Superheroes Alert: Last 24 Hours for Limited Time Superhero Event Items!

Hello fellow tappers,

A mere 24 hours are left to buy some items from the event. They’re going to expire on March 24th at 8am GMT, when Issue 4 starts!
The ability to grab Issues 1 to 3 prizes will also expire!

Tar Pits with Petroleus Rex

tarpits_menu Petroleus Rex

Craftables: Botanical Garden, Zenith City Phone Booth, Zenith City Times, Zenith City Store Front, Zenith City Apartments, Zenith City Lofts

Botanical Gardens Superhero Phone Booth Zenith City Times
Zenith City Storefront Zenith City Apartments Zenith City Lofts

Phase 1 Prizes: Arbitrarium, Montgomery Burns State Prison, Clownface


Phase 2 Prizes: National Bank of Springfield, The Collector, Dr. Colossus
Tapped_Out_National_Bank_of_SpringfieldThe CollectorDr Colossus

Phase 3 Prizes: Super Jeb, Death Mountain, The Collider
superjeb_menudeathmountain_menuThe Collider

Have you got them yet? Hurry up, only 24 hours remains! Happy hero-tapping!


26 thoughts on “Superheroes Alert: Last 24 Hours for Limited Time Superhero Event Items!

  1. Anyone else NOT collecting for the last 10 hours or so? it’s tricky after weeks of tapping those criminals and beating up felons… but should give a good glut of new currency to start the next issue with..


    • The music is more intense now that the “final fight approaches” as EA says on their Facebook page, so pull up your bootstraps.


    • We have way of knowing what lies ahead until the DLC servers get updated which usually is a few hours before any update hits. We generally speculate based on previous updates and events but won’t know for sure. There could be a second Easter event or a second Whacking Day event, both combined, something completely new or nothing at all. When we know, you will.


  2. Has anyone determined what the Conform-o-Meter effects are for each of the Craftable items? I searched and didn’t find any specific mentions.

    So does the Zenith City Store Front count as Consumerism or Indolence? Is the Loft or the Apartment worth more Indolence?

    I have enough extra ingredients to craft another 25 Phone Booths…but would I ever want that many of them?


  3. You have to think about what you want your town to look like and what available space you have. Personally, I only want one of each and will save my land for upcoming items, so all of my crafting stuff will go away.


  4. I’ve crafted one of all the craftable items. I have loads of the crafting items left. I’m not sure whether to just craft as many duplicate items as I can, or keep them, just in case they have some use in the next bit. Any suggestions, please? I know it’s all guesswork, but what would you all do? Thanks.


  5. Finding it hard to get telephones for crafting,only had eleven all the wat through.any ideas how to get more ,want to craft storefront


  6. I remember the Halloween crafting changed mid event (added different items to the list). Any chance that happens here or should I spend what I have on what’s available now?


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