Monty Moneybags & the Money Mountain (Mini-Game) – Overview

On May 6, 2015, EA hit the Tapped Out universe with a two-piece right in the kisser, finally returning the world’s most beloved school workers to our Springfield’s in the form of Lunch Lady Dora and Coach Krupt. Just as we were all tapping like madmen and women in our attempts to rid our world’s of evil Bob clones, BOOM, the party really got going. Well, for those of you who think Level 52 was the only addition to hit with the release, oh, how mistaken you are! Believe it or not, there’s more, and it has nothing to do with Dora, Coach or even the Meat Can full of assorted horse parts.

Mr. Burns has gotten bored with his riches and gives us a neat little “mini-game” that will undoubtedly increase his riches, while working your fingers raw, but in the end you’ll be handsomely rewarded with a fancy new skin for the old cheapskate. Oh and before we go any further, let’s get out the important detail:

  • The Money Mountain Mini-Game and the resulting rewards are NOT limited-time. It is a permanent addition to the game so there is no need to stop your Terwilliger progression unless you choose to do so. 

Now, let’s have a little peak into what this first-of-its-kind addition is all about. Right this way!

The Basics

The first thing that needs to be discussed is, how does one obtain the Money Mountain and why is it locked if the requirement says you only have to be at Level 40?

As with any “event-type-prize-earning” release such as this, there is always a prerequisite quest that must be completed to get the party started or to essentially activate the game. With the Terwilliger Event pretty much tying up every available character you own this could prove difficult to decipher who does what. Fear not friends! For that is why we are here. You will need the following to activate the option to purchase, place and play the Money Mountain game:

  • Reach Level 40
  • Must have Smithers free to receive the dialog prompt
  • Must have Mr. Burns and Homer free

Having completed all of the above you will then receive a quest called:

Rolling in It


  • “Make Homer Enjoy His Day Off “- 4 hours – Simpson House
  • “Make Mr. Burns Peruse The Latest Issue Of Snobby Hobbies” – 4 hours – Power Plant Lot


You will now receive a discussion between Mr. Burns and Lisa as to what should Mr. Burns do with his fortune, which will then activate the mini-game:

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level Up

Money Mountain Menu

As you can see it very closely resembles an event menu. There are 11 levels, each with 1 task to complete, as well as an option to rush the task with donuts, in order to advance and each time you progress to the next level your Money Mountain will grow and change in appearance. LetsplaynintendoITA is doing his usual magic working on the walkthroughs for all of you so I’m just going to hit the basics. He’ll provide the full details very soon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you rush the level up at any point, unless you’ve the Donut spend confirmation on, there will be no stopping in the use of the donuts!

Mini-Game Task Book Icon

This will be displayed in your task book to reflect a task associated with the mini-game:


Level Completion Images

Level 1 / Mini-Game Info Menu (Can also be accessed by tapping the Question Iconat the top-right of the min-game / levels menu)

Tapped Out Money Mountain Guide

Level 2

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 2

 Level 3

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 3

Level 4

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 4

Level 5

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 5

Level 6

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 6

Level 7

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 7

Level 8

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 8

Level 9

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 9

Level 10

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 10

Level 11

Tapped Out Money Mountain Level 11

Once you have completed all 11 levels you will then be awarded the new skin for Mr. Burns:

Monty Money Bags

Monty Money Bags Unlock

That completes the overview for the Money Mountain min-game. Stay tuned for the walkthrough guides for the game itself as well as Monty Moneybags. Thanks for reading!

Mike S.


53 thoughts on “Monty Moneybags & the Money Mountain (Mini-Game) – Overview

  1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 05/10/2015 — 04:30

    Things were going mostly well until today’s patch. Now the money isn’t being credited sometimes, and sometimes is subtracted. I went from $22500/$25000 to $20000/$25000 as just one example. But here’s the thing that bugs me most: weren’t we supposed to get 40 donuts after completing level 2, and upgraded to 60 after completing level 3 and so on? I haven’t received any of those donuts. Has anyone? Wondering. Thanks.


    1. be sure to ALWAYS syncronise your game before closing , by either going to the friends list and back or to krustyland.
      the column with the donuts indicates the Rush cost (therefore the name of the column RUSH)


      1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 05/10/2015 — 19:44

        I do re-sync. Sorry, I can’t find a column named rush with earned donuts listed. Just the “do it now” with donut price. My overall donut count hasn’t changed. Should I look somewhere else? I’ve had other glitches, like not being able to upgrade the mountain but it eventually corrects itself.

        Btw, today a stranger tapped three buildings in my towns – not Bob clones. Weird.


        1. The rush column is in this post not the overview 🙂
          You do not get donuts in the M. Mountain, the 40-60-etc is the cost for rushing each level.
          If a neighbour dont have the Monsarno they can tap buildings. Strangers tapping in your town can happen but it is rare.


  2. Do you want to know something weird? I haven’t even started with the money and Burns and yesterday suddenly my mountain grew, so I don’t have to do level two at all. And yes, I think it was after visiting friends like someone said.


    1. Same in my C. It jumped some tasks, filling the bar and leveling up without Burns throwing money on it. This is so glitchy! EA is working on a fix.


      1. Mine jump from not being able to finish level 4 , to level 6 …
        I’ve seen a lot of strange bugs in the last 2.5 years , this one takes first prize !! 😳😁😂😱😏😎


  3. Zachary riddle 05/08/2015 — 14:43

    For those having trouble with the task to throw money into the pile for mr burns not showing up, I tried the recommendation another user below suggested, which is to skip through my friends towns. I think I went to 10-15 of them, returned to mine and things were back in order. Give it a shot.


  4. Phillip Chako 05/08/2015 — 04:56

    Have all prerequisites but no mountain quest wth? Are they sure it’s lvl 25. I’m lvl 38 all of Smithers tasks done. Smithers burns homer and Lisa free still nothing.


    1. try storing burns mansion and the power plant


  5. Stuck again !! Level 4 will NOT allow the the final payment to be set into motion..
    Just like level 1. So much for any bug fixes ….


    1. The studio is looking into it right now.
      Add to this thread. Login same as game. Click “Me Too”


      1. One more thing I love about this site, as I cant get building I come here to see if I missed something. Yep. Known bug. 🙂

        Thanks again. 🙂


    2. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 22:32

      Mine is the same, finally passed level 2 and now its not giving me the task for level 3


  6. There seems no reason to complete this task for me, at least. It is only a skin. I have another skin for him as a premium player.


    1. See it as aspirational. Do it when you have the time and money. It will be a looong time before I get to the top in my B n C. Cant afford the slaughterhouse in my B and dont even have KL in my C


  7. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 11:19

    Hi, im on the aint no mountain high enough part 2, Mr Burns has to throw money on his pile of money, i have to do this 10 times, iv done it 9 times but the option to make Mr Burns do this task has gone so im unable to complete this task, agghhhhh what do i do??? :s it wud take 5 donuts to complete it but im saving them to buy something, so im really not wantin to waste them, thanks for any help in advance 😀 x


    1. Gone? It isnt in Mr Burns task list? – it may not be highlighted. It isnt in the lefthand taskbook, icon golden bear?
      Have you tried tapping the mountain? Have you tired storing the cooling towers and Mr Burns? Have you tried storing the money mountain?


      1. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 13:06

        Yip its gone, its not in Mr Burns task list, the gold bear is on the side but when pressed it brings up the money mountain task, i click on do it and it brings up Mr Burns task list but it does not have that task, even in the unhighlighted tasks, iv click on the money mountain and the same things happen. I have not tried storing cooling towers or money mountain so will try that now and let u know, thank you 🙂


      2. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 13:13

        Tried storing both things and it didnt work, have no idea whats happened


        1. Not good. The money pile as well as the bear icon should take you to the task. Storing Burns and Pile should work too. Hardclose game, restart or shut off device? Delete/reinstall game (not if you play Anonymously!) Contact support. That’s all I can think of. Hopefully a restart of the device will work.
          Contact EA support and ask for a gameadvisor. Same login as the game.

          Add to this thread. Login same as game. Click “Me Too”


          1. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 15:40

            Thanks so much for ur help 🙂


          2. There IS a bug , I had the same problem with the first set , I had to pay 5 donuts to advance !!


          3. After visiting 10 of my friends’ houses, returning to my town revealed a “finish event” icon over my Money Mountain. Tapping that brought up a “you finished a level” box and after OK-ing that, I am now able to proceed forward with the Money Mountain game. Currently am on level 3, where throwing $1,500 at it takes 30 minutes.

            I did open an individual EA support ticket about 3 hours before this fix showed up; not sure if that had anything to do with this mini-game fixing itself.


            1. Ha , I noticed the same thing . That option was NOT there before. All is well now in the land of Simpson Madness !!😳😁😱😃😏


            2. Yes, there is a levelup icon when all money is thrown in.
              The levelup icon shouldve been shown over the mountain when you completed the tenth task, filled the moneybar.
              Maybe you didnt see it and tapped something elses that made it go away.
              Resynching the game (visiting KL or neighbours/restarting sevice) or storing the M. Mountain should make the icon reappear.
              Glad your back to throwing money away 🙂


        2. also try storing burn’s manor since that’s part of the questline too (with smithers)


          1. Have the exact same problem – can’t complete the last step of level 1 Money Mountain and its exactly as you describe it – last task (to give that last $1,000) simply does not show up in Mr. Burns task list.


              1. And how will that help? I think those EA polls only give EA a good laugh. They only want our euro’s.


                1. It is not a poll. Others will know that they are not alone. If enough people have the same problem EA has to act. I don’t use euro.


                  1. krona isn’t? Ok i should have said EA only cares about our money. But i’ll vote and hope they act 🙂


          2. Not while you building the mountain. Smithers is needed first when you have the costume.


          3. jodytooties 05/07/2015 — 15:41

            I will try that, thank u 🙂


    2. I’ve having the same issue.


      1. ThomVerrat557 05/07/2015 — 16:40

        And I as well. Will “Me Too” the EA topic as suggested; thanks for the link!


    3. I have the exact same issue


  8. On my game it says Helen love joy premium menu why does that mean because I have Her already.


    1. it’s part of her questline to “buy” her again as premium, but she’s really free


  9. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 05/06/2015 — 23:43

    Will we get a Money Mountain decoration, too, or is the quest for just Mr. Burns’ new outfit?


    1. it’s a decoration, just like Radioactive Man Statue. though this time we won’t get to choose what “level skin” we want


      1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 05/07/2015 — 04:28

        Then, I assume it’ll be the completed pile of gold? Nice to know — but where to put it… . I need more land! Thanks for putting time into this blog. Excellent work.


        1. Where to put it and doing the tasks AND throwing a pile of money (5.5 million in total!!!) on it to unlock the costume. See it as an aspirational costume 🙂


          1. Eleanor Abernathy, CCL 05/07/2015 — 06:48

            I have ideas about where to put it but will wait till I know its size. As for the money: I’ve been playing for nearly four years. I’ll still have nearly $45 million afterwards! Finally, a new aspirational item. 😀

            It would be nice to have a steady diet of quests instead of feast and famine. I like this event but not the midnight deadlines. Too many late nights.


            1. it can be placed on Grass, Pavement, Boardwalk and Boardwalk on the edge. Size: 11×11


            2. This will take a looong time 🙂 last two levels will take almost a week each of nonstop dumping of money for Mr Burns. It has to wait cause Burnsy needs to earn resources and he is part of every quest for the Dame in act three. Cant do three tasks at once.


              1. I found that just visiting friends 10 times over and over chips away 1/3 of the money level each time. I went from level 4 to level 7 after reading about the visiting trick. My task to throw money was gone from Mr. Burns’ list at level 3 part 7 over so. Each time I’ve leveled up, I just choose the throw money task, as opposed to the 6 hr task, visit 10 friends 3 times and return to my Springfield. This only takes the money that you pay for the first task, so it doesn’t deduct from the remaining 9 tasks.


            3. I had to rearrange the Burns estate, but I managed to place the money mountain between the pool of money and the dracula graveyard. Not sure I totally like it, but it will probably look better when it’s piled high with money.


  10. Do you need Mr Burns free to trigger this?


  11. Thanks as usual !!
    But !! We still need more land !!! 😳😁😡
    Things are really getting tight ! 😥😁😔😨


  12. Thanks for putting this out there. 😉


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