Tap Ball Act 1: Main Quest Walkthrough

For those of you who are new to the game and/or to Topix, this articles contains all dialogues of the questlines. Over the course of 54 levels and a few dozen events, the writers of Tapped Out have gone all out to give us some pretty funny and entertaining story lines that some of you may have skipped by accident or want to read again. What follows is the complete walkthrough for the main questline of Act 1. Enjoy!

When you log into the game, the questline will start automatically, and Homer and Lisa will start the event up.

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 1

Auto starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconCan you believe it, Dad? The World Cup is in full swing!
Homer HeadI know! It’s yachting’s biggest event!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconNo, that’s the AMERICA’S Cup. And it’s stupid. I’m talking about the–
Homer HeadSo much drama! Which billionaire will rise to the challenge, and hire the best sailor to drive his catamaran?
Homer HeadI’ll be glued to the TV!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI’m talking about the Women’s World Cup of soccer!
Homer HeadOh. That’s the sport where some dudes–
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_Icon–women, in this case–
Homer Head–kick a ball around until one of them fakes an injury the best and a winner is declared?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconLet’s just watch the game.

Task: Make Lisa Watch Soccer
Task: Make Homer Watch Soccer
Time: 45s
Location: Simpson Home

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer Head*snores*
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconDad, wake up!
Homer HeadWhy? Did somebody finally score a soccer goal?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconAlmost! …but then no.
Homer HeadExciting stuff. This sport could really use some cheerleaders and hockey fights.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconSoccer is the single most popular sport in the world! Bigger than motorcycle polo and bear baiting COMBINED.
Homer HeadWhich confirms what I’ve always said: the world is an idiot.
Homer HeadIt’s time for a new sport! A better sport!

Build Grass Field
Task: Build Stadium Entrance

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer HeadHave you ever longed for a sport that combines the thrill of selecting a team with the fun of waiting for a long time between matches?
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconNot at all.
Homer HeadThen say hello to Tap Ball!
Homer HeadTap Ball takes the best parts of other sports — dribbling, the infield fly rule, an epidemic of concussions —
Homer Head— and adds the excitement of watching people play second-rate video games!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconThat sounds confusing and terrible.
Homer HeadBest of all, the only equipment you need is a smartphone, thirteen balls of varying size, bats made of glass…
Homer Head…some chalk to mark the many end zones, a quaffle, Kevlar body armor and a greedy, narcissistic owner to screw it all up!
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconThe town library is crumbling, and you got a Tap Ball stadium built in no time at all.
Homer HeadIt’s easy, when you sell the naming rights. Welcome to Duff Beer Krusty Burger Buzz Cola Costington’s Department Store Kwik-E-Mart Stupid Flanders Park!
Homer HeadDuff gets to be first because they gave us the most money.
Homer HeadPeople are gonna love it!

Task: Make Homer Pander to Sponsors
Time: 3m
Location: Stadium Entrance

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4

Lisa starts

70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconSo what are the rules of Tap Ball?
Homer HeadYou ready for this? Because it’s gonna blow your mind. The only rule of Tap Ball is…
Homer Head…THERE…
Homer Head…ARE…
Homer Head…NO…
Homer Head…more than sixty-seven rules. With attached sub-rules, notes, and clarifications.

Task: Make Homer Invent More Rules [x4]
Time: 6s
Location: Stadium Entrance

1st done:
Homer HeadRule one: a three-point shot is worth five points.
Homer HeadRule two: attire is business casual, no underwear.

2nd done:
Homer HeadRule three: with one minute to go in the eighth quarter, the score is always tied. So it’s more exciting.
Homer HeadRule four: punching, whether of opponents or teammates, shall be worth two runs.

3rd done:
Homer HeadRule five: every player must keep both feet on the floor at all times. When running, a hand must also be on the floor.
Homer HeadRule six: only the player with the ball may cry.
Homer HeadRule seven: defense loses championships.
70px-Tapped_Out_Lisa_IconI think I get it.
Homer HeadI’m not done yet!

4th done:
sidebar_lisa_soccerDad, I have to admit. There’s a puncher’s chance this new sport of yours will catch on.
sidebar_lisa_soccerIn that case, I’d like its first bona fide star to be a woman. Sign me up.
Homer HeadGreat! You’ll play the critical position of center left forward back. Your job is to feed me alley-oops.
sidebar_lisa_soccerI thought you were the referee.
Homer HeadI’m both! And that’s how I’ll ensure I’m also the greatest Tap Ball player ever. It’s why Babe Ruth was a baseball umpire.
sidebar_lisa_soccerBaseball is the least important thing in the universe to me, but I’m fairly certain that’s not true.
Homer HeadMy game, my rules!


Now the event officially starts, with Balls of Glory, you can start playing Tap Ball, the game Homer invented! The game will guide you through your first match and show you the event guides.

Balls of Glory Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer HeadI need players for Tap Ball, America’s fastest-growing-sport (as measured by bench-clearing brawls).
Homer HeadHere’s the sign up sheet. See? It’s already got my name, Lisa’s name, and Flanders.
Ned HeadWell that doesn’t look like my hand writing, but I’m always willing to get physical with my favorite neighbour.
sidebar_apuSports is my only escape from my crushing family life. I’m in!
Homer HeadAmen to that brother!
Homer HeadWe officially have enough players to play Tap Ball!


Task: Play Tap Ball
Event GuideMatch GuideSelect an Opponent Screen
Tap Ball Guide 1Tap Ball Guide 2Tap Ball Guide 3
Tap Ball TonicTap Ball WonDaily Win Bonus

Nelson HeadHey fatso! Your team needs more jocks like me. I’m going to be a superstar Tap Ball player.
Nelson HeadHow many millions of dollars do those jerks make?
Homer HeadZero! You play for free! Being part of Professional Tap Ball is its own reward!
Homer HeadAfter all, this is a sport that’s steeped in tradition, having been founded over three missions ago.
Nelson HeadWait a second. You got a ton of sponsorship money. Why can’t you use some of that to pay your players?
Homer HeadHow about instead of money, I pay you with something much more valuable.
Homer HeadExperience!
Nelson Head
Homer Head…er, what if, INSTEAD, I pay you in something else?
Homer HeadSomething called…uh… “Amateur Bucks!” Redeemable everywhere that accepts pretend money!
Nelson HeadNow we’re talking!
System Message: Football Nelson is now available in the store!

FNelson Store

Balls of Glory Pt. 2

Auto starts

Ned HeadThat was fun, but I’m more out of breath than an atheist attempting to disprove God’s existence.
Homer HeadCome on! We can play again! More games mean more money!
sidebar_lisa_soccerI’m tired, too. Just give us some time to rest.
Homer HeadYou could rest, or you could drink one of our sponsor’s products in front of the camera!
Homer HeadPut those hard earned Amateur Bucks to use!
System Message: Your players need to rest between games. Unlock more Tap Ball players to play games more often.
Tap Ball Rest

Buy Obesotades [x4]
Task: Recharge Your Players and Play Tap Ball

Balls of Glory Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Win Tap Ball Game

After completing Balls of Glory Pt. 2, the main quest resumes, and fans appear to tap!

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 5

Homer starts

Homer HeadAttendance at last night’s Tap Ball game was only 6 people.
Homer HeadWhile that’s superior to most MLB games, it is concerning.
Homer HeadAttention everyone! Tap Ball stadium is open, and everyone can watch for free!
sidebar_apu_pinpalFree? Mr. Simpson, as one of your sponsors, I do not see how that is a good idea.
Homer HeadGood sir, I assure you it’s all a scam. My motives toward our fans are purely evil.
sidebar_apu_pinpalPhew. So it’s like every other sport.
Homer HeadNot exactly.
Homer HeadSee Tap Ball is free to try, but then we lure people into buying foam fingers and hats and other useless overpriced stuff that costs real money.
sidebar_apuSo like every other sport, except that it’s free to try?
Homer HeadNo, it’s completely differ– oh hey, you’re right. Man, this freemium model has been around forever.

Task: Tap Fans [x15]

After tapping fans, the next part starts and you’ll be able to upgrade your players and then daily training tasks appear. We’ll cover both in another post.

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 6

Homer starts

Homer HeadGreat game, everybody! I saw a lot of effort out there.
Homer HeadExcept for you, Flanders! You stink. Don’t ask me why.
Homer HeadAnd your moustache also stinks. It played really lousy today.
Ned HeadAppreciate the constructive criticism, coachareeno! Maybe I can train a little more to get better.
System Message: Earn Amateur Bucks through practice jobs and Tap Ball games. Spend your earnings to upgrade your Tap Ball players.
System Message: Upgrading players allows you to face off against stronger opponents for better rewards.
System Message: Upgrading your Tap Ball players also helps your merchandising reach more fans, so don’t forget to keep training

Task: Make Tap Ball Players Practice [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: Stadium Entrance
Task: Upgrade Homer
Task: Upgrade Lisa
Team Management Guide Team Management

Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7

Homer starts

Homer HeadIt’s hard being a team owner, manager and athlete at the same time.
Homer HeadHow will I find time to improve the stadium, yell at my teammates, drink and nap?
sidebar_lisa_soccerSounds like you need a schedule. You should plan your day, make a time table for yourself and others.
Homer HeadSchedules? Time tables? Numbers? These things shouldn’t exist in sports.

Task: Complete Daily Training
Daily Training

Balls of Glory Pt. 4

Lisa starts

sidebar_lisa_soccerTap Ball is fun, but how can you start a league with just one town?
Homer HeadWe’ll start a rivalry with another Springfield. I still haven’t forgiven those guys for raiding our castles last summer.
sidebar_lisa_soccerTo be fair, we raided them, too.
Homer HeadWell, to be unfair… let’s get ‘em!

Task: Play Tap Ball in Another Springfield

Balls of Glory Pt. 5

Ned starts

Ned HeadWhat a fun game, neighboreeno! Even when we lose, it’s a hum-dinger!
Homer HeadYou are the LAST person I’d expect to be okay with losing, Flanders!
Homer HeadYour buddy the Lord never lost a fight in his life! That guy peeled himself off the carpet and came back swinging!
Ned HeadI’m not sure about your Biblical reading, there. “Turn the other cheek,” and all that. Plus the whole sacrificing himself thing…
Homer HeadHe was the ultimate warrior! And I will follow his example!

Task: Rematch Another Springfield

Balls of Glory Pt. 6

Auto starts

Task: Win Tap Ball Games in Another Springfield [x10]

After completing Balls of Glory Pt. 4, a quest to visit other springfields start, and just like Clash of Clones did, you’re also able to visit random Springfields too! The second quest starts if a player of your team faces off the other town’s version of him/herself.

Fickle Fans

Homer starts

Homer HeadOk, more fans means more potential buyers. But how can I get even more?
Homer HeadI know, I’ll steal fans from other Springfields!

Task: Tap Fans in Another Springfield [x3]

Frink IconGood glayvin! All this tapping of fans in alternate Springfields is making the space-time hoyvin go ker-flooey!
Homer HeadShut up! What do nerds know about sports, anyway?
Frink IconThis goes far beyond sports! Your incessant tapping threatens the very fabric of reality!
Homer HeadDouble shut up! What’s the fate of the universe measured against me getting a little attention for myself?
Frink IconAttention IS awfully nice. As a lonely intellectual, I sometimes feel— Hey, where are you going?
Homer HeadAway from you, nerd!

Alternate Joke

Auto starts

Frink IconGood glayvin! Our tap ball team just faced off against alternate versions of themselves!
Frink IconBut they were wearing red and black instead of blue and white, so they’re evil.
sidebar_lisa_soccerHow does that make them evil?
Frink IconThere’s a history of such things in games.
luigi_waluigi It’s-a me, Waluigi! We’re-a gonna win!
Homer HeadToo late, Waluigi. The game’s over. Your team already went home.
luigi_waluigiOh, that’s-a not a spicy meatball.
luigi_waluigiOkay, well… it was-a me, Waluigi. I’m-a gonna go.
Homer HeadReferences!

After obtaining Single Bleachers in the Daily Training, a quest to craft Stadium improvements starts, that can be completed anytime till the evend of the event.

The Longest Grind Pt. 1

Homer starts

Homer HeadAww. My stadium is full of happy families, cheering on their Tap Ball heroes.
Homer HeadAnd the only way a stadium makes top dollar these days is to have a million luxury boxes, and sell them to corporations!
Homer HeadI gotta price these lousy families outta here!

Task: Purchase Stadium Improvements [x3]
Amateur Shop
Note: Football Uprights don’t count as Stadium Improvements.

The Longest Grind Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Purchase Stadium Improvements [x8]

The Longest Grind Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Purchase Stadium Improvements [x15]

The Longest Grind Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Purchase Stadium Improvements [x20]

And finally, after completing Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 7, a similar quest appears, this time to upgrade players.

Train Sporting Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade Tap Ball Players [x10]

Train Sporting Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade Tap Ball Players [x15]

Train Sporting Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade Tap Ball Players [x25]

Train Sporting Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade Tap Ball Players [x40]

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


18 thoughts on “Tap Ball Act 1: Main Quest Walkthrough

  1. joeyishomer 07/10/2015 — 06:38

    “The Longest Grind part 1-4” question: I keep winning decoration via various tasks and some seem to apply to this quest and some do not. I want to complete the task but am not sure why some of the ones I win apply towards the goal and some do not. Since just about all of the items can be won the only one I really want to buy is the football uprights but again am not sure if it’s worth it because the only way I will be able to complete the event is to purchase stuff that I have already won. Just kinda frustrated/confused. Not sure if the stuff I win is supposed to apply to these totals or if I HAVE to buy these things to complete the task.


    1. You get six stadium improvements through Daily Tasks. The rest you have to buy.
      Stadium Improvements includes: Single Bleachers, Double Bleachers, Tripple Bleachers, Stadium Fences and Stadium Lights
      Sports and training equipment such as soccer net, uprights, low blow, obsticals etc are not stadium improvements.
      This is an unimportant sidequest that do not impact the event or progress. You get little for what you have to pay. Wait until all players are upgraded before you buy anything, unless you really want it.


  2. mpmbarbo372 06/27/2015 — 01:16

    Is there a list of characters that wins event currency? I learned that Gourgeous Grandpa does.


  3. I don’t have the sport need skin, but can still have need practice tap ball. Is my game file corrupted?


      1. Sorry, autocorrect changed Ned to need! I mean Ned. I have homer, Lisa, and Apu but no Ned.


        1. ned doesn’t have a skin. he just plays


          1. Thanks LPN! Also just want to say you and the other guys running this site rocks! Appreciate all the efforts and hard work you guys put in to help the rest of us enjoy TSTO more!


  4. Looks like the Apple version ,crashed out!! Can’t access the games !! Bummer….


    1. it’s a known issue apparently please post here: ea forum thread. same login as the game


  5. I think this is their worst update ever. But I’m not into sports (any sport, at all), so it’s just my view. I know there are people who are really exicted by this.

    On the upside, at least I don’t feel any desire to spend real money on this update. 🙂 so it ain’t all bad!


    1. even if you’re not into sports, the flags are cool


    2. Worst update ever? Someone obviously wasn’t around for the Easter 2014 event. YIKES!! 😉

      There’s an idea for an article: the best and worst updates and/or events of the game. A kind of rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the game, and what made them great or not-so-great.


      1. I still have nightmares about Whacking day…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Me too !! 😳


        2. Lol! I discovered the game right at the start of Whacking Day. I don’t know if it’s because it was my first, but I really enjoyed that one. You’re definitely not the first person I’ve heard with that opinion. It’s that kind of thing that I think would make that a fun article.
          Although I can’t imagine anybody having a positive opinion of that Easter event last year. It was BRUTAL!


  6. hasanmohamma 06/25/2015 — 20:04

    When will the dirt field will be available?
    How do I upgrade do the clay or gold version?

    Thanks for the help!


    1. it’s unclear yet how to upgrade to dirt field.
      clay and gold skins will be available in act 2 and 3


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