Superheroes 2015 Event Takedown

Just getting out a quick announcement to state the obvious, for some. An update has hit the iOS Store which appears to be just a take down release for the Superheroes event. As of this writing my Google Play Store has not yet received the update but you can be certain it is on its way within the next few minutes to about an hour.

Update: both me and Lets have the update in the Googlestore

The time to bid our Superheroes a very fond farewell has arrived after weeks of some very exciting and refreshingly entertaining comic battles that resulted in many of us now owning forever some of the show’s most recognized and beloved characters. I sincerely hope this type of event becomes the norm for sure.

ico_mysterybox_revisedNote: Before we go any further I want to repeat, the update is an APP STORE update not IN-GAME meaning you will have to manually open your app store not open the game.ย 

Also after you update, please be sure to double check your Confirm-Donut-Spend option as updates tend to reset them to OFF which can mean you losing many donuts.ย 

As is always the case, a takedown update follows any major event, especially one such as the Superheroes which altered just about every detail visible to the player. What is NOT always the case are many other changes, however, this takedown release has brought with it a few notable changes to the base game. Again, as always, we are here to bring you all of the details. In fact, we’ve had the details since yesterday but wanted to be sure EA didn’t have any April Fools tricks up their sleeves for their arch enemies, the data miners.ย We will be covering every change and detail fully for all of you but for starters I’ll let you know there has been a temporary change to the Mystery Box. New look AND new, well already released but new to the box type of new, prizes. Here’s a brief pictorial from our own Emma to get you started.


Please stay tuned right here for more in-depth details regarding this release as well as any information we may receive that pertains to what lies ahead for our virtual Springfield’s. The Easter Bunny IS just a few days away, will we see him?

Thanks for reading.

Mike S.


33 thoughts on “Superheroes 2015 Event Takedown

  1. Can’t but the mystery box its not in the store anyone else having this problem


    1. You need mr Burns to unlock it. Is he free?


  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the info.

    I tried the new Mystery Box before the dialog between Smithers and Burns and got a stupid _onda (it takes so much time to build up donuts I hate wasting them on things that can be bought with ingame cash). Are we gambling with donuts after the dialog (will we get a premium item?)? I really don’t want to waste another 6 donuts ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    My current method of madness is to buy premium decorations to increase xp payout and get more donuts ๐Ÿ™‚ don’t know if it’s a worth while tactic yet….


    1. you can get other Mystery Boxes by buying them for 6d. or wait for the daily combo


    2. Thanks all.

      “Like any good drug pusher will tell you, the first one is free”, well ea should know “Like any good drug pusher will tell you, free or not if the first one’s not quality they are not coming back!”
      I jumped the gun and purchased a box, got a _onda, for my free one after the dialog got another _onda.



  3. It appears that the Beach House and other Superhero items have been removed. Weren’t they suppose to be available for another 5 days?


    1. Hmmm. Yes, they seem to be gone although the timers said we had a week. I’ll make enquiries.
      Been on the chat with Support. Not good news. Follow the thread, login and click “me too”


    2. TheMonkeyKIng 04/01/2015 — 20:58

      If you bought Bart’s hideout, you’ll have to play the Bartman quest before getting the Superhero removal/Easter Update. If you don’t (like me), you’ll get error messages.

      Looking at the secret lair, I see the normal task for the item is “Failing to be a secret lair” and attached Bart (on his quest shows *ERROR). Does anyone remember what the task was?


      1. TheMonkeyKIng 04/01/2015 — 21:02

        The Bart task when clicked on from the notebook frame says, “*Wait for Bart to finish *ERROR” It is a 16 hour task.


  4. just got another update, easter tasks and a gill deal!


  5. wasteland76 04/01/2015 — 19:33

    I got the tire fire in the free mystery box – not complaining about that one!


  6. i am a freemium player. got 138 donuts during the superhero event just by playing. well, i got suckered in to the new mystery box. free, got the sign. then, i got blue haired lawyer, another sign, a fallout shelter, lard lad, the onda car, ch.6 news van and a food stand cart. 4 out of 7 ain’t bad!! oh, and ya’ll called it, houses cost way more to build, good thing i read the last post on here cuz i built houses before the price jump! (oh, and i don’t like house farming either or having more than one qwik e mart!)


    1. omg! I can’t stop getting mystery boxes! I just got 10 donuts. I tried again and I got Kearny!! woohoo!!


  7. Lord jesus I got lard lads :0


  8. i got lard lad donuts in my mystery box ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hoping we get an easter update


  9. TheMonkeyKIng 04/01/2015 — 18:05

    I heartily recommend going out and getting the update now on the iOS (cannot speak to the Android version — don’t have it installed there).


    At the end of the conversation between Burns and Smithers you get a Premium character saying “Open a Mystery Box and you might win me.” Then the screen says, “as any good drug pusher will tell you the first taste is free.”

    When you click on the box, you get that character free! (I had the blue hair lawyer as the Premium character talking and I got him free!)


    1. You dont always get the character talking to you. I got SVT, a friend got an ambulance….
      And the update is live on Android too.


      1. Ambulance? I know about Channel 6 News Van but first time I heard about ambulance. What can we get in those new boxes?

        Btw. For free I got Blue Haired Lawyer ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. I dont know but the guys does and will post spoilers, I hope ๐Ÿ™‚


        2. My bad. It was the Channel 6 news van. But I dont drive so one vehicle looks the same as the other to me ๐Ÿ˜‰


    2. Aye, I don’t have the Blue Hair Lawyer (who was the one talking to me) and I ended up with a minnow pond. Boourns.


      1. Bombshelter for me in my main… A few duds and some awesome stuff.


  10. Is the Homer Buddha gone for anyone else?


    1. No Buddah in my C, will check the others… Nope, no Buddahs anywhere


  11. Personally , I am glad it’s over !! A month is a tad too long for any event !! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€


  12. Magilla_84132 04/01/2015 — 17:47

    I really like the new mystery box. After getting that first box of 30 donuts, I used those to buy 5 more. In those I got the blue haired lawyer, the burning tires, the itchy and scratchy billboard, and also a pond and fallout shelter. (3 out of 5 ain’t bad) But, did you say this is only temporary?


    1. I dont know if its temporary or not, I trust the guys when they say its temporary but I dont know for how long. One is sleeping now and the other’s having dinner but they will let us (including me) know as soon as possible.


  13. Got the blue-haired lawyer in my first free box. Cool


    1. Nice! I got SVT in my B and a bombshelter in my main


  14. Need more expansions. How does EA release al, these new buildings and only
    Iimited space ?? Where do we put new buildings ? Old ones in inventory defeats the purpose of winning buying new ones. WAKE UP !!!


    1. I have every item released and my inventory is empty. Compact your design.
      Everyone seems to think it is so easy, so why dont y’all help out?! Submit the code for all generation devices and all platforms to EA – make sure it dont add to many MBs, causes no lagging or glitches, take in to consideration the older devices limited capacity and fully utilise the newer devices features.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ๐Ÿ™‚


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