Superheroes Event: Currency Earning Jobs (Update: Issue 3)

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze which character’s task earn event currency!

character job time reward
Fallout Boy Practice His Moves 4h ico_super15_carbonrod_lg.rgbico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 10
XP 45
Clownface Check Krusty-Brand
4h ico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 10
XP 45
Bartman Test Gadgets 4h ico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 15
XP 70
Dr. Colossus Laugh Maniacally 4h ico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 10
XP 45
Pie Man
Punish Wrongdoers 8h ico_super15_carbonrod_lg.rgbico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 20
XP 70
Petroleus Rex
Terrorize Springfield 8h ico_super15_carbonrod_lg.rgbico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 30
XP 105
Plopper Do Whatever A
Spider Can
8h ico_super15_carbonrod_lg.rgbico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 30
XP 105
The Collector
Practice Swormanship 8h ico_super15_piebomb_lg.rgbico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 20
XP 70
The Collider Die and Come Back
in the Credits
8h ico_super15_freezeray_lg.rgb 20
XP 70

You can earn them from fighting Felons too (they’ll change currency once a new Issue switches in):

Hopefully this info is usefull for all of you and hope you’re enjoying this event, happy hero-tapping!


12 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Currency Earning Jobs (Update: Issue 3)

  1. goaliegrrl31 02/26/2015 — 20:59

    UPDATE (in-game) just now! 3:58PM Eastern Time………….new premium offering (CRAZY price??!) Worth it???


  2. goaliegrrl31 02/26/2015 — 15:10

    QUESTION please – what is the point of “upgrading” the SUPERIOR SQUAD HQ? I’m currently at level 13 and I don’t seem to see an increase in power or extra currency……Thank you (fantastic site, I appreciate the work you all do to bring us this info for our beloved time-waster!)


    1. you get more currency from the HQ itself and get a wider radius when capturing criminals


      1. goaliegrrl31 02/26/2015 — 16:33

        THANKS LPNITA! Though since the criminals don’t generally travel in “packs” this wider radius doesn’t seem to be much of an advantage. Do you know how much each increase in HQ currency payout is at each “level” upgrade?


        1. you’re welcome. it’s 35 at level 1 then 10 more every level


  3. richard casey 02/25/2015 — 22:59

    Seems weird there was no new premium content with issue 2. Surely Bartman and Fruit bat man would be usefull earlier in the event.


    1. yeah premium content is sparse. a good thing for freemium users


  4. How do you get Bartman


    1. from march 3rd in the shop for 60 donuts


  5. Thanks, this is useful. I’ll keep Burns as my main felon-fighter since he can’t earn event currency any other way, and that will free up those who can.

    A shame Milhouse’s skin doesn’t let him do anything useful. If he’s not going to be involved in this event, what’s the point of him?


    1. At least we weren’t stuck with Mickey Rooney. Jiminey-Jillikers!


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