Superheroes Event: Premium Questline Walkthrough – Hank Scorpio and Dr. Colossus: Duelling Honchos

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze the premium questline involving Hank Scorpio and Dr. Colossus: Duelling Honchos!

Hank UnlockDr Colossus
The following questline activates only if the user has unlocked Hank Scorpio and after completing the Death Mountain quest.

Duelling Honchos Pt. 1

Hank Scorpio Triggers

sidebar_hankscorpioI’m tired of you taking swipes at my lair Hector.
sidebar_hankscorpioEspecially from a villain whose Mountain Fortress has screen doors.
sidebar_drcolossusThey regulate airflow. And I don’t hear my skull-lined walls complaining!
sidebar_hankscorpioMaybe your skulls should come up with your next evil plan for you.
sidebar_drcolossusThat’s it! I challenge you to a diabolical duel of destruction!
sidebar_hankscorpioThat’s a lot of “D’s,” but okay, you’re on!

Task: Make Hank Scorpio Discuss the Terms of the Duel
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Discuss the Terms of the Duel
Time: 8h
Location: Death Mountain

sidebar_hankscorpioSo this is how it’ll go…
sidebar_hankscorpioThree rounds to prove who’s the eviler evil genius.
sidebar_hankscorpioWhoever loses has to clean the other’s lair for a month!
sidebar_hankscorpioTotal transparency… I haven’t knocked down cobwebs in a while.
sidebar_hankscorpioBut we’ll need an easy-going judge.
Homer HeadDid someone say “easy-opening fudge?”
sidebar_hankscorpio… Or a dull-minded judge.

Duelling Honchos Pt. 2

Dr. Colossus Triggers

sidebar_drcolossusRound One: Whoever has the most villainous device wins!
Homer HeadI have a pair of scissors that always pinch my fingers.
sidebar_drcolossusThe true test will be ignoring Homer.

Task: Make Hank Scorpio Test Flame Thrower
Time: 8h
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Activate Colosso-Boots
Time: 24h

sidebar_hankscorpioIt’s obvious who won that round, right Homer?
Homer Head
sidebar_hankscorpioOh, c’mon! Hector’s Colloso Boots couldn’t fill my tennis shoes!
Homer HeadBut they looked cool with his outfit.
Homer HeadPlus your Flame Thrower was more smoke than flame.
Homer HeadI’m calling this one a draw.

Duelling Honchos Pt. 3

Dr. Colossus Triggers

sidebar_drcolossusA good villain must command respect!
sidebar_drcolossusWhoever gets the best results from his minions wins round two!
sidebar_hankscorpioYou refer to the backbone of your evil organization as minions? I consider mine equal partners in crime.

Task: Make Hank Scorpio Be A Great Boss
Time: 24h
Location: Volcano Lair
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Crack the Whip
Time: 24h
Location: Death Mountain

Homer HeadSo how’d your associates make out?
sidebar_hankscorpioWe didn’t finish. They were doing so well I gave them the rest of the afternoon off.
sidebar_drcolossusAnd I might have Death Ray’d one or two too many. We also didn’t finish.
Homer HeadC’mon! Get your black hearts into this! I’m calling another draw.

Duelling Honchos Pt. 4

Hank Scorpio Starts

sidebar_hankscorpioSo what’s the final round, Hector?
sidebar_drcolossusTo be honest, there isn’t a final round. I thought I’d have won by now.
Homer HeadThen I’m calling it a draw!
sidebar_hankscorpioWhat does that mean?
Homer HeadIt means that you’re both losers and you both have to pay the forfeit.
sidebar_drcolossusYou’re mopping up Death Mountain, Scorpio!
sidebar_hankscorpioRight after you scrunge my Volcano Lair, Hector!

Task: Make Hank Scorpio Clean Death Mountain
Time: 8h
Location: Death Mountain
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Clean the Volcano Lair
Time: 8h
Location: Volcano Lair

This is all for today, return tomorrow for Fruit-Bat-Man‘s premium questline! Happy Hero-Tapping!


7 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Premium Questline Walkthrough – Hank Scorpio and Dr. Colossus: Duelling Honchos

  1. is it worth to get “FRUIT-BAT-Man” for 90 donuts? or will this character disapear after quest is over?/


  2. My quest hasn’t triggered. What needs to be done to get Scorpio to start the quest? Both guys are free…


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