Tap Ball 2015 for Dummies – Instructional Guide

Probably the biggest addition to the latest event is a mini-game called Tap Ball. The new sport with so many rules there literally are none, on the surface, may seem complicated. So much in fact, I’ve actually seen a few people recommending to skip playing it entirely. This is terrible advice, unfortunately. I’ve scoured this event inside and out and unless you are comfortable with NOT progressing through the Personal Prize track and winning any of the great new items, you cannot skip this. Tap Ball must be played to some degree in order to obtain enough Foam Fingers, Hats and Pennants to even scratch the surface of the Prizes. Not only considering the prizes, Tap Ball should be played because, well, it’s actually pretty fun.

To explain the title, no I’m not calling any of you a dummy. I am referring to the hugely popular book series aimed at presenting “an extensive series of instructional/reference books which are intended to present non-intimidating guides for readers new to the various topics covered.” You can find a For Dummies guide on literally any subject and they are pleasantly informative and detailed. Taking a page (pun definitely intended) I present the Tap Ball 2015 Event for Dummies – Topix Edition.


Not only am I going to explain how to successfully play the Tap Ball mini-game, I am also going to discuss the various ways to earn the event currency for prizes, which will apply to:

Act 1 – Foam Fingers

Act 2 – Hats

Act 3 – Pennants

First, let’s cover the mini-game.


Basically Tap Ball requires no skill, no special bells and whistles and is simply a matching of one character with a sports-related animation to another character with a similar animation depending on their “specialty.” You will unlock playable characters just for progressing through the quest line and others you have the option to win through collecting the activated currency. After each completed game your players need to rest in order to gain energy to play the next. The further you go in the event the more players you obtain and you can use different players for each match. You can play Tap Ball as many times as you desire, as often as you desire as long as you have the following:

1. At least 4 players

2A.  Have waited the required amount of time needed for each player to “rest” between matches OR

2B. Obesotade to instantly recharge resting players OR

2C. Upgrade fatigue player for instant recharge.

3. Donuts to buy Obesotade or to rush the resting time.

How To – Tutorial

All of the steps required to play Tap Ball are explained within your game and it was briefly covered by LetsPlayNintendoITA in the main walkthrough post found here. We’ll go through each step a little more in detail.

Once you complete Meet My Trophy Life Pt. 4  you will activate the ability to play Tap Ball. At this time you will have unlocked the following team members:

Referee Homer


Soccer Lisa


Pin Pal Apu


And to make a full team of 4 players the game will provide you with Athlete Ned however the skin is not a permanent reward for some odd reason. Anyhow you will now have enough players to begin your first single player Tap Ball match.

You will also receive the image below which really doesn’t provide much info regarding the mechanics of the game but it does provide 2 key points with regards to ways of earning Foam Fingers:

1. Complete your Daily Training Tasks to earn new Tap Ball Players and decorations.

2. Tap fans to collect merchandise and win amazing prizes.

We’ll go more in-depth with these points later.


Tap Ball Event Multi-Tab Menu

Before we get started playing Tap Ball, let’s cover the event menu and its multiple tabs in order to have a better knowledge of the mechanics of the event as they all tie together. To access the event menu, tap the Baseball Mitt with a Soccer Ball icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Tap Ball Event Menu

Buttons - Tap Ball

This will bring up the multi-tab menu containing all of the various event subjects. Note, the order of the tabs will change at first and you will not have all available menus until you progress through the event a bit more. The order below is the final layout. Going from top to bottom:

Tap Ball Prize Track

. Trophy


This menu displays the following:

  • The Personal Prizes of the current Act
  • The required amount of Foam Fingers for the current prize in your track
  • Your progression towards each prize by way of a “0/X amount” progress bar which shows how much currency you have collected and how much more is needed to obtain the prize and max out the bar.
  • The “Get It Now” amount of donuts required to rush each prize.
  • The amount of days left until the next set of prizes get added in a real-time counter.

 Daily Training

Daily Tasks Icon

By completing the Daily Training Tasks you will unlock additional skins for characters that will allow them to be added to your playable Tap Ball characters. Also if you complete or rush each Daily Task within the 24 hour time frame you will be awarded a bonus of 800 pennants.


This menu can also be accessed by tapping the stopwatch located in the top left corner of the screen:


This menu displays the following:

  • Daily Training Prize list including the current day’s prize
  • Text description of the Prize
  • Timer for completing the Daily Training task(s) in order to receive the bonus
  • Donut rush amount and accept button to skip playing the task(s) and instantly winning the Daily Training Prize
  • Task or tasks needed in order to complete the assignment
  • Event countdown timer in real-time

 Play Tap Ball!

Play Tap Ball Menu Icon

This menu will change as you progress through and unlock the ability to play your neighbors or random matches. During the initial tutorial you will only have an option to play Single Player:


As you continue with the event’s main quest more and more sub-menu’s will be added until you get the finalized, full menu. This includes additions to this Play Tap Ball! menu. Once you unlock the multiplayer feature those towns on your neighbor’s list that have also unlocked the multiplayer feature will appear in this menu.


This menu displays the following:

  • Go to button to play Tap Ball with a Random Opponent
  • Go to button to play Tap Ball in Single Player mode
  • List of your neighbors who you can play Tap Ball against
  • Experience rating for each neighbor totalling 1-5 stars

Another way to instantly play a “matched” game of Tap Ball with a random opponent of equal skill is to simply tap the Flag icon located at the top right corner of your screen.


Tapping this button will take you to a random opponent whose name or Origin ID you will not know and may or may not be one of your regular neighbors.

This icon is also located within the town that you are taken to and will continuously take you to another random opponent each time this button is tapped.

 Team Management

Team Management Icon

This menu is what you need to access in order to manage individual team members with regards to upgrading, reviving, monitoring recharge times, etc.


This menu displays the following:

  • Your Tap Ball team roster of all players that can play Tap Ball
  • Status of each player – Active or Fatigued
  • Training/Upgrade level of each player 1-5 stars
  • Amount of Amateur Bucks needed to upgrade each player to the next level
  • If Fatigued, time left until each Fatigued player is ready to play again
  • Recharge button to use Obesotade to instantly revive fatigued players

Tapping the Question Mark in this menu will bring up this guide panel:

Team Management Guide

Amateur Shop

Amateur Shop Icon

The Amateur Shop is the Tap Ball equivalent of the Crafting Menu of previous events. The major difference is multiple items or “ingredients” are not required to “craft” items. Instead it simply is a store where you spend all of the Amateur Bucks on various stadium accessories, training equipment and Obesotade.

Amateur Shop Menu

This menu displays the following:

  • Scrolling list of activated items available for purchase
  • Items that have been built previously are signified with a yellow check.
  • Text description of each highlighted store item
  • Display bar shows your progress regarding how close or far away you from being able to purchase a specific item.
  • The cost, in Amateur Bucks of each item and how many A.B. you have earned towards it. For example, in the image below shows the Stadium Fence costs 325 A.B and I have collected zero A.B. towards it.
  • Get It Now option to buy an item instantly with donuts and how many donuts it cost. This number will decrease for each item the more Amateur Bucks are collected.
  • Real-time countdown timer to the end of the “season” or event.

Career Stats

Career Stats Menu

This menu displays all relevant info regarding your match history against your neighboreenos. Rather than force you to try to keep track of your logged out games with a notification like “Neighbor XYZ has played your Tap Ball team and won/loss” this is your only way of knowing which neighbors you have played, which one’s have played you and what the outcome of the last match played with them was. The only notification you do receive is “Your Tap Ball team has played while you were away, log in to see the results.” It is this menu that tells you those results.

Career Stats Menu

This menu displays the following:

  • Your total wins/loss record. This is the total of all games played win or lose and even those games played while you were logged out:

Total:       “X” Wins        “Y” Losses        “Z” Ties

  • List of any neighbor that your Tap Ball team has played against whether logged in or logged out, the result of the LAST match played with each neighbor and the score of that match
  • Rematch button to be sent to a specific neighbor’s town to avenge a loss, win again or break a tie or to just repeatedly play weaker opponents to boost your win average.

How To Play Tap Ball Tutorial

Back to the actual Tap Ball mini-game, we’re going to go step by step through the process of successfully completing a Tap Ball match.

1. Bring up your Play Tap Ball! screen.

This can be done 4 ways:

  1. Tapping the event menu icon and then the Flag icon in the tabs as stated above to select a specific neighbor or to select a Single Player match.
  2. Tapping the Flag icon in the top-right corner of the screen to initiate a randomly matched game.
  3. Tap directly on the Tap Ball field itself to bring up the same menu as stated in #1
  4. Select Go To only when playing Tap Ball is prompted as part of the main quest (limited use),

Again this menu will appear when choosing 1, 3 & 4 above:

Play Tap Bal

2. Select Random Opponent, Single Player or choose one of your neighbors by tapping the Pick Button button.

Doing so will bring up your Team Roster:

Team Roster

This menu will allow you to fill your Current Team with 4 players. Which characters you choose will depend on a number of factors:

  1. Number of obtained skins
  2. Upgrade level of each player (the higher the stars the better your chances of winning, the less chance of having to use your resources like Obesotade or Brain and Nerve Tonic)
  3. Which characters are not currently Fatigued. Having fatigued characters means you either have to wait a maximum of 4 hours or having to use Obesotade to instantly recharge them.

After selecting your 4 players your Team Roster will look something like this:

Team Roster 2

If you change your mind about whether to use a selected player or not you can tap the X in the corner of the players box to send them back to the bullpen. If you want a Fatigued player you may use this menu to recharge them with Obesotade if you have any. If you do not have Obesotade you can go to the Amateur Shop to buy some with Amateur Bucks or simply use donuts to supplement the lack of Obesotade.

Once you are satisfied with your Current Team, tap Play

3. Compare matched player.

Match Guide

Note: This info guide image will also appear if you tap the Question Mark in the Play Tap Ball! menu as well as the Question Mark in the Team Roster menu.

As soon as you tap play you will be taken right to the Tap Ball field and your selected first player will be pitted against the opposing team’s first player.

Tap Ball Match Intro

If your player is evenly matched against the opposing player you have a few options to even things up and better your chance.

1. Switch out players

Tutorial Image Switch Players

Switch Button Guide

Pretty self-explanatory. if you have an unequal or advantaged match you can simply switch out your player for a higher rated one. This saves you from using any Brain and Nerve Tonic you may have acquired especially if you only have a few. Switches are limited though and you will only receive a few per match depending on the skill level of your players versus that of the opposing team.

2. Use Brain and Nerve Tonic

Tutorial Image Tonic

The amount of Brain and nerve Tonic you have available will appear as a number in the button icon. Brain and Nerve Tonic gives your lesser matched player a small temporary boost of 2 stars to quickly gain the advantage over the opposing player. This is good for those uneven matchups that are only off by a small amount of skill level. More than one Tonic can be used per player to stack against the opposing player, however it is not wise to use a lot of it on one player. that’s why it is important to use your Amateur Bucks to upgrade your players before matches or to use your switches strategically.

Tap Ball Tonic

4. Let’s get this party started! Game on!

Tutorial Image GO

Once you are satisfied with your match up the only thing left to do is to get the ball rolling and have at it. Pressing the Flag button will begin the match and trigger the animations of each player up to bat. Essentially each players specialty sport has no bearing on whether one wins or loses. They are only for visual entertainment purposes. The result of each match is based upon character skill level and when both are maxed out, sheer luck and chance as edited into the game’s code.

Tap Ball Guide 1

Push the GO button to make the current character face-off against the opponent. The character with the higher skill wins the round.

For those in a hurry or should you not care to see the accompanying animations of each match-up you can skip straight to the results of each round by simply pressing the Flag button a second time as long as it is done before the match ends.

Tap Ball Guide 2

Pushing the GO button a second time will skip ahead to the results.

5. Win, Lose or Draw

After each match-up finishes one team, you or your opponent, will be awarded 1 point. As stated above this outcome depends upon the skill level of the matched players or, if matched evenly, will be based purely on luck or chance according to the coding.

Match Win

This symbol will appear over the player that wins the round and will be added to the corresponding team’s scoreboard. You can only be awarded one point per round with a win. A completed game, which basically is fully animated and ends on its own, is when one team reaches 4 points or if each team scores 2 points. That will result in a tie.

Zero Points – Zero

One Point – One Point

Two Points – Two Points

Three Points – Three Points

Four Points – Four Points

6. How ties are handled.

As stated above each match-up’s outcome is based on the skill level of each player as well as overall team experience level, however, if both matched players are at equal levels the match will be decided by a virtual coin toss. If you cannot switch or boost with Tonic to otherwise gain the advantage this coin toss will activate.

Tap Ball Guide 3

The matches will take place as always and the animations will go on, nothing will change except for when the point us awarded. You will receive one of two results for a coin toss:

Heads – You win the match / 1 point for your team

Coin Toss Image Heads

Tails – You lose the match -1

Coin Toss Image Tails

The coin toss is probably the least fun way to compete however, it will ultimately be the only deciding factor for your Tap Ball games should you max out your players and play against teams who are all maxed out as well.

7. Result Bonuses

To reiterate what I stated way back at the beginning of this article regarding the poor advice some people are giving towards playing Tap Ball, skipping this mini-game is not only bad advice, it will cause you to lose out on some much needed bonus currency. No matter if you win, lose or tie you will be awarded extra event currency as well as extra Amateur Bucks. The amount depends on the result and also the difficulty level of the game played. That is determined by the skill level of all of your players as a whole.

Game Win

Tap Ball Win Image

Game Win


Game Lose

Tap Ball Loss Image

Game Lost


Game Tie

Tap Ball Tie Image

Game Tied

As you can see from the results you are rewarded the most Amateur Bucks and Foam Fingers for a win, a bit less for a tie and even less for a loss but at a full 5 star difficulty my Bonus remained the same for all 3 matches. Considering it is possible to play an infinite number of Tap Ball games depending on your resources, NOT playing would be a poor decision and would mean losing a substantial amount of event currency and Amateur bucks.

There is also a bonus for your first win of each day that you would be depriving yourself of by not participating:

Daily Win Bonus

Daily Win Bonus

That covers the basic mechanics of playing Tap Ball. While I’ve covered it at great length there is still more to go over such as upgrading your players, using your amateurs bucks, logged off payouts for wins, losses and ties, daily play bonuses, etc. I will be covering those next in a separate article. Hope this helps.

Mike S.


19 thoughts on “Tap Ball 2015 for Dummies – Instructional Guide

  1. Is the first daily win bonus tied to when one logs in for the playing-every-day-bonus-thing (the technical term, I’m sure)? For the last couple of days my first win bonus has been for the second or third game I won, in the afternoon.


    1. i think it’s every 24h since the 1st win? not tested yet sorry


      1. That would make sense, thanks.


      2. I think it is the first win after you get the daily bonus.


  2. Can you give us a list of all the buildings/decorations/characters yet to come in this event, like you did with the superhero overview ?


  3. In the first couple days of the event, one of my neighbors got themselves a team of five-star players and started beating me up. So I burned the donuts to get everyone up to five stars myself, took three out of four coin tosses against them, and now they leave me alone. I also avoid other five star players. However, past the fivers most of my neighbors are pretty low-level. The next-highest level is three and a half stars, but right now I only have two of those on my friends list. They give the richest bonuses but I’m still guaranteed to win against them, so I’m challenging both of them every chance I get. I must be destroying their records, and I do feel bad about that.


    1. Losing to a 5 star team isn’t even a bad thing, you get almost more even currency anyway when you play 5 star teams.


      1. Correct. As crazy as the concept of this event is, they’ve actually made it fairly worthwhile to play. It’s very light on the donuts, 1 donut to revive a fatigued player is crazy cheap. And like you said, it’s not really a bad thing to lose or tie. Obviously winning is the best but the tie bonus is going to be the goto bonus near the end of the event when everyone is maxed at 5 stars. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mechanics of this event in relation to cost and amount of donuts needed.


  4. Nice graphics. The banner is always great and the Dummies book is very cool. Awesome creativity 🙂


  5. Is reward money or bonus money affected by the number of stars your oponent has?


    1. yes it’s affected by the difference in your levels (difficulty)


      1. schattenRaub 06/30/2015 — 17:11

        Not the difference, only the level of the oponent is relevant 😉
        So if you are a one star or a five star and play against a five star player, you both get 20 amateur bucks and 60 foam fingers.


  6. Is there a way to get more “switches” to swap players? I’ve been reluctant to use them, because I didn’t know if they were all gone once my supply was exhausted. Do more appear each match?


    1. they appear every match. only 2 can be used every match but they replenish at the start of every match


  7. Does the tonic do anything when it is applied on a 5-star player? I am wondering whether to save the tonic for later or use it while it works…


    1. it makes him/her win for sure on a 5 star player


  8. So losing to a more difficult player is fine!!!
    Enjoying the Tap Ball minigame!!! 😀 It’s so stupid in a Homer sort of way it’s fun!!!
    My only complaint would be that more characters should be able to play.
    Once every 4 hours isn’t really enough, for most people who wouldn’t have all the premium characters and only 4 friend interactions a day seems limited. (I’m not counting fans cos your friends never know)


  9. shmuelyonah 06/29/2015 — 09:18

    Addition (2C, if you will) as to having enough characters to play tap ball: when you upgrade a character using Amateur Bucks, they automatically refresh, making them available for another round of Tap Ball.


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