Superheroes Alert: Last 24 hours for Bartman Cave

Hello fellow tappers,

Only 24 hours are left to buy the Bartman Cave. While you’ve time till the end of the event for Bartman, his cave expires on March 10th at 8am GMT, when Issue 3 starts!

For all info and the questline of the item, please check here.

As a second reminder, the Crafting will not expire tomorrow! Crafting is enabled till March 24th, the beginning of Issue 4!

We’ll see you tomorrow for the Issue 3 of the event! Happy hero-tapping!


7 thoughts on “Superheroes Alert: Last 24 hours for Bartman Cave

  1. Sam Simon co creator of the simpsons has died age 59 R.I.P


    1. Yeah 😦 made the post too. So sad


  2. Anyone know what the App Store update was that popped up on March 5th?


    1. Added on Ios the ability Android got on February 24th update: when the game is closed (without force closing) and reopened the game will, most of the times, continue where it left off without restarting.


  3. Couldnt someone suggest EA to have an option to look at your whole town at once…


    1. Why dont you do it yourself?
      Contact EA directly and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.


  4. …and sadly there is still no “should I but it ?” post…


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