Last 24 hours for St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Items!

Hello fellow tappers,

A mere 24 hours are left to buy St. Patrick’s Day 2015 items. They’re going to expire on March 23rd at 8am GMT.

O’Flanagan’s Pub w/ Tom O’Flanagan, Sham Rock Cafe w/ Yupprechaun

Wishing Well w/ Leprechaun, Shamrock Topiary

Leprechaun Statue, Green Beer Fountain,
Stack of Beer (additional ones from the store), Blarney Castle


Have you got them yet? Hurry up, only 24 hours remains! Happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Last 24 hours for St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Items!

  1. HomerJSympsun 03/22/2015 — 20:49

    Is it also our last chance to enjoy all that day-glo green water?


    1. Probably. My eyes will be happy with the return of the blue water.


    2. Till st.patrick’s day 2015 yes unless they grant us an option of green water river deco?


      1. I wouldn’t take it in this case, but I do wish they’d let us choose to put up and take down some of the design options. I would have kept the snow till right around now. Last fall’s foliage was beautiful, I’d enjoy turning that on every now and then even if it’s out of season. And I know I’m going to miss the high-contrast trees that have come with the current event.


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