Issue #3 Is Live!!

The third installment of the Superheroes 2015 Event is now upon us. As expected, the currency has changed and 3 new prizes have been activated.


The new currency for Issue #3 is:
Ray Guns


And the 3 new prizes are as follows:
Super Jeb


Super Jeb Prize

Death Mountain


Death Mountain Prize

The Collider

The Collider

The Collider Prize

The Collider Unlock

Also Fruit-Bat-Man has been re-released:


As usual, if you have not obtained the previous issue’s prizes you will still collect their currencies until you do before switching to Ray Guns.
Stay tuned for more!
Mike S.


14 thoughts on “Issue #3 Is Live!!

  1. We need something to make more felons as I have 1-2 running around at once but 5 characters that can clear them.

    Also, how many ray guns per day do we need to get the final prize by the 2 week deadline?


  2. How come Clownface can fight Felons now? Isn’t he a villain?
    Not that it matters, but why is the Collector in the super villains group?


    • Is he not a villain? From my memory he is the arch enemy of Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl and tried to encase everyone into plastic prisons. Sounds like a villain to me. As for Clownface battling felons, I think he was added merely just to have another option to clear felons and isn’t any significance towards what side he is on.


    • And actually, to clarify, Krusty only acted as Clownface in a Batman cartoon, the character never was a true villain towards any “real life” members of Springfield so it makes sense that he is allowed to clear felons since it’s basically a character acted by Krusty.


  3. Wow! It’s been less than 1 hour since the new issues arrived and you’ve already got this up. Great job. Thanks.


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