Last 24 hours for The Homer and Level 50 Early Access!

Hello fellow tappers,

A mere 24 hours are left to buy The Homer. The offer expires on March 16th at 7am GMT!
And a mere 25 hours are left to buy Level 50 Early Access items. The offer expires on March 16th at 8am GMT!

Click on the items name for info on that item.

The Homer
Murderpuss, Shorty’s
Lovejoy Residence and Jessica Lovejoy

Have you got them yet? Hurry up, only 24/25 hours remains! Happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Last 24 hours for The Homer and Level 50 Early Access!

  1. I just watched the episode “oh brother where art thou” in honour of buying The Homer, during the episode Herb freaks out cuz the car costed him $82,000, so it’s fitting that it costs 82 donuts in game 🙂 Surprised it wasn’t first offered as a limited time item for $82,000 and then later on as 82 donuts premium. It’s still very clever pricing none the less 🙂


  2. St patty day update is active with a new Gil deal


  3. david owens 03/16/2015 — 18:24

    St paddys just dropped


  4. I bought the homer looks nice next to the Simpson house,finally got the canyonero it is the same size as a house gezz really wish they would have some consistency with the scale of things ,still love it though been some really cool things lately and lots of content


    1. Yeah, I hate that they made it so big. It’s really hard to place. I have it next to Homer’s car, like in the opening, but the size difference is ridiculous.


  5. um isnt it march 16th?


    1. Youre right. Changed it.


  6. I play on an iPad it does not say early access on my items


    1. If youre on lvl 50 theres no need for early access, since that is the required level for release.


  7. What is an early access item


    1. If youre not on the required level, in Jessica’s case 50, you got early acces (10 days) where you could buy her without being on lvl 50.


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