How Do the Level 53 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

Hello fellow tappers,

Today we’re going to discuss how the Level 53 items affect the Conform-O-Meter and the change to the ratings that this update brought.
You can find the breakdown after the jump.

Building or Item Rating Points
Spiffany’s Consumerism 10
Malibu Stacy Headquarters Consumerism 10
Stacy Dream House Indolence 10
Stiletto Sculpture Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Lisa Lionheart Display Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Pool Vanity 410

The Rating levels changed as usual:

Category Points Increase
Indolence 570 0
Obedience 330 0
Consumerism 368 0
Gluttony 411 10
Tree-hugging 44,125 1,850
Vanity 64,370 2,500
Righteousness 329 12
Socialism 3,450 144

Level 51’s Consumerism 5 Stars requirement raised back to 368 points (+20).
Level 52’s Socialism 5 Stars requirement raised to 3306 points (+144).

Base level multipliers and Building prices, however, didn’t change, as EA introduced a new multiplier level! Now buildings need to wait another level before lowering the multiplier and thus the price!

Level Old Multiplier New Multiplier
45 x1.3 x1.3
46 x1.3 x1.3
47 x1.4 x1.4
48 x1.6 x1.6
49 x2.0 x2.0
50 x3.0 x3.0
51 x4.0 x4.0
52 x4.0 x4.0
53 x4.0 x4.0

This is all for now, hope you’re enjoying this fun new level and we’ll see you next time for the Level 53 walkthrough! Happy tapping!


2 thoughts on “How Do the Level 53 Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

  1. I decided to buy another rake for Krusty. I clicked and nothing happened, but my donuts decreased. I looked everywhere, couldn’t find it, so I tried again and it brought my donuts down to one donut, I clicked and nothing happened, except my donuts decreased. I looked everywhere couldn’t find it, and never got a rake again.
    Now I have two problems. If I’m going to spend that much I should get three rakes instead of two and I would like to access my rakes that I bought:(


    1. try force close or reinstallation or then contact ea directly


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