Tap Ball Act 1: Prizes Walkthrough

A new skin from the main questline, two from personal prizes, and one from daily training. EA is giving us some interesting prizes and right after the jump you can discover the complete questlines for them all, them being for free or premium characters.


Balls of Glory Pt. 1 unlocks a skin for Ned that is actually only used for playing Tap Ball and doesn’t add a skin for him. Also unlocked is a skin for Apu: Pin Pal Apu.

Nahasapeema Pin Pal Pt. 1

Apu starts:

sidebar_apuMr. Homer, I am enjoying your ridiculous new game, but I feel like something is missing.
Homer HeadMaybe we need new players? Seeing as many players retire early with inexplicable head injuries.
sidebar_apuPerhaps it is the inclusion of bowling balls in the field of play.
sidebar_apuAnd the awarding of points for the bouncing of said bowling balls off the heads of your opponents.
Homer HeadThere is absolutely no link between bowling ball head shots and brain injury! A doctor we paid a lot of money to said so!
Homer HeadHe also said that mothers should encourage their young children to take more bowling balls to the head.
Homer HeadIt’s why we’ve started the “BRAIN 60” program, which encourages kids to get hit in the head by bowling balls for 60 minutes every day.
Homer HeadIt’s another way we’re doing great things for the community.
sidebar_apuAlright, alright, it’s safe enough. Still, I feel like something is missing.

Task: Make Pin Pal Apu Practice
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts
Location: Stadium Entrance

 Nahasapeema Pin Pal Pt. 2

Apu starts:

sidebar_apu_pinpalOh no! My lucky bowling ball is missing!
Tapped_Out_Barney_IconWell, if you’re in the market for a new ball, the Bowlerama has plenty!
sidebar_apu_pinpalI suppose I could use another ball for now…
sidebar_apu_pinpalBut that ball was a gift from my sweet, loving Manjula! Who will happily wring the life out of me if she discovers it is missing!
sidebar_apu_pinpalPerhaps I left it with my other most-prized possessions.
Tapped_Out_Barney_IconYour children?
sidebar_apu_pinpalNo, the collection of highly-toxic chemicals from which I mix my special blue Squishees.

Task: Make Pin Pal Apu Search His Squishy Lab
Time: 12 hours OR 6 donuts
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

After completing task:

sidebar_apu_pinpalLet me see now… Erioglaucine disodium, phenylacetone, bowling ballium.
sidebar_apu_pinpalNo bowling ball! Oh, I am unmanned!

Nahasapeema Pin Pal Pt. 3

Apu starts:

sidebar_apu_pinpalA bowler without a ball is like Varaha, the third avatar of Vishnu, without his trademark discus and conch.
Homer HeadThat’s exactly what I was thinking.
sidebar_apu_pinpalWithout my lucky ball, I fear I will hinder the team, rather than help them.
Homer HeadWe could always use an equipment manager. It’s just like being on the team, but without the fun and respect.
sidebar_apu_pinpalUh… I will not debase myself with that.
Homer HeadTell you what, Apu. Why not join the Simpsons for dinner, and we’ll come up with some way for you to help the team.

Task: Make Pin Pal Apu Visit The Simpson House
Time: 8 hours OR 4 donuts
Location: Simpson Home

Nahasapeema Pin Pal Pt. 4

Apu starts:

sidebar_apu_pinpalThank you for a lovely dinner, Marge. It is far more than a worm like me deserves.
Marge HeadApu, is it really so bad, losing a bowling ball?
Marge HeadIt’s not like you’re Varaha, the third avatar of Vishnu, and you lost your trademark discus and conch.
sidebar_apu_pinpalBut it is. It is exactly like that.
Homer HeadYeah, Marge. That’s pretty much EXACTLY what it’s like. Sheesh.

Task: Make Pin Pal Apu Stare Wistfully Out The Window
Time: 24 hours OR 12 donuts
Location: Simpson Home

After completing task:

sidebar_apu_pinpalHomer, do you see that bowling ball outside your home, planted with flowers in the finger holes?
Homer HeadThe one that says “Apu’s Bowling Ball” in it? Why yes, I do see it.
sidebar_apu_pinpalHomer! Idiot! That is my ball!
Homer HeadUh… great. So you’ll be on top form for our next match.
sidebar_apu_pinpalYeah, sure. Let’s do this thing.

After collecting 11300 Foam Fingers, the skin for Jasper unlocks, Baseball Jasper, which requires you to have purchased and built the Community Center which unlocks Jasper. If you have not obtained this combo the skin will go into your inventory.

A League of His Own Pt. 1

Jasper starts:

Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconJasper you fool! Why are you wearing an old-time woman’s baseball uniform? And why is the name on the back “Jasperien?”
sidebar_jasper_softballIt’s not what you think!
sidebar_jasper_softballSee, in the 1940s and early 50s, I posed as a woman to play in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. This was my uniform.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconI know! I was on your team you idjit!
sidebar_jasper_softballBut, see, I had a very good REASON to join the ladies’ league. And it’s not what you think. I did it… to avoid the draft.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconI know! I joined for the same reason, and you ratted me out!
sidebar_jasper_softballDid I? Oh. Well, you’ll never figure out why I put on the old uniform again.
sidebar_jasper_softballWhy I would risk having my subterfuge come to light after all these years…
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconBecause you’re losing your skull marbles, and you thought it was 1953.
sidebar_jasper_softballRight. Good guess.
sidebar_jasper_softballSpeaking of it being 1953 — there’s a fly ball! I got it! Jasperien’s got it!

Task: Make Baseball Jasper Catch an Imaginary Fly Ball
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts

A League of His Own Pt. 2

Jasper starts:

sidebar_jasper_softballIt’s sure been fun thinking it’s 1953. But I should probably change outta this skirt.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconJasper! The War Board is comin’ for ya! They know you’ve been posing as a girl to dodge the draft.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconThey’re gonna execute you, then send you to fight in the Pacific!
sidebar_jasper_softballI gotta hide!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconHeh-heh. It sure is fun being a little less senile than your friends.

Task: Make Baseball Jasper Hide
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts
Location: Kwik-E-Mart

A League of His Own Pt. 3

Abe starts:

Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconJasper, FDR himself just rode into town! He’s got a pair of six shooters, and he’s hoppin’ mad you’ve been dodging the draft!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconAnd he thinks you’re the worst baseball player he’s ever seen — boy or girl.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconHe’s gonna charge you with high treason because you can’t drive the ball to the opposite field! You’ll get the firing squad for sure!
sidebar_jasper_softballThen I’ve got mere moments to improve my swing!

Task: Make Baseball Jasper Swing Bat
Time: 24 hours OR 12 donuts

A League of His Own Pt. 4

Abe starts:

Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconGood news, Jasperien! You caught a lucky break. FDR just got off the phone with Emperor Hirohito.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconTurns out the Emperor is a huge fan of yours!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconFDR says that if you’ll sign a few baseball cards for Japan’s leader, this whole world war can be over by dinnertime.
sidebar_jasper_softballAnything to get that gun-totin’ New Deal-slingin’ maniac off my back. To the Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop!
sidebar_comicbookguyI sell baseball cards? That’s odd. I never really noticed it was in the name of the store.

Task: Make Baseball Jasper Sign Autographs
Time: 1 hour OR 2 donuts
Location: Android’s Dungeon

A League of His Own Pt. 5

Jasper starts:

sidebar_jasper_softballAbe, you’re a true friend. If it weren’t for you, FDR would have used my finger bones for cigarette holders.
sidebar_jasper_softballThey’d be held between his teeth at a jaunty angle even as we speak!
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconYou old fool! I was just pulling your leg. FDR doesn’t know you’re a secret lady ballplayer.
sidebar_jasper_softballYou mean… I’m safe?
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconFar from it! Not so long as J. Edgar Hoover is crusading to root out cross-dressing from our major professional sports.
Tapped_Out_Grampa_IconThey got G-men at every base, frisking anyone who scores a run!
sidebar_jasper_softballI gotta get out of this uniform!

Task: Make Baseball Jasper Get Changed
Time: 1 hour OR 2 donuts
Location: Community Center

And finally at 19500 Foam Fingers, the skin for Mr. Burns unlocks, Softball Mr Burns.

The Mighty Bucks Pt. 1

Mr. Burns starts:

Smithers HeadExcuse me, sir. Do you remember that traffic ticket we received for running a red light?
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconPah! Red lights only apply to the poor, the middle class, the rich, and the ultra-rich. I’m super-ultra-class-double-five-star-stupid rich!
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconOr does that title no longer hold any meaning in our society? We need to contest this ticket all the way to the United States Supreme Court!
Smithers HeadWe did. We lost 5-4.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconI thought when we got shadow arch-conservative Sonia Sotomayor appointed to the Court, they’d finally look out for us wealthy folk.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconI suppose we’ll just have to content ourselves with owning the Executive and Legislative branches of government.
Smithers HeadThere’s more, sir. As punishment for wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money, they’ve sentenced you to community service.
Smithers HeadYou have to do 100 hours coaching a local youth softball team.
72px-Tapped_Out_Mr._Burns_IconOh. Could be worse. Lovely game, softball. Played with a hoop, a tin can and a Winchester rifle, if memory serves?

Task: Make Softball Burns Learn What Softball Is
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts
Location: Control Building

The Mighty Bucks Pt. 2

Mr. Burns starts:

sidebar_mrburns_softballListen up, you disgusting, malformed half-adults! This softball team does not tolerate losing!
sidebar_mrburns_softballTo that end, you ignorant pre-humans, you will follow my instructions at all times!
sidebar_mrburns_softballWhen I dust my left sleeve, that means steal a base.
sidebar_mrburns_softballWhen I touch my cap, cheat. I don’t care how. I just want to see rules being broken.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconI thought sports were about doing your best and playing fair?
sidebar_mrburns_softballWhen I tug at my ear, it means everybody slap the do-gooder and teach him a lesson!
sidebar_mrburns_softballI’m tugging my ear right now, people…

Task: Make Softball Mr. Burns Signal Plays
Time: 8 hours OR 4 donuts
Task: Make Kids Play Softball [x5]
Time: 12 hours OR 6 donuts
Location: Control Building

The Mighty Bucks Pt. 3

Mr. Burns starts:

Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconI just wanted to thank you for devoting your valuable time to better the lives of us kids.
sidebar_mrburns_softballAm I bettering them? That was not my intent.
sidebar_mrburns_softballI’m here to win. But, if I can permanently scar some young minds in the process, well, that’s all to the good.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconWe’re going to play our hardest for you, Coach.
sidebar_mrburns_softballHow very kind. Please, call me Generalissimo.

Task: Make Softball Mr Burns Yell at Children
Task: Make Milhouse Look Up to a New Father Figure
Time: 12 hours OR 6 donuts
Location: Control Building

The Mighty Bucks Pt. 4

Mr. Burns starts:

sidebar_mrburns_softballWhy are you following me around like one of those small, non-lethal mini-hounds?
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconYou mean a puppy?
sidebar_mrburns_softballYes, those things.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconI thought maybe if I observed a successful man in action, it might help me.
sidebar_mrburns_softballThere’s nothing that would upset me more than to help a fellow human.
sidebar_mrburns_softballLife is about fighting and clawing and nuisance-suing for what you want.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconThat’s wonderful advice. You’re very good at this.
sidebar_mrburns_softballI do not wish to be, you annoying nitwit. I very sincerely don’t.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconI was thinking maybe we could have a game of catch? You could dispense life lessons while we do it.
sidebar_mrburns_softballSmithers could be made to throw and catch in my stead. There’s a good lesson for you: lackeys make everything easier. Get one.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconWow. Thanks, Coach.

Task: Make Softball Mr Burns Bond with Milhouse
Time: 8 hours OR 4 donuts
Location: Burns’ Manor
Requires: Milhouse

The Mighty Bucks Pt. 5

Mr. Burns starts:

sidebar_mrburns_softballIt’s the day of the big game. Milhouse, my protégé, what are Burns’ Rules of Sport?
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconPlay unfair, don’t have fun, always be taunting, and keep your eye on your wallet.
sidebar_mrburns_softballExcellent. Now go out there and make me proud. Or at least less disgusted with you than I currently am.
sidebar_mrburns_softballAbove all, be wary. Especially those who would call themselves your “teammates.” They’ll be the first to stab you in the back.

Task: Make Softball Mr Burns Watch the Game
Task: Make Kids Play Softball [x4]
Task: Make Milhouse Compete with His Own Team
Time: 12 hours OR 6 donuts
Location: Control Building

After completing task:

sidebar_mrburns_softballIt’s the final inning. The Van Houten boy is coming up to bat.
sidebar_mrburns_softballI feel like a proud tyrant, Smithers.
Smithers HeadSir, look at the time. Your 100 hours of community service just ended.
sidebar_mrburns_softballOh, good! Start the car.
Tapped_Out_Milhouse_IconCoach Burns! You can’t leave us now!
sidebar_mrburns_softballCan and shall! It’s called “Lane Kiffin’s Law,” and it goes like this:
sidebar_mrburns_softball“Preach loyalty to your players, but abandon them the moment a better offer comes along.” Ah, the beauty of sport!

After completing Daily Training Task number 5, the skin for Drederick Tatum unlocks, Boxing Drederick Tatum. Like the skin for Jasper, you must have purchased and built Springfield Coliseum which unlocks Drederick in order to activate this skin. Otherwise it will be placed into your inventory.

Million Donut Baby Pt. 1

Homer starts:

sidebar_dredericktatum_boxing*sniff, sniff*
Homer HeadFormer heavyweight boxing champ Drederick Tatum, are you crying?
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingPlease excuse my tears, fat person. I find myself consumed by melancholia.
Homer HeadYou’ve permanently disfigured countless young men! What do you have to be sad about?
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingThe life of a pugilist was so simple. They would put a brain in front of me, and I would concuss it posthaste. It was quite enjoyable.
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingGod gave me fists that can pound living tissue to a bloody pulp, and I have spurned that holy gift.
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingEven my menagerie of rare birds and high-end giraffes can no longer fill the hole in my brain.
Homer HeadYou mean the hole in your heart…
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingThat too.
Homer HeadWell, there’s only one thing to do! We’ve got to get you back in the ring!

Task: Make Boxer Tatum Get Back Into Shape
Time: 24 hours OR 12 donuts

Million Donut Baby Pt. 2

Drederick Tatum starts:

sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingIt’s not working, Coach Homer. I’ve lost the drive that made me a peerless psychopath. I’ve barely killed any sparring partners.
Homer HeadWe’ll figure something out. Here, drink this glass full of raw eggs.
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingCan we cook the eggs first? I so enjoy a perfectly shirred egg. Don’t you concur?
Homer HeadSHIRRED EGGS? A killing machine doesn’t eat shirred eggs!
Homer HeadThat does it! From now on, we’re doing this right! Raw eggs at every meal!
Homer HeadYou’ll wear those boxing gloves day and night, until you remember how to use them!
Homer HeadAnd you’ll spend every night sleeping next to your pet tiger, relearning what it means to be a killer!
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingCohabitating with a tiger would seem to be a dangerous notion.
Homer HeadYeah, well a boxer is nothing without “the eye of the tiger.” Or would you question the wisdom of Frank Stallone?

Task: Make Boxer Tatum Fumble Around with his Gloves On
Time: 8 hours OR 4 donuts
Task: Make Boxer Tatum Bond with his Pet Tiger
Time: 24 hours OR 12 donuts
Location: Springfield Coliseum
Task: Make Homer Perfect his Raw Egg Recipe
Time: 32 hours OR 16 donuts
Location: Simpson Home

Million Donut Baby Pt. 3

Homer starts:

Homer HeadDrederick, I’ve been a fool. Obviously, I’m a world-class boxing trainer. No one doubts that.
Homer HeadBut if the “Rocky” movies taught us anything, it’s that no boxer can win without a Burgess Meredith-type in his corner.
Homer HeadWe’ve got to find a cantankerous, gravel-voiced, wrinkly weirdo to complete your entourage.
Homer HeadMoe! You’re perfect!
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingI remain sceptical of this gentleman’s credentials.
sidebar_moeListen here, you lily-livered, sorry excuse for a boxer. I’ve been in the fight game since your Daddy was gettin’ beat up by the milkmaid!
Homer HeadWhoa. Moe, is that true?
sidebar_moeNah, not really. Just caught up in the–
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingCoach Homer, the words of this man are making me quite upset. May I hit him, please?
sidebar_moeNow wait a second–
Homer HeadThat’s the Drederick Tatum I’ve been waiting to see! Finally, SOMETHING that makes you angry.
Homer HeadLet’s get you and Moe in the ring right away!
sidebar_moeHold on, hold on. Moe’s not fightin’ nobody…

Task: Make Moe and Boxer Tatum Have a Boxing Match
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts
Location: Springfield Coliseum
Requires: Moe

Million Donut Baby Pt. 4

Homer starts:

Homer HeadYou’re back on top again Drederick!
Homer HeadI hope to see you playing Tap Ball, we could use your skills on the court-field-greens-pitch.
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingDo the rules of Tap Ball allow for the pummelling of your fellow man’s stupid face?
Homer HeadI’m sorry, but the rules are very clear: you can only punch people who aren’t me.
Homer HeadOh, and Lisa. No hitting my daughter.
sidebar_dredericktatum_boxingNot to worry. I am the one and only boxer on the face of the earth who restricts his violence to men.

Task: Make Boxer Tatum Shadowbox
Time: 4 hours OR 2 donuts

After obtaining all Personal Prizes, you can collect 4000 Foam Fingers to obtain a chance to win 1, 2 or 3 Bonus Donuts. This is in addition to the XP bonus which you will still receive any time you have maxed out the pink XP meter.

Overtime Bonus

Task: Collect Foam Fingers [x4000]


This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Tap Ball Act 1: Prizes Walkthrough

  1. I did not get Obstacle Wall in time, now it is 45 Donuts to purchase, what I after is SoftBall Burns, but if I spend those 45 to get to Burns’ Costume how much will it cost me??


    1. Burns’ costume costs 110 donuts


  2. I just recently purchased Tatum when the event started in order to use him for tapball. When I unlocked his boxing skin, Million Donut Baby never triggered. Is it because I haven’t completed The Champ’s Comeback quest line? I didn’t want to waste Homer when I could be using him to earn amateur bucks.


    1. yes you need to complete The Champ’s Comeback to activate it


      1. Thanks!


  3. Hope EA gets the problem fixed soon – it takes a lot of time to set 140 characters on their tasks when you get thrown out of the game after setting about 10 or 12 on their tasks. Otherwise enjoying this Tap Ball.


  4. In the daily training category, what are the soccer balls?


  5. Elisa Matthes 06/28/2015 — 19:36

    The game shuts all the time specially when visiting my friends😡😡😡 taking a break until it gets fixed 😡😡😡😡😡😡


    1. Did you purchase Lady Duff? I heard there was some issues with game crashes for that skin.


      1. they were fixed with the 2nd patch


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