Soccer Cup 2015 Kwik-Tap Guide

Continuing the fun of this event, EA introduced a new skin for Duffman and 34 whole new flags for your town. What follows is the kwik-tap guide, continuing our journey through the quests of the game spoiler-free.

The following icons will indicate: Match_trigger Who triggers the quest, ico_stor_charactersets_sm which characters can be sent, Task Book the task to be performed, ico_june2015_dailytasks_tabthe time needed. An icon of the location will indicate where the task will be performed.

When you start the game, Homer will start the introductory quest.

The Perfect Pitch

Match_triggerHomer Head

ico_stor_charactersets_smHomer Head

Task BookMake Homer Draft A Marketing Plan
simpsonshomeSimpson Home

Lady Duff Available Store

In the store, you can now find Lady Duff, the skin for Duffman. If you buy it, a questline unlocks.

All My Sober Ladies Pt.1



Task BookMake The Women Of Springfield Get Drunk [x10]
Moe's TavernMoe’s Tavern

All My Sober Ladies Pt.2

Match_triggerHomer Head

ico_stor_charactersets_smHomer Headsidebar_duffman_lady

Task BookMake Lady Duff Promote Lady Duff
Moe's TavernMoe’s Tavern
Task BookMake Homer Confront Lady Duff
Moe's TavernMoe’s Tavern

All My Sober Ladies Pt.3



Task BookMake Lisa remove Lady Duff’s Wig
Moe's TavernMoe’s Tavern

All My Sober Ladies Pt.4


ico_stor_charactersets_smMen, Women

Task BookMake Men Play Soccer [x11]
Task BookMake Women Play Soccer [x11]
Springfield ElementarySpringfield Elementary

All My Sober Ladies Pt.5

Match_triggerHomer Head


Task BookMake Lisa Eavesdrop On Shady Dealings
Springfield ElementarySpringfield Elementary



When you start the game you’ll also recieve a notification of flags being available in the store and some dialogues but no jobs.
Flags Available Store

Japan, Brazil, Scotland, Jolly Roger, Canada, Australia,Wales Flag


If you buy some of the flags, you’ll also recieve some quick text, but no jobs here either.

And this is all for now, shamefully no freemium content in this part of the update. Join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Soccer Cup 2015 Kwik-Tap Guide

  1. Ooh I’m so tempted to buy a truckload of donuts to get Duffman, the brewery and Lady Duff. Might have to break out of Freemium for this event … 🙂


  2. Anyone else having a problem with the game crashing I get to the tap to continue then it crashes hopefully only a tempory hick up but knowing EA!!!!


    1. it’s a known issue apparently please post here: ea forum thread. same login as the game


  3. Hello out there !!! Is anybody being dumped (besides me) from their start screen ??
    Can’t get beyond the start screen on my iPad !!


    1. it’s a known issue apparently please post here: ea forum thread. same login as the game


      1. Well ,I ‘ve been locked for over two hours ! I wonder if EA is going to fix this issue !!
        I tried a different iPad and it stil doesn’t load past the log on screen then dumping me back to my home screen, so I know it’s Not the iPad.! Grr 👿😱😩


      2. The game loads/plays fine on my Nexus 9 !! Imagine that !!(still dead on my iPad after more than two hours) What about the folks out there that don’t have an Andrioid device as well as an iPad that do not have a choice.. They are screwed !! Pay attention EA. 😨😱😰


        1. Well, I spoke too soon !!! While it did work for two accesses,
          It dumped me (again) just like the iPad issue !!
          This tells me the problem goes very deep into EA’s servers.


  4. Ah, she has just become unlocked after another quest by Lisa or Homer finished.


  5. I don’t have lady Duff available to buy. I’m level 54.


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