List of items that can’t be sold and stored (Update: Homer vs the 18th Amendment, “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” Episode Tie-In and The Springfield Jobs Teaser)

Hello fellow hoarders,

Today, we’re going to make a list some asked: a list of all items that can’t be sold. We’ll update this list once new items are released.
Click here for the List of items that can be taken to Krustyland!
Click here for the List of items that can be used on Squidport!
Click here for the List of items with Bonus Multiplier for Money and XP on jobs!
Click here for the List of Unique Decorations!
Items in red are also not storable.


Simpson Home
Kwik-E-Mart (first)
Krusty Burger (first)
Lemon Tree
Golden Calf Idol
Krustyland Entrance
Krustyland Shuttle (To Springfield)
Krustyland Shuttle (To Krustyland)
Squidport Entrance
Krustyland Debris
Forgotten Grave
Money Mountain
Kamp Krusty
Jebediah Statue
Suspicious Dirt Pile
Film Set
The Hungry Hun
Frink’s Lab
Duff Brewery
Volcano Lair
School Bus
Krustylu Studios
Rancho Relaxo
The Happy Sumo
Florence of Arabia
Lovejoy Residence
Cracker Factory
Springfield YMCA
Malibu Stacy HQ
Lotto ‘N’ Liquor
Unfinished Shed
Preparatory School
Stu’s Disco
Rocket Car
Powers House
Apu’s Appartment
Powell Motors
Powell Mansion
Krusty Burger
Springfield Coliseum
Lugash’s Gym
Springfield Gorge
Open Air Stage
Sprawl Mart
Lard Lad Donuts
Aztec Theatre
Springfield Observatory
Duff Stadium
Asia De Cuba
Robby The Automaton
Little Lady Justice
Chalk Outline
Fat Chalk Outline
Stunt Bike
Butterfly Tent
Springfield Sign
Tire Yard
Apple Tree
Orange Tree
Tree Swing
Fire Shrub
Premium Bench
Premium Dumpster
Premium Planter
Picket Fence
Homer’s Hammock
Shooting Car
Channel 6 News Van
Worldwide Broadcast Dish
Burns Limo
Police Car
Mount Carlmore
Hot Tub
Santa’s Little Helper Topiary
Museum of Natural History
Mini Nuclear Warhead
Southern Cracker Fountain
Unoriginal Log Ride
Krusty’s One Plate Maximum Buffet
Duff Beer Fountain
Eyeballs of Death
Mt. Krustmore
Clown Garbage Can
Krusty Fountain
Vesuvius Pizza
Marvin Monroe’s Tombstone
Duff Party Liner
Springfield Clamphitheater
Left Handed Roadster
Itchy & Scratchy Billboard
Homer’s Ballet
Shiva Statue
Ferris Wheel
Planet Hype
Hot Dog Stand
Popcorn Stand
Boardwalk Fountain
Basketball Game
Radioactive Man Billboard
Overpass Diner
Old Gray Mare
Springfield Country Club
Plato’s Republic Casino
Jockey Chalk Outline
Rigellian Chalk Outline
XP Collider
Springfield Museum
Big T Tree
Big Box
World’s Largest Redwood (incomplete)
World’s Largest Redwood
Duff Beeramid
Male Gnome
Female Gnome
Duff Statue of Liberty


Shadow Knight’s Throne
Mansion of Solid Gold
The Castle of Equalia
Blarney Castle
Big Butt Skinner Balloon
Ice Cream Truck
Oktoberfest Gate
Sepulcher of Evil
Kwik-E-Mart Central Office
Duff Gardens

Friend Points

Olmec Head
Homer’s Car
Little Black Box
It Blows
KBBL Radio
Marge Tetherball
Singing Sirloin
Angel Fossil
Bloodbath and Beyond
H. M. O.
Mulberry Island


Cool Brown House
Swanky Fish
Homer’s Grave
Cremo Bot
Manual Power Generator
Red Electric Car
Yellow Electric Car
Blue Electric Car
Nightmare Pile
Bart’s Big Wheel
Lisa’s Kiddie Car
Mr. Sparkle Billboard
Waverly Hills Elementary
Anti-Gutenberg 3000
Duff Party Bus
Tree-Eyed Sushi
Hi-Glow Waste Barrels
Krusty’s Mansion
Duff Blimp
U.S.S. Tom Clancy
Oscar’s Obstacles Truck
Duff Racer
Springfield Falls
Guitar Central
The Homer
Guinea Pig Rescue Center
Strupo Statue
Macaroni’s Shed
Ice Palace
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard
Excellence Prize Statue
Frinksonic MHV
Giant Grasshopper
Inflatable Gorilla And Baboons
Duff Barney Blimp
Oedipus Rx
Statue of Burns
Official Halloween HQ
Bob’s Victorian House
Ancient Ornamental Pond
Police Tank
Quick & Fresh
Exploration Inc.
Mars Colony
Yellow Submersible
Springfield Bowl
New Lard Lad
Moe’s Brewing Co.
Retro Lard Lad
Quimby’s Broken Promises Billboard
Havana Private Home
1958 Car
Jay G’s Mansion
Jay G’s Pool
Soccer Net (“22 for 30” Episode Tie-In’s)
Outdoor Half-Court
7200 Ounce Squishee
ESBN Sports Desk
All Smelling Tower
Treestache’s Grove
Music Station
STEM Conference Hotel
Gavelby’s Auction House
Brick Townhomes

Springfield Heights

Coffee Shop
L.A. Body Works
Institute of Technology
John’s Pharmaceuticals
Heights Theater
Deluxe Condo
Business Center
Classic Mansion
Modern Mansion
Valet Parking
Red Blazer Realty
Health Spa
Plastic Surgery Center
Column Mansion
Montessori School
Ziff Mansion
Burns Slant-Drilling Co.
Incubator Think Tank
Polo Field House
Fancy Wall
Fancy Fence
Fancy Lampost
Fancy Gate
Springfield Heights Gate
Classy Fountain
Fancy Tree
Fancy Bush
Gold Mail Box
Lamborgotti Festarossa
Money Tree
Luxury Yacht
Jet Ski
Polo Field
Solid Gold Brick Wall
Solid Gold Fence
Flying Car
Springfield Lake
Billionaire Haven
Classic Entrance
Classic Front Balcony
Classic Garage
Classic Garden
Classic Hot Tub
Classic Middle Building
Palm Tree 1
Palm Tree 2
Classic Side Balcony
Classic Side Building
Classic Small Balcony
Small Plant
Modern Art Statue
Modern Anwing
Modern Middle Building
Modern Fountain
Modern Garage
Modern Lower Balcony
Modern Pool
Modern Side Building 1
Modern Side Building 2
Modern Solar Panel
Modern Upper Balcony
Beach Front Escalier
Gold Fancy Tree
Gold Palm Tree
Gold Small Plant
Springfield Heights Entrance (Unreleased)
Small Springfield Heights Entrance (Unreleased)
Marketing Agency
Exclusive Resort
Mountain Lodge
Opera House
Private Island
Clay Tennis Court
Gone Fission
Ocean Suite
Elegant Grill
Ultra Luxury Yacht
Elite Yacht Club
Gone Fission
Ornate Pier
Ornate Pier Bench
Ornate Pier Railing
Ornate Pier Post
Resort Wing
Resort Entrance
Resort Balcony
Resort Annex
Resort Gardens
Resort Stairway
Resort Tower
Resort Elevator
Exotic Pond
Springfielde Glenne Condos
Fancy Farms
Beach Hideaway
Hideaway Deck
Hideaway Stairs
Hideaway Walkway (No Roof)
Hideaway Bridge
Hideaway Hut
Hideaway Platform
Hideaway Gazebo
Hideaway Walkaway
Hideaway Pool

Road to Riches

Springfield Dam
Mansion Gardens Statue
Mansion Gardens Gazebo
Mansion Gardens Square
Mansion Gardens Pillar
Mansion Gardens Planter
Mansion Gardens Pond
Mansion Gardens Tree Line
Mansion Gardens Platform
Rock and a Hard Place

Homer the Heretic

Hamburger Heaven
Penny Fountain
Cut-Glass Cathedral
Temple Beth Springfield
Chess Table
Perfect Beer Truck
Brother Faith Van
Fake Toll Booth

The Buck Stops Here

Capital City Plaza Hotel
Capital City Convention Center
Springfield Hall of Records
U.S. Capitol Building
Capital City Capitol Building
Preppers’ Compound
Stonecutter Tunnel
Stonecutter Tunnel (Entry)

Deep Space Homer

Shuttle Hangar
Space Training Center
Inanimated Carbon Rod Monument
Rocket Launch Pad
Space Shuttle Simulator

Bart Royale

Fifty-Year Ice Cream Supply
Mega Playscape
Junk Base
Ruffian Fort
Scrap City
Outlands Simpsons House
Water Baron Burns Mansion
Truck Shack
Grub Shack
Outlands Factory
Zip Zap and ‘Za
Juvenile Correction Facility
Tire Fence
Bare Bronze
Training Grounds
Outlands Gate
Outlands Water Tower
Playscape Barrier
Junk Barrier
Ruffian Barrier
Straight Trench
Corner Trench
End Trench
Playscape Lookout
Junk Lookout
Ruffian Tower
Small Rubble Pile
House Frame
Horse-Drawn SUV
Dragons Teeth
Chopper Ride
Bagpipe Bus
Outland Sign
Dodgeball Court
Moe’s Express

Lunar New Year

Chinese Lantern
Chinese Junk
Giant Takeout Box
Great Wall Tower (main)
Great Wall Tower
Great Wall Section (horizontal)
Great Wall Section (diagonal)
Yellow Dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon
Year of the Rooster Statue

Destination Springfield

Springfield Airport
Reward Center
Tourist Information Center
Himeji Castle
KTV Building
Royal Tokyo
Sumo Stadium
Chateau Maison
Eiffel Tower
Le Krusty Burger
Paris Hotel
Filthy Angels Orphanage
Rio Days-Inn-Ero
Samba School
Tree Steakhouse
Chocolate Chapel
Norbert’s Plane
Runway Corner
Runway Straight
Black Leather Plane
Plane Bot
Japanese Lantern (Small)
Japanese Maple Tree
Mount Fuji
Shinto Shrine
Arc de Triomphe
Boulangerie Patisserie
Bicycle with Basket
French Fountain
Grape Stomping Vat
Lavender Field
Motorcycle with Sidecar
Pont du Gard
Venus De Milo
Wine Barrels
Brazilwood Tree
Carnival Float
Lifeguard Tower
Painted Home (x9)
Santa Teresa Tram
Street Soccer Court
Sugarloaf Mountain
Try and Stop Us Billboard
Unlicensed Taxi
Gold Train
Runway Light
Vending Machine


Football Field

Valentine’s Day

Tunnel of Love
Madame Chao’s
Up, Up and Buffet
Love Bench
Lovely Fence
Lovely Lampost
Lovely Flower Cart
Cherub Bird Bath
Valentine’s Balloons
Lovely Gazebo
Fountain of Love
Sir Love-A-Lot
Animatronic Bears
Phineas Q. Batterfats
Howard’s Flowers
Rose Bush
Valentine’s Tree
Love Planter
Rose Arch
Valentine’s Pond
Cherub Topiary
Cozy Hammock
I Choo-Choo-Choose You Train
Starline Commander
Coconut Babaloo
Der Krazy Kraut
She-She Lounge
Motherloving Sugar Co.
Snuggler’s Cove


Radioactive Man Statue
Kane Manor
Rad Mobile
Burns State Prison
Superior Squad HQ
National Bank of Springfield
Death Mountain
Zenith City Apartments
Zenith City Lofts
Zenith City Store Front
Zenith City Times
Crap Silo
Tar Pits
Botanical Garden
Bartman Cave
Beach House
Super Jeb
Radstation Air Fortress
Zenith City Phone Booth
Orphan Alley
Soilant Red Factory
First Bank of Springfield
Spirography Factory
Springfield Books
Wholesome and Sons Publishing
One Week Wonder Films
Burns’ Summer Mansion
Springfield Asylum
Dr. Lenny’s Lab
Dead Lobster
Mylar Baggins
Zenith City Condo
Zenith City Penthouse
Zenith City Offices
Aqua World Fuel Tank
Aqua World Prison Tower
Aqua World Fishing Platform
Atomic Bomb
Attack Helicopter
Bent Over Lamppost
The Collector Lucite Statue
Basketball Court
Garbage Can
Green Bin
Zenith City Bin
Hero Clothesline
High Voltage Transformer
Lobster Island
Lucite Container
Zenith City Mailbox
Milhouse’s Trailer
Painted Horse
Plastic Prison
Radioactive Man Billboard
X-Ray Machine
X-Ray Truck
Satellite Station
Giant Snake in a Tree
Pie Man Epic Statue
The Collector’s Car
Aqua World Main Guard Tower
Aqua World Wharf
Radioactive Man Movie Set
Spooky Cabin (Premium)
Señor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta
Zenith City Billboard (Premium)
Hero Clothesline (Premium)
Pies and Explosives Pile
Señor Ding Dong’s Doorbell Fiesta Van
Pies for Guns Booth

Burns’ Casino

Water Show Fountain
Burns’ Casino
Welcome To Springfield Sign
Players Club Tower
Burns’ Fountain
Life-sized Spruce Moose
Peacock Lounge
Nero’s Fountain
Nero’s Palace Arch
Newark Newark Sign
Golddiggers Sign
Cowgirl Sign
Dupes Sign
Cycling Spotlight
Multi-colored Spotlight
Impulse Wedding Chapel
Chinese Acrobatic Theatre
La Belle Frottage
Constant Fountain
Sequence Fountain 1
Sequence Fountain 2
Sequence Fountain 3
Sequence Fountain 4
Casino Concierge Kiosk
White Spotlight
Walk of Fame Star
Gaming Moe’s
Cletus’s Dice Den
Homer’s House of Cards
Lucky Casino
Nero’s Palace Casino
Safari Casino
Britannia Casino
Woodstock Casino
Ficus Plant
Exotic Tree
Nero’s Wall

Rommelwood Academy

Rommelwood Academy
Rommelwood Barracks
Enriched Learning Center
Hangar 18
Rommelwood Statue
The Eliminator
Training Plane
Keep Out Sign
Death to Homer Missile
Atomic Bomb (Rommelwood Academy)

St. Patrick’s Day

O’Flanagan’s Pub
Sham Rock Cafe
Leprechaun Statue
Wishing Well
Shamrock Topiary
Stack of Beer
Notre Dame of Springfield
Pride of Ulster Banner
St. Patrick’s Day Flag
Pot O’Gold Float
Canadian Crossing
Hooch City
Poppa Wheelie’s
Duff Puff
Unruly Crowd
Bathtub Brewery
Duff Float
St. Patrick’s Day Banner
Circle of Death

Hellfish Bonanza

Hellfish Monument
Hellfish Treasure Chest

The Springfield Jobs

Car Pillar

Secret Agents

Weiner Wall
Non-Weiner Wall
E.P.A. Truck
Lava Machine
Secret Agent Car
Death Table
Secret Bus Shelter
Dead Drop Mailbox
Checkpoint Park Bench
A.T.F. Van
Manhole Station
Watchful Billboard
Automated Tracking Machine
Spy Carriage
Deep Dome Drill
Vigilant Town Square
Parachute Target
Globex R&D Wing
Globex Operations Wing
Bistro Set
Springfield Day Cleaner
Painless Dentistry
You Only Own Twice
Knot What It Seams
Hammock District
Stoner’s Pot Palace
Scremapillar Pond
Fragrant Spy-acinths
Nothing to See Here
Agency Headquarters
Hidden Research Facility
Surveillance Post
Auxillary Agency HQ
Cypress Creek Elementary
Globex Compound
Cypress Creek Home
Cappuccino Royale
Cafe Kafka
Crouching Panda Hidden Egg Roll
Sha-Boom Ka-Boom Cafe
Globex Balloon
Cypress Creek Sign
E.P.A. Hover Jet
Not a Laser Shark Pool

Whacking Day

Fort Sensible
Whacking Day Banner
Snake Statue
Balance Beam
Snake Egg
Ninja Homer Practice Snake
Sleep Eazy Motel
Wind Sock
Whacking Mugs Stalls
Whacking Stick Stall
Whacking T-Shirt Stall
Whacking Day Banner
Green Practice Snake
Purple Practice Snake
Red Practice Snake
Yellow Practice Snake
Snake Speakers
Snake Rocks
Snake Stump
Hollow Snake Trunk


Blocko Store
Banana Dictatorship
Johnny Fiestas
Crazy Cat House
Fireworks, Candy and Puppy Dogs
Natural Faberge Egg
Frink-Thetic Egg Generator Mk I
Frink-Thetic Egg Generator Mk II
Sumatran Century Flower
Easter Fence
Pastel Picket Fence
Easter Gate
Beach, Towel and Umbrella
Easter Egg Pile
Easter Banner
Easter Float
Easter Pond
Kang Topiary
Kodos Topiary
Easter Tree
Easter Island God
Easter Flag
Praiseland Statue

Crook and Ladder

Springfield Fire Department
Fire Truck
Fire Hydrant
Pinwheel Firework
Box of Fireworks
Vehicle Pileup

Spring Cleaning

Springfield Greenhouse
Moe’s House
Street Cleaner


Monsarno Research
Outdoor Opera Stage
Minimum Security Prison
Museum of Swordfish
Springfield Farmers Market
Old Simpson Farm
Republican Party HQ
Italian Villa
It’s a Wonderful Knife
Gas and Grub
Monsarno Library
Monsarno Chimp Resources
Monsarno Cafeteria
Monsarno Human Resources
Monsarno Founder Statue
Willie’s Tractor
Homer Decoy
S.P.D. Blimp
Welcome Bob Sign
Five Corners
Sani-John Smokehouse
Rolling Rock
Cactus Patch
Cane Field
Outdoor Opera Seats
Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth
Monsarno Flower Wall
Simpson Houseboat
Rad-ish Station

Wild West

Town Plaza
General Store
Top Chop Barber Shop
Ordnance Express
Part and Parcel Postal
Wilted Rose
Hootenanny Barn
Sneed’s Feed & Seed
Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts
Wild West Film Set
Forgotten Gold Treasure
Cactus Rock (x3)
Stage Coach
Hitched Horse
Bloodbath Gulch Sign
Frontier Cemetery
Frontier Water Tower
Mortician Carriage
Horse Trough
Wooden Barrel
Wooden Barrels (x2)
Covered Wagon
Rock Pile (x3)
Rock Pillar (x3)
Frontier Fence
Hot Springs
Cow Tongues
Carl’s Dad Caverns
Old Mine
Frink’s Mechano Spider
Hitching Post
Frontier Gate
Bandit Fort
Old West Sign

Pin Pals

Pin Pals Bowling Alley
Nick’s Bowling Shop
The Other Nick’s Bowling Shop
Fiesta Terrace
Bowling Lane
Claw Machine
Bowling Trophy
Perfect Game Balloon

Homer’s Chiliad

Donut Tray
Donut Store
Donut Truck
Donut Boat
Insanity Cauldron
A Little Bit of Lenny
King Chili Tent
Five Alarm Chily
Hellfire Pepper Cactus

Forgotten Anniversary

Heavenly Hills Mall
Heavenly Hills West Wing
Heavenly Hills East Wing
Homer’s Workbench

Time Traveling Toaster

Excavation Site
Mom & Pop Hardware
Springsonian Museum
Moe’s Cavern
Tuts ‘n’ Tots Elementary
Egyptian Pyramid
Abu Simbel Temple
Candy Apple Island
Curvaceous Cave
Springfield Historical Society
Concert Hall
Panini Press
Valvet Rope
Cave Wall
Mammoth Statue
Pterodactyl Nest
Dinosaur Lake
Banana Lead Windmill
Orb of Isis
Pirate Animatronic
Pirate Fire Pit
Pirate Ship
Prehistoric Plant
Cave Drawing
Burning Tree
Skinner Sarcophagus
Shallow Grave
Pirate Booty
Pirate Bridge
Prehistoric Foliage
Dragonfly Rock
Egyptian Pillar
Egyptian Sundial
Pirate Treasure
Grog Barrel
Prehistoric Fern
Bart Sphinx
Egyptian Outhouse
Egyptian Tent
Skeleton Pile
Mermaid Petting Zoo
Egyptian Column
Pirate Cannon
Dinosaur Skeleton
Tar Field
Triceratops Statue
Siren Masthead
Giant Mushrooms (Winter 2016’s doesn’t have bonus))
Pile of Gold
Giant Snake in a Tree (Superheroes 2’s doesn’t have bonus)
red and gold Medieval Banner (Clash of Clones’ doesn’t have bonus)
Guillotine (Clash of Clones’ doesn’t have bonus)
Hangman Cage
Egyptian Playground
Pharaoh Tent
Pirate Prison
Acid Pools
Prehistoric Jungle
Waterslide Tree
Pharaoh Throne


Stonecutter Lodge
Stonecutter Daycare Center
Abandoned Store
Satan’s Anvil
All-Seeing Eye
Sacred Parchment
Ark of the Stonecovenant
Money Pool
Stone of Triumph
Tube Slide
Hieroglyph Wall
Chest of Sacred Artifacts
Stonecutter Table
Satan’s Anvil

Pride Month 2015

Ajax Steel Mill
Rainbow Tree
Rainbow Flag
Pride Billboard

Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015

Alley Mcballs
Basketball Stadium
Stadium Entrance
Springfield Arms
The Gridiron
Simpsons Laser Tag
Grass Field
Low Blow Boxing
T-Ball Stand
Football Tire Target
Bowling Setup Machine
Tennis Machine
Boxing Ring
Football Uprights
Soccer Net
Obstacle Tires
Obstacle Wall
Obstacle Wire
Obstacle Log
Homerclese Statue
Single Stadium Bleachers
Double Stadium Bleachers
Triple Stadium Bleachers
Stadium Lights
Tennis Court
Stadium Fence
Taste of Duff Beer Truck
Flags (x34)

4th of July

Nighthawk Diner
Lincoln’s Cabin
Liberty Bell
American Flag
Pinwheel Firework
Crate of Fireworks
Lisa Statue Of Liberty
Giuseppe’s Workshop
Lincoln Memorial
Fireworks Barge
Ye Olde Cherry Tree
Box of Fireworks
Giuseppe’s Workshop
Springfield National Park
Old Faithless
Heisenhower’s 4×4

Stunt Cannon

Stunt Cannon


Rock Stage
Pop Stage
Hip-Hop Stage
Sungazer Studio
The Jazz Hole
Snub Club
New Bedlam Rest Home
Classified Records
Alcatraaaz’s Mansion
Gold Records on Walls Studio
Jazzy Goodtime’s
All Sales Vinyl
Solomon’s Temple
Rockin’ Ark
Pig Balloon
Sungazer Tour Bus
Rock Neon Sign
Cletus’ Monster Truck
Duff Fence
Duff Tent
Floor Speaker
Cheering Crowd
Rock N’ Roll Cart
Rock Camp Thread Shed
Rock Camp Entrance
Pop Star Plane
Buzz Cola Fence
Buzz Cola Tent
Rude Crowd
Laser Light
Smoke Machine
Stage Turret
Concert Lights
Speaker Stack
Bling Cup
Praiseland Gate
Praiseland Wall
Forbidden Tree
Blasting Bass
Festival Fence

Springfield Games

Go-Kart Track
Springfield Pin Stand
Springfield Games Podium
Springfield Games Cauldron
Cristo of Springfield


Springfield Dump
Metal Depot
Plastic Depot
Glass Depot
Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center
Monorail Station
Krusty’s Drive-Thru Station
Mall-O-Rail Station
Little Lisa’s Recycling Plant
Rail Yard
Tetanus Terminal
Monorail Cafe
Straight Track Piece
Straight Track Piece half
Curve Track Piece
S Curve Piece
Garbage Truck
Station Awning
Station Extension
Station Stairs
Station Platform
Drive-Thru Awning
Drive-Thru Extension
Drive-Thru Stairs
Drive-Thru Platform
Mall-O-Rail Awning
Mall-O-Rail Extension
Mall-O-Rail Stairs
Mall-O-Rail Platform
Mechanical Ant Alpha
Mechanical Ant Beta
Mechanical Ant Gamma
Mechanical Ant Delta
Golf Course
Terminal Awning
Terminal Extension
Terminal Stairs
Terminal Platform
Project Board


3D Printer
Skyberdine Systems
Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart
Cryo Stasis Memorial
Big Digi-Ben
Future-Proofed Home
Soul Extraction Institute
Atomic Hula Hoop
Mushroom Office Building
Retro Style Townhouse
Global Housing
Tomorrow’s Costington’s
Office Towers
Homer’s Dream House
Elysium Project
Rocket to Your Doom
Future Simpson’s House
Home of Tomorrow
Springfield Hyperstadium
Luminescent Flowers
Holo Tulips
Future Street Lamp
Vacation to Venus Sign
Teleporter Billboard
Future Duff Sign
Simpson’s Hover Car
Parked Hover Car
Crazy Plane
Mech Robot
Holo-Tree (x9)
Hover Bench
Hover Street Sign
Fountain Of Tomorrow
Mobile Dome
Future Monument
Give Apes the Vote Billboard
Giant Robot
Springfield of Tomorrow Sign
Teleporters Zeta
Teleporter Theta
Holo-Flower Hedge
Holo-Large Hedge
Holo-Small Hedge
Holo-Boardwalk Tree
Holo-Exotic Tree
Holo-Lamp Post
Holo-Rose Bush

Clash of Clones

Boxingham Palace
Barbarian Castle
Castle Recycle
Cardboard Wall
Cardboard Tower
Cardboard Gates
Recycled Wall
Recycled Tower
Recycled Gates
Castle Wall
Castle Tower
Castle Gates
red and gold Medieval Banner
blue and beige Medieval Banner
blue and green Medieval Banner
Barbarian Statue
Hot Air Balloon
Hay Cart
Flaming Torch
Chicken Coop
Two-Story Outhouse
Medieval Tent
Elixir Mixer
Treasure Chest
Blue Nerd Knight
Blue Nerd Warrior
Blue Nerd Mage
Blue Nerd Rogue
Red Nerd Knight
Red Nerd Warrior
Red Nerd Mage
Red Nerd Rogue

County Fair

Fair Pavilion
Cheddarbarrel Farm
Turn Your Head and Coif
Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
Springfield Opry House
Corn Field
Wheat Field
Plowed Field
The World’s Biggest Ribbon
County Fair Sign
Cheddarbarrel Combine
The Paralyzer

Treehouse of Horror

Springfield Cemetary
Pet Cemetary
House of Evil
Bad Dream House
Super Collider
Ghost Pirate Airship
Spooky Tree
Pumpkin Patch
Dead Tree
Black Hole
Kang’s Cashed UFO
Ray Gun
Mayan Calendar Piece (x6)
Mayan Calendar
King Homer’s Skyscraper
First Church of Lard Lad
Ultrahouse 2
Pumpkin House
Gingerbread House
Twirl ‘n’ Hurl
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop
Burns Coffin
Victorian UFO
Spooky Wall
Freak Show Tent
Kodos’ Crashed UFO
Spooky House
Riggelian Tribal Hut
Drive-In Theater
Portal to Rigel 7
Make-A-Thing Workshop
Teleporter Alpha
Teleporter Omega
Riggelian Queen
Donut Torture Device
Tentacle Tree
The Grand Pumpkin
Ghost Zapper
Ancient Burial Ground
Wailing Wall
Freak Show Tent
Spooky Campfire
Spooky Cabin
Re-Neducation Center
The Shinning Maze
Spooky Grove
Bramble Hedge
Ancient Ruins
Spooky Shed
Biohazard Wall
Wavy-arm Elder God
Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep
Halloween Party Wall
Halloween Balloons
Spooky Tent
Gate to Nowhere
Lightup Elder God
Elder Blimp
Mechanical Ghost
Biohazard Tower
Impossible Tower
Sunken Temple
Rigellian Shrub
Construction Yard
Mag Office
Medieval Rich House
Burns Family Crypt
Count Burns’ Castle
Mad Doctor’s Castle
Shinning Hotel
Medieval Cathedral
Bell Tower
Large Mausoleum
House on Scary Hill
Battle Dome
Hellementary School
Meteor Egg
Covered Bridge
Wolf Rock
Dark Carriage
Vampire Casket
The Island of Dr. Hibbert
Haunted Stables
Forest Grove
Medieval Gate
Iron Wall
Gargoyle Wall
Forest Cave
Hanging Streetlamp
Flying Bats
Foggy Swamp
Zombie Sandwich
Monster Couch
Cemetery Plot
Nightmare Willie
Scary Dock
Town Square
Spooky Brambles
Despair Heights Sign
Magic Academy
Charmer’s Market
Magic Tower
Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
Elf Hotel
Walking Kwik-E-Mart
Department of Magical Vehicles
Magic Palace
Black Magic Hall
Mess Hall
Fantastical Beastarium
The Great Raymondo’s Home
Magic Academy Library
Royal Mypod
Faily Fields
Music Automaton
Famous Milk Cans
Giant Crystal Ball
Suffoclock of Sandy Doom
Magic Academy Ruins
Kearneymon’s Alley
Lewd’s Bar
Crawl’s Bar
Barfy’s Bar
Wiggops’ Station
Bully-vern’s Cave
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure
Cat Bus
Skinner Box-Kite
Skull Flag
Nerd Gold
Wedgie Skeleon
Chaise Lounge
Dance Platform
Mead Crates
Beast Toilet
Old TV
Beast Crib
Bonsai Beings
Magic Academy Castle Wall
Dormitory Tower
Magic Academy Castle Gate
Magical Essence Sucker
Magic Academy Courtyard
Lard Lad Donut
Weapon Rack
Crushed Car
Famous Milk Cans
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure
Elephant Statue
Treasure Chest
Burns Dragon Statue


Krustyland Poochie Balloon
Krustyland Itchy Balloon
Krustyland Stratchy Balloon
Ceasar’s Pow-Wow Casino
Stratchy Balloon
Blinky Balloon
Santa’s Little Helper Balloon
Snowball II Balloon
Itchy Balloon
Rusty The Clown Parade Balloon
Poochie Parade Balloon
Stampy Parade Balloon
The Grumple Parade Balloon
Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign
Piggly’s Super Smorg
Stomach Staples Center
Heimlich Machine
Caged Tom Turkey
Outdoor Feast Table
The Mayflower
The Vast Waistband
360 Degree Buffet Table
Turkey Stuffer*
Bart Balloon
Work from Home Station
Springfield Hunting Supplies
Camping Tent
Crappy RV
Wildlife Sanctuary
Improvised Snare
Yard Work Simulator
Slaughterhouse Restaurant
Deuce’s Caboose Chili Dogs
Meat Propaganda Billboard
Slaughterhouse Express
Sir Loin-A-Lot


Santa’s Village
Holiday Tree
Homer Snowman
Lisa Snowman
Bart Snowman
Marge Snowman
Maggie Snowman
Santa’s Workshop
Egg Nog Bar
Helter Shelter
Claus Co.
Happy Little Elves Ride
Springfield Skating Rink
Springfield Mall
Ice God
Plow King’s Plow
Grampa Snowman
Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog
Snowball II Snowcat
“Christmas” Totem
Present Depot
Elf Home
Festive Bow Lamp Post
Festive Bell Lamp Post
Festive Wreath Lamp Post
Festive Candycane
Festive Lawn Bell
Festive Fancy Lawn Bell
Festive Hot Drink Stand
Festive Lawn Angel
Festive Nutcracker
Festive Trashcan Fire
Toy Workshop
Sequel Stop
Elf Cannon
Cannon Control Building
King Winter’s Cave
Festive Light Plunger
The North Pole
Christmas Float
Duff Beer Tree
First Ever Christmas Tree
Nativity Scene
Spruce Caboose
Destroyed Holiday Wheel
Fever Cabin
Homer Fever Snowman
Burns Fever Snowman
Ski Lift
Ice Fence
Tropical Island
Toy Workshop Bell
Elf Portal
Small Island (x3)
Backwater Brewery
Jet Engine Bike
Devil Float
Mapple Store
Gingerbread Mansion (not storable if incomplete)
Best Snowman Ever (not storable if incomplete)
Exotic Petting Zoo (not storable if incomplete)
Reindeer Burger Truck (not storable if incomplete)
Moonshine Shack (not storable if incomplete)
Wall E. Weasel’s
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
Giant Outdoor Fireplace
Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene
Christmas Clams $50 a Pound
Hot Squishee Station
New Year’s Ball
Picture on a Rembrandt
Leftorium Express
Murdered Snowman
Pig of Paradise Pen
Wooly Mammoth Pen
Land Octopus Pen
Giant Snow Globe
Things Unnecessary
Ski Chalet
Wooly Bully
Chocolate Shoppe
Efcot Center
X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular
Buckingham Pay-Less Motel
Springfield Orphanage
Virgil’s Cabin
Abercrombie & Rich
Victor’s Secret
Duff Center Arena
North Pole Station
Springfield Animal Shelter
Fortress of Lonelitude
Ayn Rand School for Tots
Playdough Factory
Slide Factory
Fancy Igloo
Lollipop Flowers
Marshmallow Tree
Bear Cave
Gnome Box
Lumber Mill
$5 Antler Rental
Ba’al Pit
Phone-Henge Kiosk
Springfield Henge
Pagan Winter Carnival Sign
Goat God Statue
New God Mr. Burns Statue
Cult Flying Saucer
Devil Snowman
Sacrifice Your
Sheep to Odin
Small Pagan Tent
Large Pagan Tent
Pagan Hall
Dunk the Monk
Goat Head Statue
Giant Mushrooms
Large Mushrooms
Carnival Banner 1
Carnival Banner 2
Carnival Banner 3
Pagan Cauldron
Fir is Murder Christmas Tree
Dunking Device
Flander’s Frozen Car
Small Iceberg
Medium Iceberg
Large Iceberg
Old Tree Spirit
Giant Burning Goat
Pagan Bonfire
Pagan Hut
Pagan Fence
Singing Stone 1
Singing Stone 2
Singing Stone 3
Singing Stone 4
Singing Stone 5
Singing Stone 6
Singing Stone 7
Secret Singing Stone
Rigellian Christmas Spaceship

First Time Packs

Car Impound Lot
Ned’s Camper
Shelbyville Manhattan Statue

Hoping this is helpfull, see you all next time! Happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “List of items that can’t be sold and stored (Update: Homer vs the 18th Amendment, “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” Episode Tie-In and The Springfield Jobs Teaser)

  1. Christine Davis 04/15/2016 — 16:40

    I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this question. …i have 3 excellence prize statues. When I try to add them to my town..i get this error code…already built but won’t let me put it in my town. Does anyone know if this is normal?


  2. I think the lists of what can be taken to SP & KL from Springfield is an amazing and valuable resource; especially for those who are complaining that they need more land. There is plenty of room in KL and so much opportunity for creativity. I know that SP has some limits on how many items can be placed, but there is still potential there, too. Thanks for all the work that went into all these extensive lists!


  3. Cranky Kong 06/08/2015 — 01:29

    what are the Mayan Calendar Piece (x6)? :O


    1. It was part of the first Halloween 2012. Then it came in pieces. You had to earn each piece to get the God.
      When it was re-released it came in a package with Mayan Marge, Mayan Homer and the Mayan God


  4. Stephoscope 06/07/2015 — 01:03

    Looking at this list really makes me wish we could get rid of some of the rubbish we have. Like ugly decorations from old events


    1. but then people would complain about losing stuff by selling it by accident (thrust me. saw this things on ea forum many times). i still don’t get why we can sell the mapple store


      1. I agree with Stephoscope. How about a swap meet between friends or just a wood chipper. I have so much junk in inventory I want to get rid of. If a warning/confirmation was given before deletion no one can complain. All of this junk must be creating huge database files. Less inventory means smaller fb files snd faster app.


        1. Tell that to those who sold the Jebediah statue before it became unsalable and then got Jessica Lovejoy. There is no way to get it again so the quest cannot be completed. EA cannot put it in your game again either…


        2. The inventory is limitless so I can see it being an issue. And your inventory doesn’t count toward the item limit as none of the items are placed. It has to do with placed items and the ability to handle the item and any activity related to it as well as its animation.


  5. Such a long list. And many of the items are things you couldn’t have helped getting even if you never wanted them. Probably three quarters of my buildings have stuff I either no longer want or never wanted to begin with hidden behind them. Why do we have to have this stuff taking up space–and memory?


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