Soccer Cup 2015 starts now!

Tap Ball is not the only event playing now, as today marks the start of the Soccer Cup 2015!
Soccer Cup
EA bring us a little surprise for this event, adding not one, not two, but 34 new flags in the game!

Each one costs 5Donuts!

Also available to buy is the Lady Duff skin for Duffman! It costs 50Donuts.
It’s only available if you buy the Duff Brewery and unlock Duffman for 190Donuts.
A package with Duff Brewery, Duffman and Lady Duff will be available in the store for the full total price of 240Donuts.
The skin will be available after you Make Homer Draft A Marketing Plan in the quest The Perfect Pitch that started today.

Join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


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