Episode Fact File: The Kids Are All Fight

Hello fellow Tappers!

We just had a shiny NEW episode of The Simpsons! This Sunday Fox brought us The Kids Are All Fight. Today I’ll analyze this Sunday’s episode with pictures, videos and facts, right after the jump!

The Kids Are All Fight

Episode Description: When Homer gets an old film roll developed, the family takes a trip down memory lane to see the origins of how Bart and Lisa first started fighting with each other.

Episode Details: ‘The Kids Are All Fight’ is the 19th episode of Season 26 as well as the 571st episode of The Simpsons. The episode aired on FOX on April 26, 2015 and was written by Rob LaZebnik.

TIE-IN!: A tie-in for The Simpsons: Tapped Out has been released, with Bart’s Big Wheel‎, Lisa’s Kiddie Car and Nightmare Pile.

COUCH GAG!: The Game of Life.

TITLE SCREEN!: Professor Frink flies in a Iron Man costume that malfunctions and he drops.

BILLBOARD TEXT!: I will not pay my sister to do my punishment

GOOF!: In the flashback in Moe’s Tavern, there’s a picture of Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney. In the picture, Homer is bald, despite him having hair in the flashback and not being bald until years later.

PRODUCTION!: A couch gag with The Simpsons climbing up an ice mountain and Maggie turning them into ice is released as a promo image for the episode before appearing on the Season 28 finale, Dogtown. The episode was originally going to use that couch gag, but according to Al Jean’s twitter, it is too short, so The Game of Life couch gag from season 25’s “Pay Pal” is reused.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the Academy Award-nominated 2010 comedy-drama film The Kids Are All Right, directed by Lisa Cholodenko. This was also referenced with the title of the season 25 episode “The Kid is All Right”.
  • “The Sunshine Boys” is a reference to the play by the same name by Neil Simon.
  • At the beginning of the episode, while Bart and Lisa’s fights photos are shown, the song that plays is The Kids Are Alright by The Who.
  • The third photo in Moe’s developer tray is Homer in a nude pregnant pose just like the one of Demi Moore in the magazine Vanity Fair.
  • A matchbook refers to the marriage between Selma and Bob Terwilliger. (“Black Widower”)
  • A hat refers to the marriage between Selma and Disco Stu. (“There’s Something About Marrying”)
  • The Clown Bed Homer build for Bart is shown. (“Lisa’s First Word”)
  • Grandma Flanders is seen, and then dies (“Lisa’s First Word”) despite the fact that in (“Lisa’s Date with Density”) , which takes place in the present, Ned repeatedly picks up the phone thinking that she’s calling.
  • Bart hits Lisa with the Phonic Frog. (“Smart and Smarter”)
  • Lisa mentions the time when Apu let Homer eat expired hot dogs (“Homer and Apu”)
  • In the flashback in Moe’s Tavern, there’s a picture of Homer, Lenny, Carl and Barney. In the picture, Homer is bald, despite having hair in the flashback and not being bald until years later.

Promotional Images:

Previous Episode: Peeping Mom


Next Episode: Let’s Go Fly a Coot


That is all from this week’s Episode Fact File and I would like to thank WikiSimpsons for the information for this post and Nathan for the base design of it. The next post will be covering the next episode until then, Happy Tapping everyone!

100px-fox_broadcasting_companyThis pictures and videos are from the “The Kids Are All Fight” episode of FOX show The Simpsons. Their use is believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law.


17 thoughts on “Episode Fact File: The Kids Are All Fight

  1. Hello fellow rappers,
    I’m having connection problems. My cable company is not the issue. I get bumped off the games Server. Traveling to neighbors is the main issue!
    Anyone else having this issue too? Or know of a fix? I play the game on a Kindle HD.


    1. Have you done any troubleshoot?
      Hardclose game
      Restart device
      Cleared cache
      Switched devices or connections
      Delete/reinstall the game – do no do this if youre not connected to origin


      1. I will once again reinstall the game, but this happens way to often. I like the game, however playing it to win the prizes etc., just isn’t “FUN” anymore.
        I have done the hardclose game and cache clear.
        I will check back with you!
        Another Tapper just wanting to play the game!


  2. You know, I’m not crazy about flashback episodes where they try to pretend that six years ago was six years before the air date, etc. I’m not asking that they break the fourth wall but I would like them, perhaps, to avoid date-specific references altogether. I’m distracted when I realize “No, Springfield then was exactly like it is now, and had been for quite some time.”


  3. When’ll we get opera krusty and captain Bob as skins?


    1. opera krusty is a prize for act 3
      captain bob from May 5th


  4. The skin for krusty is Opera Krusty in this event?


  5. So, the skin for Sideshow Bob is Captain Bob?


  6. When will we get sideshow Bob as a playable character????


  7. Note: This question has no relations to this post, rather to the Terwilligers event itself.

    Do we know what other Terwilligers will be premium? I don’t want to spend a lot of money on donuts for other Terwilligers if the only premium Terwilliger is Gino.

    And yes, I did say the word Terwillger/s 5 times.


    1. Bob is free, the Doctor and Dame are personal prizes, the wife is 150 donuts. Bob also have a costume that costs donuts.
      2 free, 2 prizes and 2 premiums + a premium skin.


  8. trevbowman486 04/24/2015 — 22:45

    New update, bush shadows are back to normal.


    1. yes and the text for the Pet Mutant Plant has been reverted too :p


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