What Changed with the June 23rd, 24th and 25th Updates?

The first ever Tap Ball and World Cup 2015 event is now live and in full frenzy mode. As is the case with any update, a number of changes are typically made to other parts of the game within the game’s files. And as large and content-packed as the update itself is so is the many changes. To see the complete list of changes, follow us right after the jump!
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A first update was released on June 23rd, introducing the Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015 event.

Flanders Home, Van Houten Home, Cooling Towers, Android’s Dungeon, Moe’s Tavern, Retirement Castle, Muntz House, Wiggum House, Springfield Coliseum, Lugash’s Gym, Bart’s Tree House and Community Center cannot be sold for the duration of the event.

Duff Racer and Oscar’s Obstacles Truck now have 2.25% $ and XP bonus.

Tapped_Out_Duff_Racer  Oscar's Obstacles Truck

Balance Beam is now unique.


Drederick Tatum and Stacy Lowell were added to the Premium Characters character group.

A new character group, Bowler, has been added which includes: Apu, Homer, Moe, Cletus, Krusty, Ned, Reverend Lovejoy, Chief Wiggum, Snake, Luigi, Willy, Otto, Brockman, Barney, Lou, Eddie, Arnie Pye, Mindy, Princess Kashmir, Helen Lovejoy, Lurleen and Sea Captain.

Lunchlady Dora and Martha Quimby were added to the Regular Female character group.

Martha Quimby and Cecil Terwilliger were added to the Regular Characters character group.

Stacy Lowell and Francesca Terwilliger were added to the Premium Female characters group.

Professor Frink, Giuseppe, George Washington, Coach Krupt, Roscoe, Chester Lampwick and Frank Grimes were added to the Premium Male character group.

Hugs Bunny, Marvin Monroe, Roger Myers Jr., Robert Terwilliger, Zutroy and Cecil Terwilliger were added to the Regular Male character group.

The Leaderboards are back from previous events in which you can compete against your neighbors for top rank only for this event it is in the form of Tap Ball Games Won.
Tap Ball Games Won

Chalmers’ task to “Browse the Blocko Store” now yields premium payout.

Tasks from the 2015 Easter Event have been removed. The tasks are:

“Teach Homer About Easter”

“Pretend to Listen”

“Play the Blues”

“Shop for Good Friday Sales”

“Watch Easter Films”

“Think About Converting to Judaism”

“Prepare for Passover’s Visibility Requirements”

The task for Santa Homer to “Fly Santa’s Sleigh” is not visible for the duration of the event. *Fixed in June 24th update*

The Boardwalk Fountain was removed from the Decorations and Squidport inventory group.

Boardwalk Fountain

Homer’s  task to “Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon” now requires myPad to be completed instead of Level 6.

All tasks for the Gymnastics Lisa skin now yield a Premium payout.

A new column of land was added to the extreme far right of the land map.

A new row of land was also added along the bottom of the land map.


Homer’s  task to “Ignore Marge’s Groaning Noise” now does not require that both characters come together simultaneously to begin. The timer will begin as soon as you engage the task.

Mutant Rabbit is now able to be placed in storage.

Mutant Rabbit

Lurleen can now partecipate in quest Mothusiasm Pt. 3, “Get Down at the Anvil” at Ajax Steel Mill.

Ajax Steel Mill

A number of random tasks that trigger at any time now require the quest titled myPad to be completed first in order to receive them. The tasks are:

“Nerds ‘R’ Us”

“Adventures in Flanders-Sitting”

“Book Worm”

“Good Samaritan” (Lisa)

“Apu Plus Eight”

“Long Kwik-E-Shift”


“Thank Ganesh” (Apu)

“That Ain’t Right”

“The Christian Thing to Do”

“The Greatest Joke Ever Told”

“Strut Your Stuff”

‘Quickie at the Kwik-E-Mart” (Ned)

“Hey Look, It Floats!”

“Quickie at the Kwik-E-Mart”

“Not All Donuts Are Currency”

“Its All Just a Dog and Pony Show”

“The Best Chimp Drama on TV” (Homer)

Manjula was added to the Parents character group.

The Excellence Prize Statue from the Season 24 Yard Sale update is now unique.

Excellence Prize Statue

The Duff Party Bus now adds 500 decoration points instead of 400 to the Conform-o-meter.

Duff Party Bus

Placing the Oscar’s Obstacles Truck now yields 45 XP although this is kind of moot as that item was a long-ago released item with an episode tie-in.

Oscar's Obstacles Truck

Lisa and Ned’s joint task to “Attend A Peace Feast” and “Host A Peace Feast For Puritan Flanders” now require Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders to show in the jobs list.

Lisa Sacagewea   Puriten Ned

All of the jobs for the Strongman Homer skin now earn a Premium payout.


Strongman Homer’s task to “Piggyback Mr. Burns” now yields $1600 and 375 XP instead of $1,200 and 300 XP.


The Splash Screen and Game Icon were changed with new ones for the event.

Splash Screen:

Tap Ball 2015 Splash Screen

Game Icon:

Tap Ball 2015 Game Icon

Friend Towns button:


KBBL Radio’s KBBL Sports station now earns 16 Amateur Bucks and is free for the duration of the event.

KBBL Studios KBBL Sports

The glitch where characters and items’ sounds were truncated instead of playing the entire voice clip if you move away from the screen they started was fixed.

Tennis Marge’s icon was changed from the unreleased one.

Drederick Tatum was changed to a darker skin tone.

The Daily Play Combo was changed to reward event currency.

On June 24th a second update patch was released to fix some glitches.

Ned’s Do Lunges job’s animation was added.

The task for Santa Homer to “Fly Santa’s Sleigh” is visible again.
Homer Santa

Jockey Bart’s job to “Eat at Krusty Burger” is now permanent.

Football Uprights was added to the craftable items and it’s $ and XP bonus was removed.

Stadium Light impact on the Conform-O-Meter changed from 500 to 250 on Vanity.

Placing Tennis Court and Football Uprights now yields 50 XP instead of 30 XP.

Level Upgrading now starts after starting Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6 instead of Pt. 5.

On June 25th a third update patch was released to fix a crash.

Fixed a crash in the game after starting All My Sober Ladies Pt.2 changing the required character from Lady Duff to Duffman with Lady Duff skin.

All My Sober Ladies Pt.2 now requires only Homer for the job Confront Lady Duff.

This concludes all of the known changes for the time being. Please join us next time for more info on this event. Happy tapping!


22 thoughts on “What Changed with the June 23rd, 24th and 25th Updates?

  1. Marvin Monroe’s 24hr job is finally available to everyone


  2. I noticed Fit Mil and Great Grandpa earn amateur bucks, along with the radio station. .. are there any others haven’t found?


  3. Lurleen has no such task at the steel mill.


    1. a mistake on my part. that job was part of the questline. what I meant was that she can partake in that quest now. If you completed it it won’t show up anymore


      1. thanks for clarifying, I too just keep hoping more people can dance outside the mill.. 😛


  4. Did the animation for Sideshow You change slightly?


  5. Brandylynne 06/24/2015 — 22:51

    So what happens if I already have 6 excellence statues?


  6. I have found a glitch already! If you upgrade Homer and Lisa before completing the rest of task 6, you will have to do the other bit of the task again before progressing to part 7. A bit annoying but I suppose it adds to the total of event money.


  7. Is there a new friendship prize? I seem to collect friendship point from my neighbor’s handshakes but the point don’t accumulate.


  8. i see that you noted kbwl makes amateur bucks, does any other characters besides the main 4 earn them as well to start?


    1. Fit Milhouse has a task


    2. Great Grampa has a task, too


  9. Are we going to be able to collect foam hands while visiting friends at any point? I am wondering whether to do my daily visits now or wait a while. This looks like another multiple daily play event to get the items, oh well had a short break.


  10. Good to know why my bonus % increased so significantly. Thanks.


  11. Flanders has no animation for the job, “Do lunges”. He just freezes where he stands.


  12. this may be a bug: when you buy few amateur bucks it cost you 0 donuts


    1. They probably messed up with the rush cost. Good :p


  13. I can’t play my game on my iPhone at all.


    1. i can’t play since this afternoon too. everyone else has the same problem?


      1. it’s a known issue apparently please post here: ea forum thread. same login as the game

        Liked by 1 person

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