Superheroes Event: Issue 4 Walkthrough (SPOILERS inside!)

Hello fellow tappers,

Issue 4 is here and it’s fun!

After the Kwik-Tap guide, today we bring you the complete Walkthrough right after the jump!
BEWARE: Major SPOILERS from Issue 4 will be included!


Auto triggers

System Message: and now for the epic conclusion to this eroic tail…
Tapped Out Issue 4 Begin
Fallout Boy IconWe finally managed to get that crime wave under wraps.
Fallout Boy IconIt’s a tribute to everything Radioactive Man has ever taught me.
Homer HeadA radioactive guy like that should have a permanent tribute.
Fallout Boy IconYou’re right. His mausoleum should be a monument to his “Up and Atom!” sacrifice!
Homer HeadI was thinking more of just carving his initials into a tree, but your thing is good too.

Task: Build Radioactive Man Statue

Fallout Boy IconRest in radioactive peace, my friend.
Fallout Boy IconDid that monument just move?! Nah. My heart is playing tricks on my mind.

Monumental Battle Pt. 1

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconHoly Headstone! Someone’s awakened Radioactive Man’s monument!
Fallout Boy IconWho dares defile our do-gooder’s resting place?!
Fallout Boy IconThe villain must still be in our long-gone hero’s vault!
Fallout Boy IconEveryone! Attack the statue and expose the culprit!

Task: Send Heroes to Attack The Statue [x5]
Heroes: Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man, Plopper, Ice Princess Martin, Moog (Moe), Sidekick Milhouse, Stupid Sexy Flanders (Ned)
Reward: ico_super15_girder_lg1
Tapped Out The Monumental Battle
Tapped Out Attack The Radioactive Man StatueTapped Out All heroes attacking the Radioactive Man Statueconstructionsite_02_transimage

Fallout Boy IconThat statue IS moving! It’s magic!
Fallout Boy IconRadioactive Man hated magic. Except for that “sawing a women in half” trick. Something to do with his bad divorce.
System Message: Keep fighting to get to the bottom of this mystery! You have until March 30th to triumph!
Tapped Out Keep Fighting
Tapped Out Issue 4 Prizes
Tapped Out Boss Fight Guide
Monumental Battle Pt. 2

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconAnd just when our backs are turned…
Fallout Boy Icon…criminals take the opportunity to terrorize the town.
Fallout Boy IconWhy do villains have to be so villainous?! Sky Finger! We need your help!
System Message: Tap on Criminals to dispatch them!
Tapped Out Issue 4 Tap on criminals

Task: Tap on Criminals to Defeat Them [x30]

Monumental Battle Pt. 3

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconQuick! We’ve got to stop the statue before it does any more damage!

Task: Send Heroes to Attack The Statue Count [x5]
Heroes: Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man, Plopper, Ice Princess Martin, Moog (Moe), Sidekick Milhouse, Stupid Sexy Flanders (Ned)
Reward: ico_super15_girder_lg1

Rad Mobile
radmobile_transimageTapped Out Rad Mobile Unlock

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconHot bubblin’ Buick! That’s Radioactive Man’s car!

Task: Place the Rad Mobile

Bart ImageSo if Radioactive Man can fly, why does he need a car?
Fallout Boy IconI’m sure if you fly all the time you get sick of the constant satellite view of Earth.

Monumental Battle Pt. 4

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconSuper Sockeye Salmon! Criminals are re-spawning! How can we defeat them?!

Task: Tap on Criminals to Defeat Them [x30]

Monumental Battle Pt. 5

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconI’ve got a feeling there’s more to this statue than meets my masked eye.
Fallout Boy IconI must get it back to the lab.
Fallout Boy IconLead statues aren’t the easiest thing to move to crosstown laboratories.

Task: Make Fallout Boy Research the Statue
Time: 12h
Location: Superior Squad HQ

Fallout Boy IconThese chunks of lead are hyper-radiated!
Fallout Boy IconCould Radioactive Man be trying to send me a message from beyond the grave?
Fallout Boy IconWe need more samples! Keep hacking chunks off the statue!

Monumental Battle Pt. 6

Auto triggers

Task: Send Heroes to Attack The Statue [x5]
Heroes: Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man, Plopper, Ice Princess Martin, Moog (Moe), Sidekick Milhouse, Stupid Sexy Flanders (Ned)
Reward: ico_super15_girder_lg1

Kane Manor
kanemanor_transimageTapped Out Kane Manor Unlock

Auto triggers

Bart ImageWhoa cool, that’s the home of Claude Kane III – Radioactive Man’s secret identity!
Fallout Boy IconZip it! Secrets don’t stay secrets when they’re blurted out loud.

Task: Place Kane Manor

Monumental Battle Pt. 7

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconWe’ve crushed most of the criminals. Let’s do the humane thing and wipe them out completely.

Task: Tap on Criminals to Defeat Them [x30]

Monumental Battle Pt. 8

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconYou can give up trans-fats but never give up hope! We’re almost there!

Task: Send Heroes to Attack The Statue [x5]
Heroes: Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man, Plopper, Ice Princess Martin, Moog (Moe), Sidekick Milhouse, Stupid Sexy Flanders (Ned)
Reward: ico_super15_girder_lg1

Monumental Battle Pt. 9

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconThe latest scans of the statue can’t be right!
Fallout Boy IconThe radiation coming from this hunk of lead is the same wavelength as Radioactive Man himself!
Fallout Boy IconMy dead mentor lives — reanimated as a monstrous living monument!
Fallout Boy IconIs this any way for my hero to exist? I have some soul searching to do.

Task: Send Fallout Boy to Meditate
Time: 12h
Location: Superior Squad HQ

Monumental Battle Pt. 10

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconI’m certain Radioactive Man wouldn’t want to live as some angry, gruesome statue.
Bart ImageNot so fast. Giant lead monster… stomping baby carriages and bowling alleys… sounds pretty sweet!
Fallout Boy IconNo. It’s up to me to deal the final blow!
Fallout Boy IconForgive me… old friend.

Task: Send Fallout Boy to Deal the Final Blow
Time: 8h
Location: Radioactive Man Statue
Reward: ico_super15_girder_lg1

The following video and questlines contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

ico_super15_prize_radioactiveman_lgTapped Out Radioactive Man Prize UnlockTapped Out Radioactive Man Unlock

Auto triggers

Fallout Boy IconRadioactive Man?! Alive?! But how?! You died!
Radioactive Man IconI was never dead, Fallout Boy.
Radioactive Man IconWhen I awoke I was encased in a lead monument.
Fallout Boy IconBut the monument… your statue was attacking the town!
Radioactive Man IconThat was me waking from my slumber, trying to escape that lead coffin.
drcrab_menacingAnd you should have died in that tomb, but Fallout Boy and the Sky Finger poked holes in my evil plans.
Radioactive Man IconDr. Vladmir Krabokov?! You were behind all of this?!
drcrab_menacingPlease, if we’re going to get through this explanation, call me Dr. Crab.
drcrab_menacingNow I bid you adieu! But know this: I will return with another plan even more evil and convoluted than this one!
drcrab_menacingBut when good closes a door, evil opens a window. I will return another day with a plan nastier than my last!
System Message: Once again, good triumphs over crustaceans! Thanks to… YOU!


The user unlocks the ability to choose Radioactive Man Statue’s skin:
Tapped Out Radioactive Man Statue Skin
And the 10h job for the heroes Train For Future Conflict. Only Bartman, The Collector, Fallout Boy, Pie Man, Clownface, Fruit-Bat-Man and Plopper can do this job.

Epilogue Pt. 1

Auto triggers

Radioactive Man IconNow that I’m lead-free, I will fight crime in our city wherever it lies!

Task: Make Radioactive Man Seek Out Crime
Time: 24h

Epilogue Pt. 2

Radioactive Man triggers

Radioactive Man IconI’m impressed! Fallout Boy and the Sky Finger brushed and flossed this city’s dark cavities clean!
Radioactive Man IconMaybe I can finally find time to recharge my superpowers in the deep-end of a mud bath.

Task: Make Radioactive Man Relax
Time: 8h
Location: Kane Manor


If you previously bought Petroleux Rex with the Tar Pits, and did his quest, a new part of the questline starts after unlocking Radioactive Man.

Final Issue, Volume 2

Radioactive Man triggers

Radioactive Man IconNot so fast, Petroleus Rex!
Radioactive Man IconI’ve returned from the brink of annihilation to upend your evil plans!
sidebar_petroleusrexRadioactive Man!! I’m thrilled to see you alive again!
sidebar_petroleusrexAnd also thrilled to see you die again!!

Task: Make Petroleus Rex Battle his Nemesis
Time: 12h
Location: Control Building
Requires: Radioactive Man

Radioactive Man IconWe truly are an even match.
sidebar_petroleusrexIndeed. And as long as the writers don’t ret-con our powers or stage a new publicity stunt, we’ll be matched forever!
Radioactive Man Icon
Radioactive Man IconYeah. Writers always leave well enough alone.
sidebar_petroleusrexWell, it’ll be good while it lasts.
Radioactive Man IconYup.

This is all for now, we’ll see you next time for more infos on the new issue! Happy Hero-tapping!


30 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Issue 4 Walkthrough (SPOILERS inside!)

  1. I finished all the quests and dealt hte final blow but i didnt unlock radioactive man can someone help


  2. Phew, just finished this event and I have to say, Radioactive man is pretty cool. Only problem is I got over excited and skipped 3 of the tasks :/ Oh well, At least I got all the prizes. Oh yeah and I noticed the background music has changed to “5 Characters in Search of an Author” from “The Simpsons Game” =D


  3. For some reason, in my game Fallout Boy completed Part 5 in less than 6 hours, instead of the 12 it was supposed to take, and now I’ve got to wait until the rest of my heroes finish their 12-hour tasks until I can really get started on Part 6.

    Any idea why a task would get sped up like that without spending any donuts?


  4. Loved this event. Hope they have another continuation where the heros have to fight a threat.

    N maybe even some of the villians have a part to play as well.

    They can write some new script that doesn’t have to exist in the real simpsons world for this either.

    Either way it’s cool to have plopper finaly n of course dr Rex or whatever. He has a couple out door tasks I’ve seen and he’s pretty well voiced as has a cool animation.

    Happy tapping all.


  5. I have the same problem. After my first round of fighting when I click on the statue it says done! But the rad car says 1/2 and there is no task listed for the characters individually.


  6. I just completed part 1 of this new quest line, then got kicked out of the game, now when I go back in part 2 won’t start. Should there be criminals wandering around my town again for part 2? Any pointers on how to kick start the quest line? I have tried hard closingthe game and rebooting my device.
    Thank you, love your work!


  7. This is so cool!! Thank you for your great and quick info!! I love this last bit, the only bad thing (for me) is that it only last one week and this saturday i’m recolating and wont have Internet untill the 31st… I’m sad lol.


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