Episode Fact File: The Simpsons Movie! – Part 3: The Facts

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Fox ended Season 26 on May 17, 2015 with Mathlete’s Feat which completes our Episode Fact File series for the year. As a result, we’re going to now start on analyzing the movie that was released in theaters on July 27, 2007.
We will recap the movie with pictures, video clips and more. Due to the length of the article, it’ll be divided into 3 parts. In this third and final part, we’re going to analyze the episode facts, trivias and references of the movie.


  • Titanic: Green Day play “Nearer, My God, to Thee” on violins as their barge sinks, a reference to the film.
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me : When Bart is riding his skateboard naked, different passing objects are constantly covering his genitalia, a nod to similar techniques used in the films.
  • Disney: Homer and Marge’s love scene parodies many Disney films, with Disney-style animals helping them undress. Also, Bart, while wearing a black bra on his head like Disney-style ears, impersonates Mickey Mouse on the train, calling himself “the mascot of an evil corporation”.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Homer plays Grand Theft Walrus, an allusion to the video game series.
  • Happy Feet: In the above game, his character shoots a tap-dancing penguin in reference to the film.
  • Spider-Man: The “Spider-Pig” song is a parody of the theme song of the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon.
  • Harry Potter: Homer renames Spider-Pig Harry “Plopper” and dresses him in glasses and a lightning scar, a reference to the Harry Potter character.
  • An Inconvenient Truth: The name of Lisa’s lecture, An Irritating Truth, is a play on Al Gore’s documentary.
  • Full Metal Jacket: The bomb disposal robot was based on Vincent D’Onofrio’s character Leonard “Pyle” Lawrence, who commits suicide in a similar way.
  • Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: At the end of the film, the crowd’s celebration is similar to the conclusion of the final Star Wars film, with Carl performing exactly the same hand gestures as Lando Calrissian.
  • Hillary Clinton: The former Democratic Presidential candidate appears as Itchy’s vice president.
  • Independence Day: The scene where the EPA Dome is delivered to Springfield (notably the immense shadow covering Springfield and the People’s reactions) resembles the Alien Destroyers positioning themselves over Washington DC, New York City, and Los Angeles scenes in the movie.
  • American Idiot“: A funeral version of the song is played at Green Day’s funeral.
  • Burger King: Krusty Burger’s new product the Clogger is a reference to Burger King’s product the Whopper.
  • The Night of the Living Dead: The scene were the hands break the door and try to get Homer is similar to the scene in The Night of the Living Dead, where the zombies try to enter the farmhouse with the survivors.
  • Homer has a Nokia phone.
    • Or, at least, a phone with the Nokia ringtone.


  • Snowball II doesn’t appear during the movie.
  • The film’s “color and shading” was brighter than the one used on the show, since the film is made in a 16:3 aspect. Then 2 years later the same style of “color and shading” is used from the middle of Season 20.
  • Ned refers to wetting oneself as “praying through the knees”.
  • Dr. Nick Riviera is killed by a giant piece of the dome’s glass, yet in the season 20 episode “Lost Verizon” he is seen alive.
  • Bart’s penis is briefly shown to the viewers during his nude ride to Krusty Burger, but up till then and after that it is blocked out.
  • Homer’s statement to Maggie after knocking Russ Cargill, “What a great accident you turned out to be!” was a reference to Homer’s Maggie conception story in “And Maggie Makes Three”, where he and Marge had conceived Maggie at a time that neither Marge nor Homer had planned.
  • In some shots of the movie the characters tongues are pink instead of red.
  • Herman Hermann is one of the people seen lifting up the Simpsons’ car when they try to drive away.
  • Colin can write backwards.
    • The dome can be written on.
  • When Homer folds out the map of Alaska he puts it on the wall, and it stays there without falling down, without any sellotape, blue tac or anything that helps things stick. The same goes for when Homer puts the map on the car
  • The Simpsons brought their winter clothes with them when they went to Alaska.
  • Bart comes into the bedroom pointing to the TV saying “Have you seen that?”, meaning that there must have been another TV in the cabin.
  • Marge hasn’t looked around properly yet when she asks Bart if he’s drinking whisky.
  • In an overhead view of the people in The First Church of Springfield, Sherri, Terri, somebody and their mother can be seen. This “somebody” could be Sherri and Terri’s father, but as their father’s appearance changes a lot, and many of the characters are in a random order, it could be someone else.
  • Just before the Simpson family arrive at church, Brandine and Cletus sit down.
  • The Burger King promotional toys imply that the raccoon was also meant to be mutated along with the squirrel.


  • Instruments Colin can play:
    • Piano
    • Guitar
    • Trumpet
    • Drums
    • Bass
  • Things that cover Bart’s “doodle”:
    • Agnes Skinner’s finger
    • A hedge
    • A cigarette packet
    • A barrier
    • A ball
    • A frisbee
    • Some flowers
    • A remote-controlled car
    • Santa’s Little Helper
    • A bird
    • Willie’s spade and wheel barrel
    • A sprinkler
    • A bubble
    • Some dandelions
    • A fence
    • A leaf
    • A chip
    • A plant
  • Things put on Bart’s cocoa:
    • Cream
    • Choolate flake
    • Grated chocolate
    • Cream
    • Marshmallow
  • Things Lisa likes about Colin:
    • Loves the environment
    • Has an Irish brogue
    • Not imaginary
  • Things being dumped in the lake:
    • Krusty’s flop sweat
    • Hair from the Crazy Cat Lady’s cats
    • Moe’s empty beer bottles
  • Years on the “Pollution in Lake Springfield” line graph:
    • 1867
    • 1887
    • 1907
    • 1927
    • 1947
    • 1967
    • 1987
    • 2007
  • Attempts to try to break the dome:
    • Firing guns at it
    • Hitting it with a bone
    • Running into it
    • Whacking it with clubs and spades
    • Punching it
    • Hitting it with a fish
    • Pushing a tree into it
    • Blowing bubbles at it
    • Ramming a power drill into it
    • Throwing custard pies at it
    • Making an elephant walk into
  • Russ Cargill wants the tough and soft guys arranged in this order:
    • Tough
    • Tough
    • Soft
    • Tough
    • Soft
    • Soft
    • Tough
    • Tough
    • Soft
    • Soft
    • Tough
    • Soft


  • After Russ Cargill presents the Multi-eyed squirrel to President Schwarzenegger and the president is looking at the squirrel, the squirrel’s eye on the side is missing even though it’s present in the shot before and after.
    • In the same scene the squirrel is gone missing in one shot.
  • Moe’s Tavern says Moe’s Bar instead of Moe’s Tavern.
    • He could have changed the sign.
  • In the scene where the sinkhole dissapears, the positions of people and the family’s car does not match between shots.
  • Willie is drawn with brown hair instead of red and it is not red until the end of the movie.
  • When Homer is removing the six husky dogs harnesses only four harnesses have been removed but in the next scene all the dogs harnesses are off.
  • The crack in the dome made by the elephant was gone in the next shot.
  • In one shot of the church, Comic Book Guy is not recording Grampa.
  • When Homer was taking his hand off his crotch his pants rip, but in the next shot his pants are normal.
    • Also his hand should have been glued to his other hand.
  • When Moe is Nayah Nayah Nayahing the part of his body visible looks like Otto’s.
  • When Homer’s motorcycle lands on to the ground he is on a lawn, but in the next shot they are on a cliff instead of a lawn.
  • Dr. Nick Riviera dies in the movie but returns in “Lost Verizon” somehow.
    • However, this could be a joke.
  • For some reason Plopper is not seen at the end of the movie, though he does appear in a deleted scene.
  • When Bart tumbles down the roof, his shirt color is light pink.
  • When Homer and Bart are jumping Springfield Gorge, they are shown with varying chances of making it, with one shot actually predicting them making the jump.
    • Similar things like this happen throughout the movie.
  • During the town meeting held by Lisa people constantly change places.
  • When Homer is going past the people on a motorbike to pick up Marge, Comic Book Guy appears twice in the crowd.
  • When Bart is chained to the lampost a blade of grass appears out of nowhere.
  • When Homer and Bart were heading for the Springfield sign, the P was straight, then the P is curved and the motorbike is used to ramp itself into the air.
  • Marge runs out of the house with her hair on fire, because the house is on fire, but when the family is in the car and being carried off by the crowd, the house is not on fire.
  • 740 Evergreen Terrace is next to the Flanders house, not the Simpsons house. Also, another version of the house appears in its place.
  • When Comic Book Guy used his cell phone in church it has no symbols or numbers, whereas it has when he visits the Simpsons home.
  • In the video of Homer and Marge’s wedding day, other members of the Simpson family are present at the wedding. This conflicts with the events of “I Married Marge”, in which it is revealed they got married at Shotgun Pete’s with no family members present.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong doesn’t have tattoos on his arms in the movie – he does in real life.
  • When the floating stage is sinking, the box from where Green Day were singing the Simpsons lyrics disappears, then it reappears, and in the next shot it disappears again.
  • Dewey Largo appears 2 times while Bart is skateboarding to the Krusty Burger, once at the start and the other at the end.
  • While the bomb disarming robot is disarming the bomb, Chief Wiggum can be seen without damaged clothes, in a later shot they appear damaged.
  • Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson take the train from Alaska to Seattle, Wash. (The train shown in Alaska is exactly the same one that arrives in Seattle.) This is not possible, because there is no rail link, (passenger or freight), between Alaska and Seattle.
  • Several coloring mistakes occur:
    • When the Springfielders prop up the KBBL tower, Hans Moleman has Jasper’s colors.
    • When everyone looks in awe as Bart is about to throw the bomb, Agnes Skinner has Mrs. Glick’s colors.
    • When Homer pulls up on the bike, Senora Bumblebee Man has Agnes Skinner’s colors.
    • Martin Prince, Sr. twice has Charlie’s colors towards the end.


  • The ambulance wreckage from “Bart the Daredevil” remains at the side of Springfield Gorge.
  • Many characters from seasons 1 through 18 make cameos.

That is all for this Episode Fact File and I would like to thank WikiSimpsons for the information for this post and Nathan for the base design of it. Happy tapping!

100px-fox_broadcasting_companyThis pictures and videos are from the “The Simpsons Movie” episode of FOX show The Simpsons. Their use is believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law.


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