Terwilligers Event: Act 2 Walkthrough

Hello fellow tappers,

Today I’ll bring you the main questline for Act 2 of the Terwilligers Event!
The Soup Thickens Pt. 1
Homer starts

Homer HeadLooks like all those mutant vegetables from Part One of this event are finally gone.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconYeah, but if I know anything about Part Two’s, we’re headed for a diabolical twist that will blow your socks off.
Bart head iconAaagh! Sideshow Bob… vegetables?
sidebar_mutantclone01Mozart… Faulkner… HBO Dramas…
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconThe town is full of mutant vegetables again, but now they look and sound like Sideshow Bob. We have to get rid of them!
Homer HeadYou were right Lisa. It’s slightly worse than Part One.
Homer HeadIt’s about the same but slightly worse!!!

Task: Squish Bob Clones [x5]

The Soup Thickens Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Bart head iconSomeone has created an army of Sideshow Bob mutant vegetable clones and sent them to kill me! But who?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconIt all comes back to Monsarno Research.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI have an interview there for a summer internship, but I can promise you, the interviewers won’t be the only ones asking some tough questions!

Task: Make Lisa Interview at Monsarno
Task: Make Lisa Ask Tough Questions
Time: 4h
Location: Monsarno Research

The Soup Thickens Pt. 3
Lisa starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconSo Sideshow Bob used to be Director of Research at Monsarno?
sidebar_cecilYes, and a little of his DNA accidentally contaminated the new GMO vegetables we’re creating.
sidebar_cecilA perfectly normal and predictable side effect.
Bart head iconLike Hell! This was all Bob’s plan to kill me with these terrible clones.
sidebar_cecilI don’t see how. They’re very inoffensive, and they make an excellent soup stock.
Bart head iconI might die of how ugly they are to look at.

Task: Reach Level 12 and Build Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Bart Hide in his Treehouse
Time: 24h
Location: Bart’s Tree House

The Soup Thickens Pt. 4
Bart starts

Bart head iconStupid Sideshow Bob vegetables. I’m done being scared of you.
Bart head iconMy days of hiding are done!
Homer HeadBart, our court-mandated father-son time begins now.
Bart head iconMy days of hiding start now!

Task: Make Bart Hide in the Brown House
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

The Science of Cooking
Bart starts

Frink IconGreetings, vegetable-embattled citizens of Springfield.
Frink IconI am here representing Frink-Co, NOT a division of Monsarno.
Frink IconWe’d like to be one but they refused to buy us, nnn-hoyvin.
Frink IconOur expert scientists, by which I mean me, have developed a potent herbicide that should nip this plague in the bud, which is exactly where it needs to be nipped.
Frink IconJust sprinkle this on the offending vegetable and die it shall.
Frink IconAfterwards, you can cook it — the herbicide is basically MSG and Mrs. Dash.

herbicidedispenser_menuTapped Out Frinks Herbicide Guide
Build Herbicide Squirter
Task: Squish Bob Clones [x15]

Pushback Pt. 1
Bart starts

ComicBookGuy HeadStop destroying these clones!
ComicBookGuy HeadFor the first time, I have enough clones to join me in forming a full Cosmic Wars storm trooper platoon!

Task: Reach Level 13 and Build Android’s Dungeon
Task: Make Comic Book Guy Role Play Cosmic Wars
Time: 6h
Location: Android’s Dungeon

ComicBookGuy HeadClone warriors! Our first mission is to believe that these are not the drobots we are looking for.
sidebar_mutantclone01Simpson… Gilbert and Sullivan… Face/Off…
ComicBookGuy HeadWe have succeeded!

Pushback Pt. 2
Bart starts

Bart head iconProfessor Frink, you’ve got to kill these Bob-clones faster!
Bart head iconEverywhere I turn, I see them. I’m going crazy. Who knows what kind of pranking I could be driven to do?!
sidebar_quimbyDear God. We’re already known as America’s Doorstep-Burning-Poop-Bag Capital as it is. Do something, Frink!
Frink IconFear not. Frink-Co shall live up to our slogan: “The Science of Slaughter”.
Frink IconIt’s not a great slogan but it was the only one no one else had taken.

Task: Tap Herbicide Squirter
Task: Upgrade Frink’s Herbicide to Level 3
Tapped Out Franks Herbicide Level Up

Pushback Pt. 3
Lisa starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconMs. Krabappel, where are you going with that vegetable Sideshow Bob Clone?
Tapped_Out_Edna_IconOn a date.
Tapped_Out_Edna_IconThese clones are real gentlemen. They’re well-groomed, they don’t gas on about themselves, and they always have something nice to say to a lady.
Tapped_Out_Edna_IconPlus if you kiss them you get vitamin C.

Task: Reach Level 22 and Build Krabappel Apartments
Task: Make Mrs. Krabappel Go on a Date
Time: 4h
Location: Gilded Truffle

Pushback Pt. 4
Moe starts / Auto starts

sidebar_moeOh no you clones don’t — dating our ladies. I’ve got enough competition for women from real human men.
sidebar_moeAlthough to be fair most women would rather clean sewer traps than go on a date with me.
sidebar_moeIt’s time to squash Sideshow-Bob-shaped squash!

Task: Squish Bob Clones [x25]

Pushback Pt. 5
Mrs. Krabappel starts

Tapped_Out_Selma_IconDamn it, the men of Springfield are squashing our handsome vegetable hunks.
Tapped_Out_Edna_IconCecil, you better get more clones out on the streets or you’re going to get handbagged hard upside the head.
sidebar_cecilBut that would violate every inch of scientific ethics.
Tapped_Out_Selma_IconThe alternative is I violate several inches of you.
sidebar_cecilI’ll get right on it.

Task: Upgrade Monsarno Research to Level 8

Pushback Pt. 6
Bart starts

Bart head iconThe single men of Springfield have formed a mob that wants to destroy all the Sideshow Bob clones.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconAnd the single women have formed a mob that wants to create more of them.
Homer HeadWe’ll solve this the traditional Springfield way…
Homer HeadWhichever mob destroys more property is the winner.

Task: Make Springfielders Riot And Smash Krusty Burger [x5]
Time: 12h
Location: Krusty Burger
Task: Make Springfielders Riot And Loot Kwik-E-Mart [x5]
Time: 12h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Task: Make Mayor Quimby Hide Out in the Brown House
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

Blessings of Guilt
Quimby starts

sidebar_quimbyCecil Terwilliger, you and the Monsarno Corporation have caused an orgy of destruction that has left this town in a state that can only be called “slightly worse than normal.”
sidebar_quimbyHow do you propose to rectify this PR nightmare?
sidebar_cecilWell, the Corporation could do something to dramatically improve the cultural life of Springfield.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconDonating some used magazines would do that.
sidebar_cecilI had in mind building an Opera House.
sidebar_quimbyIt sounds like an expensive boondoggle.
sidebar_cecilA boon of which you will receive an ample share of doggle.
sidebar_quimbyWe break ground in five minutes!

Task: Build Outdoor Opera Stage
Time: 24h

sidebar_sideshowbobWhenever Monsarno runs into trouble, they build an opera house.
sidebar_sideshowbobOnce again, my brother Cecil is my unwitting dupe.
sidebar_sideshowbobIt was but a tiny effort to put some of my DNA into those vegetables, just as I added some Booberella DNA into these lusty leafy vegetables.
sidebar_sideshowbobIsn’t that right, Boobarugula?
sidebar_sideshowbobHush, my sweet. There will be time for pillow talk… tonight.

Finally, after more then 3 years, Sideshow Bob is ours!

This is all for now, join us next time for more info on this update. Happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “Terwilligers Event: Act 2 Walkthrough

  1. last week, i finished Act2 when the event was ending. the Opera Stage appeared, but i didnt get a Sideshow Bob. what do i do?


    1. Appeared? Did you actually place it?


      1. yes. i placed the Opera Stage, but no Side Show Bob.


  2. wendycullo963 05/10/2015 — 12:50

    I’m only on Level 15, as I’ve just started playing. Is there any way I may still get Sideshow Bob as he’s really cool? I’m never going to get through 7 levels!!! Thank you for all your hard work. 0)


    1. There is still time left. Maybe you’ll be able to get Mrs K. This is such a fail from EA requiering a character that unlocks at a high level for an event! Events should be for everyone, no matter what level, it was hard enough to get Bart during Christmas event. Maybe the requirements will change so you can progress without Edna but I wouldnt count on it 😦 This makes me sad.


      1. wendycullo963 05/10/2015 — 19:17

        Thank you for your response. Such a shame, but ho hum. 🙂


  3. So here soon my Springfield will have three prisions . springfield must be one really rough town


    1. XBL-Heretic on EA forum wrote: In America, roughly one in 99 people are incarcerated I n the prison system, the highest of any country in the world. In our SF, iirc at least six of 140-ish total characters have prison Serving Time tasks, resulting in one in 23 under Mayor Quimby’s tutelage. So SF’s incarceration rate is roughly four times higher than Americas rate. It would seem that we do indeed need another prison in SF.


  4. What do the rakes do?


    1. You’ll see 🙂


  5. Is it still optimal to continue to upgrade Monsarno instead of trying to gain the Farmers Market?


    1. Last job unlocks at 16 and payout increse on 17-19, actually the increase continues at 20+ but then it os not worth it IMO so either stop at 16 or 19.


  6. Cool glitch: I received 6 rakes total. Got the 3 rake prize, signed in on a different device and received 3 more. Not complaining. 😉


    1. yeah that’s been a glitch since… forever. switching devices can net you double prizes sometimes


    2. though sometimes it can grant you double unique items and you can’t place the 2nd neither remove it from inventory cause limited


      1. First time anything like this has happened for me. I’ve placed the rakes. Makes me happy!


        1. when you’ll get a certain character you’ll have fun sending him to do a certain job 😉


          1. Yay!!! Thanks for the heads up, and all the other super fresh info that you share. You are the shiz!!!


  7. Um I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but I stoped getting the red box tasks to earn more prize currency. Was that ment to happen?


    1. you need to progress the questline just like phase 1 to get them again


      1. Oh. Ok thanks again!


  8. Luke the Asian 04/28/2015 — 20:25

    So am I correct in saying that Sideshow Bob comes with the Opera house? Will he stop appearing in our towns and lowering our righteousness score thereafter? Lol


    1. we don’t know yet about him appearing after, expecially after the event, since not everyone unlocks him (people that don’t complete the event don’t)


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