What Changed with the February 26th Update?

A new update dropped today and introduced a new premium event item, the Radstation Air Fortress. Let’s find out what changed in this update right after the jump!


Here are the changes of the release so far:

  • The start screen was moved to the Superior Squad HQ.
  • The unreleased “Air Fortress” was released as “Radstation Air Fortress” and was redesigned to show the missiles on top and have different tubes connecting the rotating stations.
  • A new permanent job was added for Fallout Boy with the Radstation Air Fortress: Endure Air Sea-sickness (16 hours)

  • The questline activated once the Superior Squad Membership is bought was expanded. The new dialog is as follows:

Fallout Boy Icon Fiddlesticks! I must have dropped my wallet in the Other Springfield!
System Message: Congratulations! You will now earn extra rewards for capturing criminals in a friend’s town!

Fallout Boy Icon I was only one loyalty stamp away from a free cape and mask cleaning.
Fallout Boy Icon *gasp* My Squad Membership was in my wallet too…
Fallout Boy Icon Without my membership card any righteous justice I dispense will just be regular old vigilante justice.
System Message: Get Fallout Boy a new Membership Card and earn extra rewards for capturing criminals in a friend’s town!

  •  When tapping on the Question mark on friend’s screen near the currency on bottom left a guide was added.
  • Krustyland Entrance was removed from being reportable. This fixed the inability to exchange KrustyLand Tickets for Money.
  • Text for reported buildings was changed from “Spied by (username)” to “Reported by (username)”.

Did you notice any other changes? Please report any in the comments below!

Happy hero-tapping!


8 thoughts on “What Changed with the February 26th Update?

  1. Should I buy the Tar Pits?


    1. Depends on you. No one can tell anyone else what to spend their money on. Im a completist so I got it but the dinosaur dont help with Felons and only have one currency earning (8h) task. It does take up some space, the air radio took up much less space but no character with that.
      If you like it and can afford it, go for it but if donuts are tight Id wait for something better, like Fruit Batman Burns or save for Barney or whatever you desire.


  2. Is fruit bat man going to be brought back for those that didn’t get when first release


  3. I think the sound of notifications changed to Homer speaking instead that noisy alarm. I’m gonna miss the alarm sound!! Seriously it was fun to scare people with it


    1. I loved the time it went off in my pocket the very second I pulled into a busy intersection. That was fun.


  4. Hi!, after install this update, my Bank is nowhere to be found :(, i’ve got a notification, when the building was ready, when i opened the game, it install the update, and then, my bank was lost, it’s not where i build it or in my inventory. Does any one knows who can help me 😥


    1. try force close and reopen or reinstallation. If it doesn’t work please contact EA directly http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/ and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


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