to be pretty diligent to get all the prizes, no?


    1. not that much but don’t take it easy


  12. My game keeps crashing ever since this morning, so annoying.


  13. Ps. You can earn 225 per villian every 12 hours assuming you waste no time and you should be getting over or around 100 every 4 hours at the hq assuming youve completed phase one on time. So a potential bonus of 225×2 + 600. 1050.

    Assuming I got my math right and the bonuses right. Even if its off… the event should be doable even if you dont have insomnia.


  14. 4230 pies a day across 13 day (to give some margin for error). This is day one!

    Should be pretty easy. That could be done in 10.6 days with just crooks alone assuming you got no bonuses from villians and hq and missed no crooks.

    Another good chance to earn donuts. I picked up 9 donuts with extra carbon rods.

    Good luck everyone!


    1. It can be done. I got Dr Colossus Monday evening. Now have to wait a whole week! for issue 3. Not cool.


  15. So
    Lockpicks and handcuffs are earned by defeating felons and criminals?
    And capes and phones can be earned in friends towns?
    What’s the drop rate?


    1. Capture criminals: Lockpicks 10%
      Defeat Felons: Handcuffs 100%
      Report crimes: Phones 20%
      Superior Squad HQ: 1 Cape every 4 hours


      1. Ah ok thank you 🙂


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