Superheroes Event: Preparations for Issue 4 are done! (Spoilers inside)

Hello fellow tappers,

EA just released an update getting us ready for Issue 4.

New exciting stuff is going to come tomorrow. Three new prices and much more.

constructionsite_00_transimage beachhouse_transimage radmobile_transimage kanemanor_transimageico_super15_prize_radioactiveman_lgradioactivemanstatue_06_transimage

More info are coming later. All will be active starting tomorrow morning, March 24th at 8am GMT with the Issue 4 start! Happy tapping!


7 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Preparations for Issue 4 are done! (Spoilers inside)

  1. While all these additional items are great , I don’t know where I am going to put them !!
    I am all out of space (land) again ! My town is of a conservative type build with very little
    Land given to home-house lots . I do have all buildings accessible with streets. It would look really crappy if I stacked houses ,and all other types of buildings willy-nilly . And all my regular houses , the blue(s) ,the white(s) , etc. are in storage (except one of each color). So that I was able to add all the quest items over the last 2 and a half years.
    I NEED more land EA !! I am sure that I am not alone in-with this dilemma.


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