Superheroes Event: Beach House & Returning Event Items Now Available!

Hello fellow tappers,

EA has (finally) released the Beach House just as the event was scheduled to end. Also 2 items are available in the store once again after being pulled early in the event.

It looks like the Crap Silo, Bartman and Fruit-Bat-Man are still available as well , in addition to the ability to complete the event prizes until an App Store update becomes available which will officially end this event. So if you’re still short of a prize or two, now’s your chance to get them all and being it will be a new version update through the store you can continue to try to win these prizes until you are forced to update.
All of the following items will expire on April 7th at 9am BST!

Let’s start with the returning items!


Bartman Cave

Cost: 55Donuts
Build time: 6 seconds
Task: Failing to be a Secret Lair
Reward: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr45.png55 111113_0544_DonutHolePr36.png5 every 60 minutes
Size: 6 x 8 squares

Radstation Air Fortress
Cost: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr42.png225
Build time: None
Type: Decoration
Task: Making Newton Roll in his Grave
Reward: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr45.png225 111113_0544_DonutHolePr36.png22 every 8 hours
Size: 4×4

And now the long-awaited new item from Issue 4: the Beach House!

Beach House
Cost: Donuts120
Build Time: 6s
Task: Ignoring The Threat Of Coastal Erosion
Income: 111113_0544_DonutHolePr45.png300 111113_0544_DonutHolePr36.png30 every 12 hours
Size: 13×10 squares

After buying the Beach House a small questline will start if you’ve Radioactive Man:

Beach House

Radioactive Man triggers

Radioactive Man IconAhh, my old Beach House. My ultra-furbished home away from also-ultra-furbished home.
Radioactive Man Icon… and since I don’t have any uncles it’s perfectly safe to ignore my great responsibility!

Task: Make Radioactive Man Shirk His Responsibilities
Time: 16h
Location: Beach House

This is all for now, see you all next time! Happy tappings!


18 thoughts on “Superheroes Event: Beach House & Returning Event Items Now Available!

  1. I was about to go and buy the beach house but the Easter event has arrived and its disappeared along with the other items – despite saying they’d be available for a week! What happened or have I missed out?


  2. If there’s no update with a mini event for Easter, I might consider buying ghe radstation air fortress, but only if I can place it over water. I do not want that huge red thing spinning over my Springfield. I saw ehere you mentioned the Radstation can now be placed on the beach, but I can’t find any other mention of where it can be placed. Sorry if it’s been said before, but can the Radstation be placed over water? Thanks.


  3. Where do I place the red car recently on the Tapped Out. Does it belong to anybody. Please let me know, thank you


  4. Since there is not so many “should I buy” posts, I’m just going to go ahead and say YES. It’s a beautiful large addition to the beach, the sound is a boppy tropical tune and Radioactive Man’s animation is him sunbathing on the helipad with a beer fridge! Treat yourself if you worked your way to the end, I saw it as cost-reduced from all the free donuts I earned during the event.


  5. Any word on easter event? Even if it’s a mini one? Which I would prefer after this event lol a little break would be nice!


    • Only speculations or wishes. I’d like some downtime to have the time to redesign.
      Of course, if I want downtime it would be typical if an event and new levels came out…


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