Tap Ball 2015 Event Overview

Shortly after the Tap Ball 2015 Event hit, at the moment many players began the prerequisite quest to begin building their Tap Ball fields I could literally hear a collective “Huh?” echo throughout the multiverse. Yes, finally EA listened and brought a World Cup event to our fingertips, but then added their own twist with it being Women’s World Cup. Then as if that weren’t enough they threw in a completely fabricated sport with essentially no rules and expected us to jump right in. Like a mindless horde of zombies we delivered and plunged into our games without even flinching. Thankfully, we now have an endless supply of Brain and Nerve Tonic to keep our tapping fingers going as we discover all that this event has to offer.

Burns_SoftballFrom the surface it seems as if this event follows the typical model and technical aspects of the previous big events of 2015; new content, new event quests, special currency, crafting menu, etc. Unless you know how to access and properly read the files you have no idea just how HUGE this event actually is. There’s a virtual ton of stuff, wait wrong game, sorry, a ton of items all set to, as usual, release at certain times, dates, etc. I will be publishing a How To guide to break down specifically the Tap Ball aspect of this event but right now I’m just going to cover the release itself. What new goodies are we getting and how much? What quests came and how many? When does A end and B begin? To help answer all of the basic release questions I bring you the Tap Ball/Soccer Cup 2015 Overview. Follow me!

Release Info

Date: June 23, 2015

Update Type: App Store New Version

Update Size:

  • Android – 46.93 MB
  • iOS – 70.8 MB

Version: 4.15.0

“What’s New” Dialogue:

Homer Simpson has introduced a sport so dangerous, so wild, so confusing that it could only exist in the digital sphere.

Put together and train a team of sporty Springfielders and challenge your neighbors to games of Tap Ball, where the only rule is that there is a never ending list of rules (because Homer keeps making them up!)

With new buildings, characters, decorations, and quest lines, it’s GAME ON in Springfield!

Splash Screen:

Tap Ball 2015 Splash Screen

Game Icon:

Tap Ball 2015 Game Icon

Dates of Event

Tap Ball

Event Start: June 23, 2015

Act 1: June 23 – July 3 @ 9:00 BST

Act 2: July 3 – July 13 @ 9:00 BST

Act 3: July 13 – July 21 @ 17:00 BST

Event End: July 21 @ 17:00 BST

Tap Ball Crossover

Act 1: July 1 – July 11 @ 9:00 BST

Act 2: July 11 – July 21 @ 17:00 BST

Soccer Cup (Lady Duff)

Start: June 25 @ 9:00 BST

End: June 30 @ 9:00 BST

Tap Ball Event Quests

Main Quest:

Meet My Trophy Life

  • Act 1: Parts 1 – 7
  • Act 2: Parts 8 – 10
  • Act 3: Parts 11 – 13

Side Quests:

Act 1

  • Balls of Glory – Parts 1 – 6
  • Refund Power-Ups (1 part)
  • Fickle Fans (1 part)
  • The Longest Grind – Parts 1 – 4
  • Train Sporting – Parts 1 – 4

Act 2

  • No active event side quests

Act 3

  • Team with a Capital I – Parts 1 – 2

Premium Quests

Abe Simpson (Toreador skin)

  • The Abeador – Parts 1 – 5

Nelson Muntz ( Football Nelson skin)

  • The Full Nelson – Parts 1 – 5

Jockey Bart and Furious D

  • D Biscuit – Parts 1 – 6

Basketball Stadium (building)

  • Bumbling Around (1 part)

Murderhorn (building)

  • Is So Mountain High Enough (1 part)

*Note: There are also numerous quests that come as part of Prizes. They will be covered with each individual prize.

Soccer Cup 2015 Event Quests

Main Quest:

  • The Perfect Pitch Post
  • All My Sober Ladies – Parts 1 – 5

Side Quests:

  • The Perfect Pitch (1 part)
  • Flags Available (1 part)
  • Japan Flag
  • Brazil Flag
  • Scotland Flag
  • Jolly Roger Flag
  • Canada Flag
  • Australia Flag
  • Wales Flag

Event Currency

There a number of different currencies with this event with the inclusion of the crafting currencies. Each Act has its own unique main currency with which you will obtain the Personal Prizes. There is also a new additional currency or consumable that will aid with Tab Ball.

The Main Currencies of each Act are what is yielded by tapping the new sport fans that will roam your streets, they are also the replacement reward for the Daily Play Combo and also are part of the reward from visiting neighbors and playing Tap Ball.

Act 1

Foam Fingers  


Act 2



Act 3



Community Prizes

Sports Balls


Additional Currencies

Amateur Bucks


The Amateur Shop is the Tab Ball equivalent of the Crafting Menu from the Terwilligers and Superheroes Events. Amateur Bucks allow you to purchase additional rewards, upgrade your Tap Ball team members and are rewarded upon completing the tasks of the main quest lines.



Obesotade is required in order to instantly revive your Tap Ball team members or else you must wait a specific amount of time in between matches so that your team can cool down.

Obesotade comes in multiple increments:


Obesotade 4-Pack


Obesotade 6-Pack


Obesotade 12-Pack

Brain and Nerve Tonic


Brain and Nerve Tonic can be purchased using Amateur Bucks and are used to give a temporary boost to a Tap Ball team member who may have a lower score than their current matched opponent. This allows them to gain an edge to win their Tap Ball match when a permanent upgrade may not be available or affordable.

Personal Prizes

A long standing, traditional method of earning content rewards for participating in events, the Personal Prize track has been going strong since Whacking Day. The principle is simple: Participate in the events quest lines, visit friends, play the current events objective actions and collect a specific event currency. Earn enough currency to progress through a series in incremental prizes.

Act 1 – Foam Fingers



Cost: 1900 ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm

Rush Amount: 120 Donuts

Obstacle Tires

Obstacle Tires

Cost: 5600ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm

Rush Amount: 115Donuts

Baseball Jasper


Cost: 11,300ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm

Rush Amount: 110Donuts

Obstacle Wall

Obstacle Wall

Cost: 15,100ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm

Rush Amount: 300Donuts

Softball Coach Mr. Burns


Cost: 19,500ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm

Rush Amount: 110 Donuts

Act 2 – Hats

Ally McBalls


Cost: 5,800ico_june2015_hat_sm

Obstacle Wire

Obstacle Wire

Cost: 11,900ico_june2015_hat_sm



Cost: 17,800ico_june2015_hat_sm

Obstacle Log

Obstacle Log

Cost: 23,800ico_june2015_hat_sm

Tennis Marge (Skin)


Cost: 30,000ico_june2015_hat_sm

Act 3 – Pennants



Cost: 8,400ico_june2015_pennant_sm

1,000 Amateur Bucks


Cost: 17,400ico_june2015_pennant_sm

Ballet Ralph


Cost: 26,300ico_june2015_pennant_sm

Brain and Nerve Tonic X 9


Cost: 33,500ico_june2015_pennant_sm

Homerclese Statue


Cost: 38,900ico_june2015_pennant_sm

Event Content

Characters  – Spawnables

Sports Fans

The following characters can not be bought or won and will spawn from the Stadium Entrance at regular intervals. Tapping them will yield whichever Act’s currency is in play. The Sports Fans are also what you tap on when visiting neighbors for the duration of the event.

Sports Fan 1


Sports Fan 2 


Sports Fan 3


Sports Fan 4


Characters – New



Cost: Act 2 Personal Prize #3

Furious D


Cost: Unlocked along with the Jockey Bart skin. Will be available from July 3rd 9:00 BST to July 21st 17:00 BST.

Characters – Returning/Old Items

Gymnastic Lisa skin


Cost: Unlocked upon buying the Balance Beam.

**Available from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**

Strongman Homer skin


Cost: 50Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Gorgeous Grampa (Abe Simpson skin)

Gorgeous Grampa

Cost: 75Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Fit™ Milhouse (skin)

FIT Milhouse

Cost: FREE – Rewarded upon completing Daily Task #12

Characters – Skins/Costumes (New)

Soccer Lisa


Cost: FREE – Rewarded upon completion of My Trophy Life Pt. 4

Referee Homer


Cost: FREE – Rewarded upon completion of My Trophy Life Pt. 4

Pin Pal Apu


Cost: FREE – Rewarded upon completion of Balls of Glory Pt. 1

Athlete Ned


Cost: None. This skin is not fully awarded as a playable costume. It is only utilized on the Tap Ball field.

Football Nelson


Cost: 85Donuts

Baseball Jasper


Cost: 11,300ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm – Act 1 Personal Prize

Softball Coach Burns


Cost: 19,500ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm – Act 1 Personal Prize

Lady Duff



  • 50Donuts if you already own Duffman and Duff Brewery
  • 240Donuts  with Duff Brewery and Duffman.

**Available from June 25th at 9:00 BST to June 30th at 9:00 BST.**

Toreador Grampa


Cost: 85Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Jockey Bart w/ Furious D


Cost: 100Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy


Cost: Rewarded upon completion of Daily Task #18

Boxing Drederick Tatum


Cost: Rewarded upon completion of Daily Task #5

Tennis Marge


Cost: 30,000ico_june2015_hat_sm – Act 2 Personal Prize

Ballet Ralph


Cost: 26,300ico_june2015_pennant_sm – Act 3 Personal Prize

Buildings – New

Stadium Entrance

Regular / Clay / Gold

stadiumentrance_menu stadiumbentrance_menu stadiumgentrance_menu

Regular Cost: FREE – Unlocked upon starting Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2.

Clay Set Cost: 50Donuts**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.** (Unlocks Clay skins)

Gold Set Cost: 50Donuts – **Available from July 13rd at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.** (Unlocks Gold skins)

Tap Ball Field

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: FREE – Unlocked upon starting Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2.

Dirt Playing Field

Regular / Clay / Gold

Cost: 50DonutsUnreleased.

Ally McBalls


Cost: 5,800ico_june2015_hat_sm – Act 2 Personal Prize

Springfield Arms


Cost: 12,917,280ico_june2015_soccerball_lg – 2nd Community Prize

The Gridiron


Cost: 25,255,200ico_june2015_soccerball_lg – 5th Community Prize



Cost: 8,400ico_june2015_pennant_sm – Act 3 Personal Prize



Cost: 85Donuts

**Available from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**

Simpson Laser Tag


Cost: 145Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Burns Basketball Stadium


Cost: 90Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Buildings – Returning/Old Items

Blocko Store


Cost: 30Donuts

**Easter 2014 and 2015 Event building. Will be available for purchase from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**

Decorations – New

Single Bleachers (Amateur Shop)

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 900ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Double Bleachers (Amateur Shop)

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 1,200ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Triple Bleachers (Amateur Shop)

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 1,500ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Stadium Fence (Amateur Shop)

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 325ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Football Uprights (Amateur Shop)


Cost: 750ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Stadium Lights (Amateur Shop)

Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 1,650ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Soccer Net (Amateur Shop)


Cost: 1,800ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Low Blow Boxing (Amateur Shop)


Cost: 6,000ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Bowling Setup Machine (Amateur Shop)


Cost: 4,100ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm

Football Tire Target (Amateur Shop)


Cost: 3,000ico_june2015_amateurbucks_sm


Regular / Clay / Gold


Cost: 1,900ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm – Act 1 Personal Prize

Obstacle Tires


Cost: 5,600ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm– Act 1 Personal Prize

Obstacle Wall

Obstacle Wall

Cost: 15,100ico_june2015_foamfinger_sm– Act 1 Personal Prize

Obstacle Wires


Cost: 11,900ico_june2015_hat_sm

Obstacle Log

Obstacle Log

Cost: 23,800ico_june2015_hat_sm– Act 2 Personal Prize

Homerclese Statue


Cost: 38,900ico_june2015_pennant_sm   – Act 2 Personal Prize

Tennis Court


Cost: 50Donuts

Boxing Ring


Cost: 30Donuts

**Available from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**



Cost: 5Donuts

**Available from June 25th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

T-Ball Stand


Cost: 30Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Tennis Machine


Cost: 30Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**



Cost: 250Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Taste of Duff Beer Truck


Cost: 20,174,800ico_june2015_soccerball_lg – 4th Community Prize

Decorations – Returning/Old Items

Balance Beam w/ Gymnastics Lisa


Cost: 75Donuts

**Available from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**

Oscar’s Obstacles Truck

Oscar's Obstacles Truck

Cost: 45Donuts

**Available from June 23rd at 19:30 BST to July 3rd at 9:00 BST.**

Gorgeous Grampa Billboard


Cost: 50Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Duff Racer

Duff Racer

Cost: 45Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Duff-Barney Blimp


Cost: 70Donuts

**Available from July 3rd at 9:00 BST to July 13th at 9:00 BST.**

Duff Party Bus

Duff Party Bus

Cost: 45Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Duff Blimp

Duff Blimp

Cost: 60Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Excellence Prize Statue

Excellence Prize Statue

Cost: 20Donuts

**Available from July 13th at 9:00 BST to July 21st at 17:00 BST.**

Flags (Soccer Cup)

Image Name Image Name Image Name Image Name Image Name Image Name Image Name
flag_australia_menu Australia Flag flag_brazil_menu Brazil Flag flag_cameroon_menu Cameroon Flag flag_canada_menu Canada Flag flag_china_menu China Flag Columbian Flag Colombia Flag Costa Rican Flag Costa Rica Flag
flag_donut_menu Donut Flag Ecuador Flag Ecuador Flag England Flag England Flag France Flag France Flag flag_germany_menu Germany Flag Ireland Flag Ireland Flag Italy Flag Italy Flag
Ivory Coast Flag Ivory Coast Flag Japan Flag Japan Flag Jolly Roger Flag Jolly Roger Flag Learn to Fart Flag Learn to Fart Flag Mexico Flag Mexico Flag Netherlands Flag Netherlands Flag New Zealand Flag New Zealand Flag
Nigeria Flag Nigeria Flag Norway Flag Norway Flag Russia Flag Russia Flag Scotland Flag Scotland Flag South Korea Flag South Korea Flag Spain Flag Spain Flag Sweden Flag Sweden Flag
Switzerland Flag Switzerland Flag Thailand Flag Thailand Flag To Fraternal Love Flag To Fraternal Love Flag United Kingdom Flag United Kingdom Flag United States USA Flag United States Flag Wales Flag Wales Flag

19 thoughts on “Tap Ball 2015 Event Overview

  1. after playing Tap games, is there a pattern to the amount of foam fingers and amateur bucks you get from the game and bonus? thanks


  2. I’m sure I missed it elsewhere on this site, but I was excited to find that KBBL has a 16 hour task that earns you 16 of the Amateur Bucks!


  3. Thanks for the content info. I’ve started re-designing but needed an idea of the magnitude of the sports complex. This should keep all of us busy for a while. I appreciated the down time after the last two events but was starting to get a little bored. Also, I gotta say it – looking at a previous comment posted here, if this is “an incredible waste of time” to anyone then maybe they need a different game. Just sayin


  4. Is the new American flag different from the original American flag? I saw the new one gives a bonus and the old ones (which I have) do not.


  5. Wow!!! So much content!
    This event looks good!
    Just a bit confusing with all the currencies and wait times/playing neighbours/randoms.
    How big is the Murderhorn?


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