Terwilligers Takedown Premium Walkthrough: Bob Clones and Rakes

Hello fellow tappers,

EA just released the takedown update for the Terwilligers Event, adding the Rakes as permanent character in the store, and adding 3 Bob Clones for a limited time.
In this post we’re going to walk you through the questlines for the Bob Clones and the new questline for the Rakes.

If you buy a Bob Clone, a new short questline will start for each one unlocked:

Dear Dairy

Auto start

Homer HeadCecil, can science help a man whose wife keeps yelling at him to stop buttering his vegetables because the cholesterol is going to kill him?
sidebar_cecilYes, if you’re willing to rely on a technicality.

Task: Tap Bob Clone

Homer HeadOoh!
Marge HeadHomer J. Simpson! Are you buttering your vegetables?
Homer HeadNo Marge. *I* am not.

Hula There

Auto start

Tapped_Out_Selma_IconHe’s so handsome.
sidebar_mutantclone02Tango…waltz…beautiful lady…
Tapped_Out_Selma_IconAnd he talks better than most of my previous boyfriends, too.
Tapped_Out_Selma_IconI haven’t been this turned on since McGyver escaped from a dungeon using only a sardine can opener.
Tapped_Out_Selma_IconDance for me, you manly w_eed!

Task: Tap Tall Bob Clone

Tapped_Out_Selma_IconSo much passion!
Tapped_Out_Selma_IconVitamin-C you later, suckers.

Pop Till You Drop

Auto start

sidebar_mutantclone03Pop. Pop.
Homer HeadHuh? I don’t speak salad.
sidebar_mutantclone03POP POP POP!

Task: Tap Short Bob Clone

Homer HeadMmmm Popcorn.
Homer HeadCome with me, you can live in Bart’s room.
Homer Head*whispers* Just don’t try to kill him.

If you earned rakes during the Terwilligers Event, or bought them, the questline from Sideshow Bob Rake It to the Limit One More Time continues:

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 5

Sideshow Bob starts

sidebar_sideshowbobI can’t wait to start my day teaching at Springfield Elementary.
sidebar_sideshowbobI love the look of joy on eight-year-old faces as you recite to them “The Canterbury Tales” in the original Middle English.
sidebar_sideshowbobFinally free of my obsessions, I stride confidently across the playground, a free man!

Task: Make Sideshow Bob Meet His Raker
Time: 1h
Location: Rake
Task: Make Bart Laugh His Head Off
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary

sidebar_sideshowbobEvery rake that hits me increases my rage!
sidebar_sideshowbobWhat cruel tormentor doomed me to this fate?
Skinner HeadI’m fairly confident it was Bart Simpson. From the fourth grade?
sidebar_sideshowbobThen Bart Simpson must die!

Rake It to the Limit One More Time Pt. 6

Sideshow Bob starts

Homer HeadBart, I just got a call from Principal Skinner. Sideshow Bob is trying to kill you again.
Homer HeadHe says it’s okay if you stay home today, as long as you get a permission slip from me.
Bart head iconI told you Sideshow Bob couldn’t be trusted! I’ll be hiding in my room.
Homer HeadI didn’t say I was going to give you permission.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconGreat job, Bart. You proved that Sideshow Bob wanted to kill you by driving him so crazy that he wants to kill you.
Homer HeadIt just goes to show, you can vaporize people in a nuclear explosion, but you can’t stop two jerkwads from driving each other crazy.

Task: Make Sideshow Bob Plot His Revenge
Time: 24h

This is all for now, join us tomorrow for the Level 53 kwik-tap guide, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Terwilligers Takedown Premium Walkthrough: Bob Clones and Rakes

  1. Cecil has a task at the opera- stand up- and it isn’t visible but when he completes it and you click the thumbs up he is dressed as a clown for a second before he changes back to his normal clothes.. Is this a glitch or does the stand up animation work for other people?


    1. It’s a glitch as much as Bob’s Laugh Maniacally doing the same with monsarno building/simpson home


    2. I’m guessing Glitch. I have had no problems, yet:)


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