Tap Ball In One Word……. Land!!!!

Before we even begin to cover this epic, original event I want to feed the masses and let you all know, your prayers, screams, head bangs on the walls, etc., have been answered.
Not in the form of the usual 1 strip of land but for the first time in, well, as long as I can remember, EA has unlocked TWO, yes, two strips of land! One across the bottom which includes 2 new ocean/water squares and one on the extreme right of your maps.
Coincidentally I’ve just been hit with a power outage due to a nasty summer storm so I’ll have to add the specific land prices shortly. But before you even take part in some good ol’ Fußball, expand, expand, expand!!
I will update this very soon.



8 thoughts on “Tap Ball In One Word……. Land!!!!

  1. Am I the only one who only got half the new land across the bottom I don’t have the option too buy any more it’s just shaded out as usual but at least I got some lol


  2. Hmm, I did think we’d gotten two strips at once before. Don’t remember when.

    This is welcome news, though. Things were getting pretty tight for me, thought I wasn’t out of room yet. I may hold off on buying the new land till I need it.

    I wonder what I’ll do with the new ocean spaces. I’ve pretty much got everything just as I want it there. I’ll have to rearrange it if they give us a bunch of new Squidport buildings; that would be nice.


  3. I knew I was saving my millions of funny dollars for something !! I of course I bought all the land and water !! And it’s about time too !! 😎


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