Tap Ball: Daily Training Guide (Contains Spoilers)

As with the previous events, this event bring us back the Daily tasks, this time called Daily Training. Follow us after the jump for the complete table of tasks.
Daily Training
ATTENTION: This post contains SPOILERS regarding items not available or not released yet.
Daily Training
Every day at 9am BST, a new Daily task is unlocked, if completed within 24h from the start of the first job, you earn extra bonus. Every time you complete a Daily Task, a reward is awarded: a decoration, a skin, event currency or players can now play Tap Ball.

If the Daily Training is completed in 24h from the start of the first task, you recieve a bonus reward in event currency:

Act 1: Foam Finger Lg800 / Act 2: sidebar_june2015_hat1200 / Act 3: sidebar_june2015_pennant2000

Click here to see the complete list of character groups.

Day Task Time Location Reward
Day 1 Make Apu Sell Tap Ball Merchandise [x2] 2h Kwik-E-Mart 4 Obetosade
Day 2 Make Referee Homer Work on the Stadium [x2] 5h Stadium Entrance Single Stadium Bleachers
Day 3 Make Mr. Burns Brew Tonic [x3] 4h Control Building 3 Brain and Nerve Tonic
Day 4 Win Tap Ball Game [x2] Stadium Lights
Day 5 Make Celebrities Sing the National Anthem [x5] 3h Stadium Entrance Boxing Drederick Tatum
Day 6 Win Tap Ball Game [x2] 4 Obetosade
Day 7 Make Pin Pal Apu Work on Bowling Machine [x3] 4h Kwik-E-Mart Bowling Setup Machine
Day 8 Make Soccer Lisa Work on Balance [x6] 2h Simpson Home Lugash can now play
Day 9 Win Tap Ball Game [x3] Single Stadium Bleachers
Day 10 Make Soccer Lisa Fill Soccer Balls with Air [x4] 3h Stadium Entrance Soccer Net
Day 11 Make Braniacs Analyze Tap Ball Statistics [x4] 2h Springfield Library 3 Brain and Nerve Tonic
Day 12 Make Milhouse Fret About Field Day [x2] 6h Van Houten Home Fit™ Milhouse
Milhouse Can Play
Day 13 Make Referee Homer Work on the Stadium [x2] 5h Stadium Entrance Double Stadium Blaechers
Day 14 Make Fit™ Milhouse Order Unnecessary Fitness Gadgets [x3] 4h Van Houten Home Stadium Lights
Day 15 Win Tap Ball Game [x3] Low Blow Boxing
Day 16 Make Kids Play Real, AMERICAN Football [x10] 2h Springfield Elementary Football Tire Target
Day 17 Make Tap Ball Players Sign Autographs [x8] 4h Android’s Dungeon 3 Brain and Nerve Tonic
Day 18 Make Comic Book Guy Watch Kung Fu Movies [x4] 4h Android’s Dungeon Kung Fu Comic Book Guy
Day 19 Make Braniacs Analyze Tap Ball Statistics [x7] 2h Springfield Library Triple Stadium Bleachers
Day 20 Make Kung Fu Comic Book Guy Attempt High Kicks [x5] 2h Android’s Dungeon 4 Obetosade
Day 21 Win Tap Ball Game [x3] 3 Brain and Nerve Tonic
Day 22 Win Tap Ball Game [x4] 5 Soccer Balls
Day 23 Make Lisa Hide Cats [x5] 2h Simpson Home Crazy Cat Lady Can Play
Day 24 Make Celebrities Sing the National Anthem [x5] 3h Stadium Entrance 5 Soccer Balls
Day 25 Make Referee Homer Work on the Stadium [x2] 5h Stadium Entrance 4 Obetosade
Day 26 Make Tap Ball Players Practice [x20] 4h Stadium Entrance 3 Brain and Nerve Tonic
Day 27 Win Tap Ball Game [x5] 5 Soccer Balls

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this event! Happy tapping!


17 thoughts on “Tap Ball: Daily Training Guide (Contains Spoilers)

  1. Is the crazy cat lady a full character or just a sort of tap ball skin?
    I accidentally send Lisa on a 24 hour mission and don’t want to spend 10 donuts on the cat lady if it’s just a skin that’s worthless to me…


    1. it unlocks the ability for her to play in tap ball if you’ve her. it’s not even a skin


  2. Where did my Lugash go after I won him in the daily prizes!? He completely disappeared!! Am I missing something?


    1. You didn’t won lugash. You won the ability to use him in tapball if you buy him


      1. Thank you!


  3. Here’s a question, Act 1 is ending tonight. If a player cannot achieve the next prize before Act 2 hits, should that player hold off on performing further Daily Training tasks and then rapidly perform them tomorrow, under the assumption that it would substantially boost their Act 2 Currency.


    1. you’ll keep getting act 1 prizes till you get them all. then switch apparently


      1. Oh, I think I confused the question in trying to make it more applicable to others. In my case, I’ve already earned Softball Mr. Burns. So, each 4000 additional Foam Fingers yields donuts. But I’m currently requiring over 3000 Foam Fingers away from the next donuts. With only 10 hours remaining in Act 1…collecting Foam Fingers is meaningless.

        So, if I start today’s Daily Training and earn the 24 hour bonus of 800 Foam Fingers, that does me no good. But, if I wait until Act 2 starts…will the 24 hours bonus be changed to reflect X00 of the Act 2 Currency instead?

        If so, then it’s to my advantage NOT to work on the Daily Training until tomorrow.


  4. Just called EA. They said there is an issue after starting the second Lady Duff task. They are working on it and just said to keep trying to get in to the game and they’ll fix it as soon as possible. I’m having the issue on both my iPhone 5 and iPad Air.


    1. Thanks for the info. I’m having that problem as well. Luckily I took care of everything that was pending before I started having problems, but it’s still annoying.


  5. Mine crashed after #4 as well. Now it continues to crash even after reinstalling. I’ve contacted EA support and I’ll report back my findings.


  6. blackhawk3205 06/26/2015 — 13:52

    Anyone having issues loging in? Keeps going to new game. Should I reinstall?


    1. If you’re in an Anonymous account. Login buttons: Welcomescreen, bottom left. Friendscreen (minitowns) tap the Handshakeicon, bottom right in the pop-up “add origin friends” enter log in info.
      Either exit the game to access the Welcomescreen or play through the first levels to access the Bart/Milhouse button to take you to the Friendscreen with the minitown.

      Dont work? Delete/reinstall but only of your connected to origin.
      Still dont work? Contact support http://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/new/


  7. I just finished winning the second game under #4, and I clicked the home icon to go back to my town to collect my stadium lights and the game crashed before loading my town. It now crashes every time I try to log in, even when it’s visiting from another town. I was hoping it was the version of the game I was using, but uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help.

    Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution?


      1. Support has told me that they’re working on the issue, and that a patch should be up within a couple of days. Meanwhile, I’m missing out on the event…

        I also want to apologize to anyone on my friends list for crashing their game whenever they try to visit me.


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