Superheroes Event: Premium Questline Walkthrough – Fruit-Bat-Man

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to analyze the premium questline for the skin that was rereleased in the store today: Fruit-Bat-Man!


Skin: Fruit-Bat-Man
Character: Mr. Burns
Release date: March 10th 2015 8:00am GMT
Cost: 90Donuts
Previous release: “Dark Knight Court” tie-in – 90Donuts
Removal from shop date: March 31st 2015 8am GMT with the end of the event

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 1

Burns Starts

Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconAh, already I feel my body strengthening to adapt to the extra weight of this cape.
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconNow to begin the rigorous physical training necessary to become a superhero.

Task: Make Fruit-Bat-Man Pose in front of the Mirror
Time: 1h
Location: Control Building

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 2

Burns Starts

Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconWell, I look good… but I knew that already.
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconBut to be a superhero, it takes more than just the stamina to stand in front of mirror for an hour.
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconI need to sharpen my mental acuity as well.

Task: Make Fruit-Bat-Man Rehearse Heroic One-Liners
Time: 8h
Location: Control Building

Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconNow I possess brains as well as brawn… as well as the organs of a lot of dead cops. My metamorphosis is complete!

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 3

Homer Starts

Homer HeadCool outfit, Mr. Burns. Bit early for Halloween though, isn’t it?
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconWhat, you recognized me?! Now I must give you a lashing to insure you never tell another soul my true identity!
Homer HeadYou’re gonna release the hounds on me?
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconNo, I’m going to do it myself. I have to break in my fighting gear anyway.

Task: Make Fruit-Bat-Man Practice Punching Out a Crook
Time: 12h

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 4

Burns Starts

Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconI’ve got the costume, I’ve got the brooding, I’ve got the no longer fearing death — what’s another week anyway.
Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconNow all I need is a superpower. Perhaps I can take advantage of the fact that my weight is the same as that of a postage stamp.

Task: Make Fruit-Bat-Man Fly like a Decrepit Superhero
Time: 4h

Fruit-Bat-Man Pt. 5

Burns Starts

Tapped_Out_Fruit-Bat-Man_IconOw. Ow. Ouch! Damn, that concrete is so unforgiving. I should have practiced on one of those grassy areas instead.

Task: Reach Level 25 and Build the Burns Manor
Task: Make Fruit-Bat-Man Shoot his Welts and Bruises
Time: 24h
Location: Burns Manor

And this is all for now. Happy Hero-Tapping!


6 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Premium Questline Walkthrough – Fruit-Bat-Man

  1. Luke Levine 03/22/2015 — 05:48

    Another event is almost gone and as always was unable to complete it 100%, not even 60%
    Why is it that the max pie-bombs was 55K and some of my neighbours have more than requested, even one has more than 90K??… something’s fishy, guess they’re cheating somehow.


    1. you know you can speed things up with donuts right?


    2. If you login every 2 or 4h to tap criminals and reset specialcurrency tasks, you’ll get that amount. Some might have rushed a few prizes but most dont.


  2. Why is that fruit bat man doesnt earn event currency except through chasing villains?


  3. Does he worth the donuts? I’m still thinking about…


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