List of items that can be taken to Krustyland (Update: Thanksgiving 2015)

Hello fellow tappers,

Today, we’re going to make a list many asked in the past: a list of all items that can be taken to Krustyland from Springfield. We’ll update this list once new items are released.
Note: In this list items that are Krustyland-exclusive are not listed!


Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
Stunt Bike


Big Butt Skinner Balloon
Oktoberfest Gate

Valentine’s Day

Cherub Topiary
Rose Bush
Valentine’s Tree
Love Planter
Rose Arch
Fountain of Love
Love Bench
Lovely Fence
Lovely Lampost
Lovely Flower Cart
Valentine’s Balloons
Lovely Gazebo

St. Patrick’s Day

Green Beer Fountain


Easter Gate
Easter Fence
Easter Tree
Pastel Picket Fence

Pride Month 2015

Rainbow Tree
Rainbow Flag
Pride Billboard

Clash of Clones

red and gold Medieval Banner
blue and beige Medieval Banner
blue and green Medieval Banner
Barbarian Statue
Hot Air Balloon
Hay Cart
Flaming Torch
Blue Nerd Knight
Blue Nerd Warrior
Blue Nerd Mage
Blue Nerd Rogue
Red Nerd Knight
Red Nerd Warrior
Red Nerd Mage
Red Nerd Rogue


Bart Balloon


Destroyed Holiday Wheel

Hoping this is helpfull, see you all next time! Happy tapping!


15 thoughts on “List of items that can be taken to Krustyland (Update: Thanksgiving 2015)

  1. Odd that most of the C of C prizes can go to the park, but the guillotine can’t. I happen to think it would look magnificent next to Tavern on the Scream.


  2. They should let us put most of the event stuff in Krustyland if we want to store them and move them!
    How much do they pay out when in Krustyland?
    Do they add to the KLand multiplier?


    1. they just work as normal and increase % in springfield even though they’re in KL


  3. We should be able to take more items to Krustyland. We pay for the things, and I mean wee paayyyy!!!! This game is becoming so irritating. Give us our stuff and let us put it where we want. I want to put palm trees in the grass and not just on the sand. I want the freedom to put my stuff where I want to. Get it in gear EA.


    1. please avoid swearing in the comments. there are items that are not supposed to be in Krustyland… because they don’t belong there.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wish they would let us put the new superhero stuff in KL, as well as the Clash of The Clones Castles! That would free up land in SF, as well as give KL some cool theme parks. Hope EA reads this.


    1. I also hope that.


  5. Oh, this is great! I can move some holiday decorations to Krustyland to make little themed areas there and free up space in Springfield!


  6. Cranky Kong 04/05/2015 — 02:42

    can you make such a list with things placeable on boardwalk? πŸ˜€


    1. i’ll see what i can do πŸ˜‰


  7. Isn’t the crashed police car available to buy with tickets in KL?


    1. Yes. It can only be bought and placed in KL


  8. Thanks for the list. So helpful.


  9. Thank you for the list, LPNintendoITA! That helps! πŸ˜€ Do you know if there are also lists of items that can be placed on the SquidPort tiles?


    1. i’ll see what i can do πŸ˜‰


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