4th of July 2015 is here!

When you thought Tap Ball was enough to keep you busy, EA releases the 3rd installment of the 4th of July event!
New items  includes:

A new Gil Deal:
Scandal-gate Hotel and Richard Nixon

The Presidential Estate

and the Patriotic Box of Fireworks

Returning content includes:

Kang, Nighthawk Diner w/Rex Banner, Giuseppe’s Workshop w/Giuseppe, Ye Olde Cherry Tree w/George Washington, Holo-Flag, Pinwheel Firework, Box of Fireworks, Hover-Copter, Fireworks Barge, Lincoln Memorial, American Flag, Lincoln’s Cabin w/Abraham Lincoln, All-American Apu, Lisa’s Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell.

Join us later for more info on this new update! Happy tapping!


17 thoughts on “4th of July 2015 is here!

  1. Really happy with Nixon. Scandalgate looks good in my high rent district with zenith times, ziffcorp, town hall, and skyscrapers.


  2. oh man 😦 .. I got Nixon and the hotel right away. Next time i opened the game, it updated again. Now the hotel is gone, Nixon is gone, my donuts are gone and i can’t even repurchase the hotel cause that’s gone from the shop as well ..

    what now???? :°(


  3. Well, I’ve not purchased both Lincoln and Washington in the past as I consider them too expensive for their lackluster accompanying items, the log cabin and tree. If they came with the (full) Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument, I’d probablay think otherwise. Besides, Nixon is a classic topic in both Sompsons and especially Futurama. So he was an instant buy for me.


  4. I really like the cherry tree. It’s a small deco with a character. Also, the cherry tree is a great centerpiece for a small park or other ornate landscape.


  5. Help pls :l
    I’m freemium, I just love to store and store donuts to just spend them at once and be proud of my purchase.
    I was already waiting for this for lincoln’s cabin, but this hotel came up.
    I have 202 donuts, as yourself, what would you get – lincoln, washington or the hotel?? (I’m freemium, with this in mind)


    • I would spend 180 on the three Funzos but that’s me – I like those “useless walking decos”.
      Lincons cabin is smaller in size. It depends on what you prefer.


      • I’d go with Washington. I’ve got all of them, and Washington has the most funny outdoor tasks. He chops the cherry tree and tries to fight Jebediah Springfield, which consists of him yelling and poking a sword around town. All Abe’s got is his attempt to fit in.


    • I would either go for Lincoln or Rex Banner/Giuseppe if you don’t have them. I don’t have Washington but I have Nixon and I have to say personally, not a proud purchase, his building is big, flashy and unfitting to the town with a wordy confusing quest and minimally appealing tasks. He’s not a major part of the show at all either, so definitely would skip Nixon.


    • Personally I’d skip Nixon for the same reasons as John, plus the fact that the dialogue in his quest is a bit too heavy-handed for me to find it funny. And, as the crazy amount of returning content should make clear, you can probably expect him to turn up again sooner or later if you end up feeling like you really missed out.


    • I purchased Nixon – he reminds me of Futurama, Nixon head in a jar as president of Earth, even Zapp, the hero of Earth. I already had Rex from before and also Giuseppe – Giuseppe is not interesting character, Rex Banner seems better, but I really miss his 8 hours task (requires Flanders for that). Do not have Washington nor Lincoln – they just do not fit into my Springfield.


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