19 thoughts on “How to contact EA directly

  1. All of our attempts { Us Topix registered Folks outside the USA } to post in the “Topix Weird Forum” have been stifled, silenced and blocked…..

    I have reported it, three weeks ago last Monday…..I know we can talk by (Private Message) to othe registered people), but we (all of the folks from the countries I’ve mentioned (below) cannot post comments on any web site anywhere on “Weird”….this way (PM’s) seems to me, the only way we can get our message out …….Topix do not, and will not advise us of the problem, and there is no other way to contact them….Any assistance to help with this predicament would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you..Warm Regards.
    Adrian Knight

    PS:- included are People from UK; Australia; New Zealand; South Africa; Asia; South America and Europe.


  2. Every time you go to get coffee ,chairs, fitness center, books and when you quit playing the game it subtracts what you have already gotten thats bull shit cause you use to much data time. You need to take care of this issue. And when you buy donuts they charge you one month and then the next month to and i only purchased one thats bullshit too take care of this problems bad reviews will hurt


    • 1st of all we’re not EA in any shape or form please contact them directly. there’s only 1 transaction to donuts if done once. contact them immediatly following the istructions here.
      when you send people on jobs at some of the Heights buildings they consume the collected items to start the job, indicated in the job start screen


  3. Hey my Simpsons game won’t load it’s been going on for 3 days then it will cut off and say can’t connect to the server What’s up with the game please help soon!


  4. I am starting to get really fed up with this game now everything new that comes out is donuts it’s never money and the odd time it is money it’s a ridiculous price


  5. Monorail Event: I have been completing projects like crazy. My progress bar is outside the window. I am unable to collect rails. What gives? How are we going to make this right?


  6. Yes I lost my entire town and 200 doughnuts. Took me 23 EA talks. Also I did not receive but 40 of my doughnuts back. Town they found but that was not what I was happy about . Saving doughnuts to buy certain items. Free game .


  7. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could help me ? Since the Springfield heights update I have not been able to access my town. When I click to go into my town it says my other device did save my progress but I have not played on any other device. Anyway when I click continue another box pops up which says land error contact support. I have emailed EA and they are working on the problem. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem in the past or present & if it was fixed or if they lost there town ?


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  9. I have to say I had a problem last week where 2 characters were locked in a task and couldn’t be unlocked. Yes it took a couple of days but EA fixed it and even gave me donuts for the down time. Say what you will about them, but the support staff at EA are really on the players side.


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