Superheroes Event: New Release – Radstation Air Fortress!

Hello fellow tappers,

EA just released an update that has activated the ability to purchase the first of the unreleased buildings from the event: the Radstation Air Fortress!

Game Info




After tapping okay the Fortress will now be available for purchase in the Event and Premium Menu’s:


Cost: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png225

Build time: None

Type: Decoration

Unique: Yes

Task: Making Newton Roll in his Grave

Reward: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr45.png225 111113_0544_DonutHolePr36.png22 every 8 hours

Rating: Obedience 10 Points

Money and XP Bonus: 5%

Placement: Grass|Pavement|Squidport|Squidport edge|Ocean|Beach

  • Fallout Boy – “Endure Air-Sickness” (16 hours) Permanent

Available till March 3rd at 8am GMT


After a little bit of information, on with the Quest line!

Radstation Air Fortress

After placing the Fortress:

Fallout Boy Icon Flying Fortresses! The Radstation is the mobile base of the Superior Squad, perhaps we can get up there and enlist their help!

Task: Make Fallout Boy Endure Air-Seasickness
16 hours
Radstation Air Fortress

Upon completion:

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_Icon Did you find any Superior Squad members up there? Is Springfield saved?
Fallout Boy Icon Well I spent most of my time crippled by motion sickness, but I found a note: They’re all on union-mandated vacation.


That completes the Radstation Air Fortress info guide and walkthrough. Will you buy it? Let us know in the comments down below! It looks “super” nice and has a great animation that is the Fortress rotating! It’s wild!

Happy hero-tapping!


25 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: New Release – Radstation Air Fortress!

  1. if it came with radioactive man….yes


  2. Glad to see some new premium content dropping. I bought it. It counts as a decoration rather than a building and there aren’t too many of those that pay money. Otherwise it’s pretty blah, kinda take-it-or-leave-it. It does offer some unique and interesting challenges from a placement perspective, though.


  3. Way too much for one character to have a permanent job! At this time I will pass!


  4. newtalegamer 02/26/2015 — 23:27

    just bought, i was thinking about getting barney and the bowlarama. but since fallout boy is free, i bought this so itcan give fallout boy a permanent task. its technically a character and building combo if u unlocked FoB. on the side bote this thing is hugee in the air and it looks badassss. i might put it in the sea later when i unlocked squidport.


  5. Super expensive for my precious donuts – should be 10% bonus for that cost! Will pass – saving for plopper.


  6. It’s small tile placement but enormous in the air. Reminds me of the ghost ship in that way. I think it’s crazy expensive, but it’s also neato so of course I bought it.


  7. Why does everythings costs donuts i have 87 miljoen tsto money what to do with that i have everything for sale with money bought can i change for donuts for me and my 73 old fafher who is playing olso (opafloriss707) x x x x


    1. Someone stole my burrito™ 02/26/2015 — 22:33

      85% of the game is free. Not everything costs donuts.


    2. richard casey 02/26/2015 — 23:53

      Donut farm. Use that money to buy bloodmobiles and level up a bunch of times for free donuts.


      1. Whats the best thing to purchase though? Ive been using weather stations.


  8. Need friends gioflo and guidofloris and opafloriss707


  9. Find it all very donuts expensife my father startet the game 4 months ago and says the same why nothing for sale with tsto money i have 87 miljoen ……gioflor and guidofloris and opafloriss707 x x x


  10. richard casey 02/26/2015 — 21:36

    Was REALLY hoping this was gonna be our level 50 update.


    1. I felt the same. We got a new level during Christmas, two each during Halloween and Clones, one during Stonecutters, and one during Easter, so the precedent is certainly there. The Easter one came in the same update that started the event but all the others came after the new characters had finished their main questlines and everything started settling down a bit. So, pretty much right around now.

      Oh well. There’s still time.


  11. Does it have a permanent task?


    1. yes fallout boy’s task is permanent


      1. OK…thanks a lot


  12. It can actually go in the water without a tile so that makes it super cool lol


  13. No, no 🙂 It looks fun but too big and expensive 😀


      1. Ah ja, I already understood 🙂 Just a tiny spot on the land, but still huge in the air 🙂


  14. Graywolf1410 02/26/2015 — 21:22

    Haha no.


  15. goaliegrrl31 02/26/2015 — 21:21

    225 donuts????!! And it’s TINY!!!


    1. I’ve bought it and it is big..


      1. goaliegrrl31 02/27/2015 — 15:57

        AHH! Maybe it was just the tile for it I was seeing!


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