Superheroes Event: Issue 3 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

Hello fellow tappers,

As many of you are aware by now Issue 3 has activated bringing us 3 new prizes and the continuation of the main event quest. We’re going to go over the Prize quests for Super Jeb, Death Mountain and The Collider!
Important Note: If you haven’t collected all Issue 1 and 2 prizes, you can still collect Carbon Rods and Pie Bombs to reach the final prize, Clownface and then Dr. Colossus. Once you complete his questline, Dr. Colossus Returns!, Hector Von Colossus quest unlocks. Once completed you can start Issue 3 properly. It’s no longer possible to collect Pie Bombs if you collected Dr. Colossus to recieve the Super Bonus.

Hector Von Colossus

When the player logs in on March 10:

System Message: On this fateful day, Dr. Colossus announces his latest scheme…
sidebar_drcolossusCitizens of Springfield! I am pleased to announce my evil plan for world domination…
sidebar_drcolossus… starting with your city’s domination.
sidebar_drcolossusIf my demands are not met, I will destroy Springfield!
Homer HeadThat’s nothing. We’ve been destroyed a dozen times over. Six times by me alone!
sidebar_drcolossusBut this time the entire town will be reduced to rubble and you’ll have to clean it up!
Homer HeadCleaning up things is why I had kids.
sidebar_drcolossusBut you’d have to re-build your town too. Think of all that work!!
Homer HeadJerks destroying this town are old news. They should call you a Colossal waste of time.
sidebar_drcolossusUggh! The ultimate insult. Makes me want to change my evil name!!

Task: Make Dr. Colossus Mope
Time: 1h

sidebar_criminalburglarUhhh, Boss… I know this isn’t a good time – but these Freeze Rays you gave us aren’t working. At all.
sidebar_drcolossusYou’re right. This isn’t a good time. Report to R&D for “processing”

Issue 3 Super Jeb Prize

Super Jeb

Auto Triggers

Homer HeadThat guy looks kind of familiar…
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconDad! It’s Jebediah Springfield – the founder of Springfield…
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_Icon…except for some reason he’s wearing a mask and cape.
Fallout Boy IconActually that’s a statue of Jeb Zenith – the founder of Zenith City and vanquisher of Sinister Shelb.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconFascinating! This is going to make a great history report.

Task: Place Super Jeb

Death Mountain Prize

Death Mountain

Dr. Colossus Triggers

sidebar_drcolossusWith my Death Mountain laboratory operational, I can devise an even greater scheme to take over the world!
sidebar_drcolossus… plus the geo-thermal heated floors feel great on my tootsies.

Task: Place Death Mountain
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Hatch a New Scheme
Time: 8h

sidebar_hankscorpioNice Mountain Fortress, Hector. Are you taking over the world or putting on a production of “Sound of Music?”
sidebar_hankscorpioI’m more of a Volcano Lair man myself.
sidebar_drcolossusYour Volcano Lair doesn’t have an elevator. Who wants to walk down 21 flights of stairs to get to work everyday? Not me.
sidebar_hankscorpioOh, you did not just bring that up!
System Message: Fuel the rivalry and get Hank Scorpio’s Volcano Lair to unlock an exclusive quest chain!

The questline involving Dr. Colossus and Hank Scorpio will be posted this evening!

The Collider Prize

The Collider Pt. 1

The Collider Unlock

Auto Starts

sidebar_thecolliderI can’t let Dr. Colossus know I’m really a double-agent working for the Superior Squad.
sidebar_drcolossusDid you just say something devious out loud?
sidebar_thecolliderUm… I… um… no.
sidebar_drcolossusJust get back to work! We have a town to enslave!

Task: Make The Collider Work as a Double Agent
Time: 4h
Location: Death Mountain

The Collider Pt. 2

The Collider Starts

sidebar_drcolossusIt seems that no matter how hard I try my evil plans backfire.
sidebar_thecolliderHave you ever thought there might be a double agent in the facility?
sidebar_drcolossusNo, I’ve never thought that.
sidebar_thecolliderThat’s a relief.
sidebar_drcolossusBut now that you bring it up, it makes perfect sense. Find this traitor and eliminate him!!

Task: Make The Collider Pet Mr. Boson
Time: 24h

sidebar_drcolossusDid the mole surface yet?
sidebar_thecolliderThe mole has been eliminated. Now feel free to let down your guard and tell me all your secret plans.
sidebar_drcolossusGood job, Collider. You make evil easy.

The Collider Pt. 3

Dr. Colossus Starts

sidebar_drcolossusI’ve done it! I’ve created the ultimate doomsday weapon!
sidebar_thecolliderCongratulations. What does it do?
sidebar_drcolossusIt makes everything taste like dry chicken. I call it the “Poult-Ray.”
sidebar_thecolliderHe’s removing the plump juiciness from life, like a bad backyard BBQ?! I must stop him!

Task: Make The Collider Sabotage the Poult-ray
Time: 1h
Location: Death Mountain


The Collider Pt. 4

The Collider Starts

sidebar_thecolliderUgh. I was too close to the “Poult-Ray” when it blew.
sidebar_thecollider*cough* My juices are running clear…
sidebar_thecolliderI’m cooked to a crisp. *wheeze*

Task: Make The Collider Die and Come Back in the Credits
Time: 8h

sidebar_thecolliderI’m alive! Protected by a layer of exploded chicken fat.
sidebar_thecolliderAnd my skin… so soft and supple.
sidebar_drcolossusThis is terrible! The Poult-ray was destroyed!
sidebar_drcolossusCollider? Is that you? You look 20 years younger.
sidebar_thecolliderGood living, I guess.
sidebar_drcolossusIt’s true. Evil living does add years to a villain’s life.
sidebar_drcolossusLet’s head back to the lab and we’ll start again.
sidebar_thecolliderSure thing, boss.

Super Bonus

After collecting all prizes:

Task: Collect Freeze Rays [x6000]

Untitled-2Tapped Out Super Bonus Carbon Rods 2Tapped_Out_Super_Bonus_Carbon_Rods_3

This is all for now, return this evening for the Dr. Colossus and Hank Scorpio premium questline! Happy Hero-Tapping everyone!


8 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Issue 3 Prizes Questlines Walkthrough

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your scratcher luck bob… I buy a scratcher once every two weeks or so and I have basically never paid actual $ for one because I have an app called Google opinion Rewards which sends tiny surveys, like 1-6 questions every few days which add between 10-75 cents per survey to your play balance… When I get a dollar I buy a scratcher and I have won the jackpot 4 times in the past 3ish months…!
    I hope your luck gets better..!


  2. I sure hope so, in the previous issues i had to buy the last items because I was afraid they would become inactive and unattainable after the issue change.


  3. Whoopsadaisy 03/10/2015 — 12:28

    I logged in today and got a mystery box wi a fence instead of 250 freeze rays. I hope this is just a glitch caused by the change of issues.


    1. you won’t get freeze rays till you start the quest with Dr. Colossus


  4. 4730 freeze rays (fr) a day is all you need to get everything. Thats across 13 days so that you have a small buffer.

    With Crooks alone and nothing else you could get all the prizes in 10.6 day.

    Your hq is likely around 200 fr every 4 hours and likely its even more than that. Villians of course give the standard. Friend visits and visiting will give a nice bonus as well.

    You should be able to get everything in about 7 days and then have about a week to earn free donuts.

    Thats 3 bonus donuts a day.


    1. Donuts are the best part of this event. Since the start I got 70 of them: 5 from leveling up, 20 from visiting neighbours and 45 from Super Bonus (15 bonus and a lot of money to get 3 donuts every time 😉 ). This is the reason I was able to buy Plopper 🙂

      Great event. Only weak part are questlines. They are just short and boring.


      1. Man I wish I won donuts… I visit 60 friends a day and won zero donuts the entire event. and iv only won the jackpot on the scratcher once in the last year and a half. My game is rigged.


      2. how did you manage to get all those free donuts? I finished issue 3 like 2 days ago and I’ve only gotten 6 donuts (2 times on the super bonus) Looking forward to hearing from your pieces of advice


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