Tab Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 Event is here!

Hello fellow sports,

Remember Soccer Lisa that was found in the files a few updates ago, and Tennis Marge, one of the unreleased skins in the files?
Tab Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 Event is live! It requires an app store update (4.15) and has a lot of new items and some returning items too.

The event is up on Itunes for all devices.

More info will be released soon with all the new and returning stuff. Happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “Tab Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 Event is here!

  1. Hi Tapperonies!
    Well this a question, if that’s okay…. I was visiting a friend’s town and I saw that the blue convertible car was parked on a road!? It was a road! Not concrete, ROAD! Anyhoo, I tried that on my pagearoonie and no dice! Is there a trick?
    This is a Great site! Thanx so much!
    Margaret =0)


  2. At last – lots of land for sale! I’ve just bought every bit of it and have started to bring out some of my many stored buildings. Thank you EA!


  3. I just checked the files and WOW! Lots of buildings, costumes, decorations. Looks like major fun! Hope I have spots to put it all.


  4. I looked at spansers alotmof premium

    This weekend I’m not able to play tapped out 😦 and in about 2 weeks I’m on vacation wit probably bad internet so I hope the event isn’t too hard.

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